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Hi, I wrote a short free-verse.


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I believe I posted this in the wrong forum by accident.

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][RIGHT]All my past writings are years of nonsense, melodramatic beckons for attention.
All my writings are beckons for attention.
This is it.[/RIGHT]

Our bodies flow like curtains, the sound of rain softly washes over us. I forget what I'm doing here, acting like an innocent "once again". My hands grow rough, my eyes are pathetic, I wish to live like the lights on the road. Would I see the collisions as beautiful or horrific? It makes me wonder really... What if there is another me, in another world, but much older? I wonder if he lives alone. Tape could never mend a heart like his, a heart that only beats to keep tempo and time. The things I write, things I create, the ones who love me, they'll never matter until I'm dead and gone. No one will truly love me until I'm no longer around. I can't believe that soul mates could find each other down the street. There has to be some sort of journey leading up to the finding of each other. But what if at the end of the journey, you discover the love of your life is on your doorstep? Pointless. People like the people I meet are like the people elsewhere. They just want to be happy people. They live to be happy. Some people are just happy to still be living. Some people just like to make others happy... I do this, because I'll never be so.

[CENTER]I want to leave me.
I want to meet me.
I want to see if I live alone.[/CENTER]

I ask softly [I]"Do you believe in love?"[/I]

I reply [B]"Every person is a light, not on the road, but in the sky; a vessel not filled by negativity or unhappiness, but purity. Once we discover that we were all made to be pure, I believe we love. And once we love and are loved back, our lights begin to die. We die."[/B]

I pause.

I peer into my eyes, wild in thought, trying to make sense of what I speak of. [I]"Throughout your life, what is your greatest acknowledgment?" [/I]

I reply [B]"There is nothing great of it, it is but an acknowledgment."[/B]

[I]"What is it?" [/I]

[B]"I will live forever."[/B][/FONT]
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[size=1]Apart from my disagreeing on some of the issues brought up, I thought this was a great read. The spacing was well done to let others hop aboard of the train of thought without any effort which with freely written personal thoughts isn't always easy to accomplish.

Oh and with that, here's a coupon for one (1) hug of choice.[/size]
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