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Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]This will be a mature RP, waning has been given.

Thunder rumbled through the valley and lighting split the sky as the rain poured, flattening the tall grass that blew in the wind. A lone figure stood in the middle of the field as if waiting for something or some one. She looked up to the sky, the rain slicking her hair to her head and back. She blinked the rain water out of her eyes and looked across the field as another figure appeared, she let a cruel smile cross her face and walked up to the young man.
"Interesting time to meet."
"I was told you wanted a council with me."
"Yes, I need to find my true form. I need to become whole again."
"And why is that?"
"There has been to many sin committed in these last few years, they are beginning to lose faith that even exist. That could prove to be a huge problem, do you agree?"
"This could prove to be troublesome."
"So, do I get to become whole again?"
"For a set amount of time. But, I will appoint an escourt to make sure that you stay in check."
She huffed and crossed her arms.
"Is that necessary?"
"Yes, I do not trust you."
"Fine. Lets get this show on the road than."
"Scarlet, you must agree to follow the instructions of who ever I appoint to take you to where your true form and weapon are."
"Fine, I agree."
Than man nodded and motioned for her to follow him.
"We'll go to Mornan. They should be a few people crazy enough to help you."
Scar smiled and followed him to the small town on the edge of the field. She was ready to be whole again, and once she was she would show the world how sorry they would be for turning her into a weakling.

Sign up:

Reason for Joining(would like a small post for this, kind of an insight to your character):

Name: Scarlet
Age: Unknown
Personality: Cruel and seemingly heartless she hates people and would rather be alone, but secretly she hopes to find someone that she might be able to get along with.
Appearance: [URL="http://ui27.gamespot.com/2074/blmystery1_2.jpg"]Scarlet[/URL]
Weapons: She carries a light broad sword til she is reunited with her true weapon a large black scythe.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Ulf Gustaf
Age: 23

Personality: Seemingly easygoing, Ulf is often underestimated as a goofy fool. But when he is presented with a challenging fight, Ulf can be suprisingly sinister and frighteningly heartless.

Appearance: Ulf is about 6 feet tall and extremely pale. He has straight silvery gray hair that goes just past his shoulders. He has a black leather patch over his left eye and his right eye is a shiny gold color.

Weapon: Ulf is never seen without his large staff made of Tungsten.

I'll give the reason later...
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Name: X-001 or X for short.

Age: Unknown

Personality: Aggresive, periods of psycotic rage, calm, kind.

Appearence: [attachment=14551:3/8/8/1/5/26886.attach]

Weapons: [attachment=14552:3/8/8/1/5/26887.attach] Has two of them for each hand. He is also great at hand to hand combat.

Reason for joining: X always dreamed of adventure since the microsecond he was turned on. He was built for mining in areas where humans couldn't go because of heat, poison gases, or high risk of cave ins. Mining wasn't he wanted to do bit for what it would seem like a life time, he finally got his chance.

The mine he was operating in was shut down and was selling off all robtic workers for anyone to buy. He saved enough material from the mines to buy himself even though the humans didn't like it. Alot of other robots who either escaped or who brought themself freedom had taking on hard times.

Humans didn't like self aware robots. Maybe because robots are more stronger than them or just plain smarter. The most likely reason why humans hate selfawares is that they fear a war with them. Some robots want to but most of us want to just get along with them.

X doesnt really know what is the real world. In that cave, the world was dark, cramp, cold, and harsh.
Being a free robot, he decides its time to travel the world. To see it in all its natural beauty. Thats when he noticed a man and a women walking around asking the people who looked tough. Most of them turned around and walked away. X didn''t, he walked right up and offered to go with them where every their going.

(I hope this is good Knuckles Girl. Also, my laptop is broken so Im using my dads desktop)
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