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Here, you can ask me any questions you wish about [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=841410#post841410"]Scrapworld[/URL], and it is here that I will also have a list of terminology and some basic background for you to peruse, thus helping to avoid confusion. Also, when the RP begins, I will put up a list of the characters here as well as who is playing them as a quick reference chart. When the RP starts, any discussions/suggestions/questions you have can be asked here, or via PM to me.

[CENTER][U]Character List[/U]
Archimedes - ScreamSin
*Scrap* Heat - ScreamSin
*Scrap* Rose - ExcelExcel
Maya Kane - chibi-master
Duo - Knuckles' Girl
Grahm "Kilo" Francis - Sazabi
Julian Rosenfeild - Inuyasha Fandom
Ishild - Lilt
*Scrap* Zlota - Lilt
Lucy Nere - Rurouni922
*Scrap* Grettel - Xemos
*Scrap* Vangelios - Esbell[/CENTER]

If you aren't in the roster, and I haven't sent you a PM with my problem with your character sheet, let me know. If you got a PM, make those changes and you'll be added.

[B]--Current Date--[/B]
No one knows what year, month, or even day it is. To the inhabitants of the Skycleaner, it doesn't matter. Survival is everything. While there are around 200 inhabitants in the "town" of Skycleaner, it's believed that pockets of humans still survive farther out in the wastes. Most of the inhabitants came to the Skycleaner after the war, following radio transmissions sent out by those who made the machine. Blizzards tear the landscape, and everything is frozen or under snow.Those within the Skycleaner have, out of desperation, organized a group to find the Key that would restart the machine and return their planet to it's former state. Most believe this group will fail, and that it's just an attempt to give the survivors false hope and keep their moral up.

The world is unnamed and unrecognizable. Countries, continents, even cities and towns have all lost their names to the Wastes.

[U]Living Conditions[/U]
All inhabitants of the Skycleaner share dorms, which are little more then big metal rooms with beds in them. There's generally 4 to a room, though a few lucky souls get paired with only one person in a dorm. Males are grouped together, and females are grouped together. Two bathrooms per hallway, about 10 rooms per hallway. The Skycleaner has no pleasantries in particular other then what is scavenged, and most of the day is spent maintaining. Scavenging teams are constantly sent out. Free time is minimal, as something is usually always going wrong inside the shelter. Storage halls are unheated to cut down on energy needs, with minimal lighting. Almost everything is made of metal.

Children are generally left in the care of the older inhabitants who can no longer perform maintenance.

The Heads of each department run the show for everyone, working together to keep everything running smoothly and keeping moral up.
[B]Lyle Heart[/B] - Head engineer, Lyle is generally considered the top man of the entire Skycleaner. Smart, calculating, and unrelenting in his demand for total and absolute 100% in all things.
[B]Rosa Gonzalez[/B] - Chief Doctor, Rosa is a caring and passionate doctor and humanitarian. An undying optimist, Rosa runs the medical ward and often loses sleep watching over her patients.
[B]Scotts Wilkinson[/B] - Head of Agriculture, Scotts is responsible for maintaining the hydroponic gardens that provide the food. Awkward around people, Scotts spends most of his time fretting over his crops and running after Lyle shouting for more parts to repair a broken piece of equipment.
[B]Boris Vernon[/B] - Boris is head of the scavenger groups and schedules the maintenance rotation alongside Lyle, making sure everyone has enough free time to rest and eat before their next task. An expert scavenger and excellent tracker, Boris also leads search and rescue teams into the Wastes for missing people.


[U]Skycleaner[/U] - A massive construction made during the war, it supposedly will change the climate of the world back to it's original form and end the never-ending winter. Currently, it's being used as a shelter by humans who salvage what they can from the landscape and try to survive. Food is grown via hydroponics, and water is obtained by melting ice against the steam pipes and water traps that catch snow during blizzards for melting and sterilization. The massive generators keeping the place running are kept maintained by rotating shifts of volunteer engineers.

[U]The Pipes[/U] - The lower levels of the Skycleaner are a twisting labrynth of steam pipes and thick electrical conduits known as the Pipes. Injuries are common down here, as most of the metalwork is failing and pipes explode frequently, causing massive burns and shrapnel scars. Maintenance is done in five rotating shifts of 'volunteers'. Everyone participates in these shifts. Morning, noon, evening, night, dawn, there's always a group down below welding and patching.

[U]Never-Ending Winter[/U] - A term used to describe the frigid global temperatures dominating the planet. Not a single part of the world is believed to be above freezing. No one is sure who changed the climate during the war, though most believe it to be the Scraps.

[U]Scraps[/U] - Large clockwork automatons, no one is really sure who built the first Scrap. What is known is that at some point, the Scraps became incredibly violent and hostile towards humans and a war ensued. Humanity won, but their numbers were reduced to the point of being endangered. Humanity is the only living organic creature left in the world, or so it's believed.

[U]Factories[/U] - The Scraps were mass produced at giant industrial factories. When the war began, each Scrap had a permanent radio frequency link to the factory that produced it. Destroying the factories put the Scraps linked to it into a state of dormancy. No one knows who set up the links, or even why the Factories were thus involved.

[U]Hearts[/U] - Scraps with Hearts are Scraps who have become sentient due to a complex and elaborate machine in their chests called Hearts. No one knows who made the Hearts, or even how they work. All that is known is that a Scrap with a heart has awareness and is usually not hostile towards humans. If a heart is removed from a Scrap, they become mindless, violent automatons. The Hearts were discovered during the war, and were installed a year after the War began by an unknown creator. The Hearts effectively sever the link between Scrap and Factory, giving them free will and choice.

[U]The War[/U] - The War between Humanity and the Scraps. It lasted for 30 years, ending with the current world. All who were in the war are either elderly or dead.

[U]Wastes[/U] - The world is nothing more then giant snowfields and mountains, pocketed with ruins and shelters made by humans struggling to survive. The Wastes refers to anything that isn't a shelter or city.

[U]The Key[/U] - A device that can activate the Skycleaner and return the world to it's original form. It was stolen by the Scraps during the war.
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Okay, I have a question, ScreamSin. The job on the Pipes is an all day job, right? So is Ishild going to still be working on it with Heat? Or did Kilo come and fix it all up?

I'm just asking so I know what to make my next post about. Also, thanks in advance for your help.

Oh wait, one last question. It sounds like Duo is going to bring some lunch, but what does everyone normally eat for lunch on the Skycleaner? More of the oatmeal? Or bread and salted pork? (Substitute pork though, for whatever animal they can raise in this kind of an environment.)
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The gaping hole in the pipe is a simple fix, but Ishild and Kilo were scheduled for an all morning maintenance. Which means they're in the pipes until next shift. Also, the pipe has to be turned back on *I thought I had mentioned it was deactivated...yes, I did "The blown out section of the pipe was shut down, preventing steam from escaping into the area."* so technically there shouldn't have been any burning, but we'll pretend another pipe did it or something.

As for food, mostly vegetables since they use hydroponics, but there's a lot of packaged dry meats and bread that they scavenge. There are no animals in the area. Most of the food they scavenge is in decent condition due to the freezing temperatures that preserve them, but bread and anything that isn't made to preserve *like cured meats* usually starts to rot after thawing.

So think vegetables you'd grow in a garden, packages of cured meat and bread. They don't have the space for large wheat growth, but they make enough to make that oatmeal paste.

Does that help?
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