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Art OC?


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Hi everyone,
this is probably a completely stupid question but while looking at some of the art in the gallery i keep on seeining the word OC and i have absoloutely no idea what it means. Can someone help me out :animesmil

Also i was wondering how people get there work and colour it on a computer.
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[size=1]Oh hi! :^D

Most of the time the word "OC" is short for Original Character, so people want to indicate that their work isn't fan art, but it's something of their own.

As for colouring on the computer... the basis is to just scan your drawing and to then open the file in something like Photoshop to work from there. How you work from there depends on who you ask. For starters this might be effective enough: Create a layer over your original piece. Select the pen or line tool and just draw the lines you want over the original piece and make sure the lines close, so when you bucket fill, the colour won't go everywhere. That's about all I could tell you, because it's far from my expertise. :([/size]
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OC means Original Character, OOC means out of character. OC also stands for the program openCanvas but I doubt that is what they're talking about!

As far as computer art goes, searching for tutorials on your specific program can help tremendously in getting started! Google or deviantart have plenty!
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