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"This is Optimus Prime. We need help. The Decepticons have come to Earth, and the Autobot Forces are greatly outnumbered. I beg of you, if any Autobots are within the vicinity, please aid us."

The Decepticons have revived Megatron, although the Fallen is no more. Now, Megatron knows that the information of the Cube is within the mind of Sam Witwicky.

Now, Megatron will stop at nothing to obtain him and rend his flest, if only to obtain the information the Cube possesses.

However, there is someting far more powerful approaching Cybertron. A planet sized object that has already destroyed many planets.

It is Unicron, devourer or planets, destroyer of entire races.

Already, Cybertron's second moon has detected it. As the forces of the Autobots on Earth are already stretched thin enough, It is up to the rest of us Autobots to protect Earth before it too is consumed.

For Cybertron, it is too late. The final reminants of the Cube and the Matrix hold the only power that can possibly stop it. In this fight, who will be the winner?

Alright, you get the jist of what's going on.


Vehicle form: (a pic would be nice)



Alrighty peeps, lets play!
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