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[U]Well known locations of Shell City[/U]

[B]Gothar Cathedral[/B] - Gothar Cathedral is a huge stone structure dominating the very center of the city. Parapets, flying buttresses, and stone gargoyles stretch high into the gray sky of Shell City. Everyday at dawn, noon, and dusk, the heavy brass bells of Gothar would ring out. The cathedral is run by Father Leonard, and it's a favored haven for anyone in need of a warm bed for the night.

[B]Bens Weapon Tech[/B] - The huge skyscraper, dwarfing even the huge cathedral, is the tallest building in Shell City. Situated in the tech center of the city, the massive building reflects the sun from it's billions of windows, making it look similar to a golden obelisk stretching towards the clouds. It houses the largest corporation, Bens Weapon Developers.

[B]Back Wards[/B] - A huge ghetto located near the river, Back Wards is home to the impoverished, the criminal and the insane. Run down buildings, pitiful health standards, and trash lining the gutters are all common sights. Gangs run rampant through the streets, and cop patrols have all but ceased in the ruined alleyways. The most notorious location in the Back Wards is Trap, a large park that has been turned into a shanty town. Shacks, makeshift tents, and lean-tos dot the withering fields of a once beautiful park.

[U]A few well known citizens of Shell City[/U]

[B]Captain Bates[/B] - A veteran officer of the SCPD, Bates has a strict "NO VIGILANTE" rule. Believing in the infallible law, Bates has a large amount of support from the citizens of Shell City. Since he's taken over the police force, crime has been reduced 10%, and a lot of corrupt officers were arrested for bribes and illegal actions. Bates is a stocky man in his mid 30's and stands around 5'6", with a thick tuft of coarse black hair on his head. He abhores Vigilantes and will do anything to bring them down. Bates feels that the media is bias against the police force, and that anything officers say to reporters is often twisted to make them look like the villains. As such, he refuses to talk to any reporters almost religiously, and if ambushed by them, reacts incredibly with incredible hostility.

[B]Governor Karen[/B] - The beautiful and aggressive woman in charge of Shell City, Karen is very popular with the citizens, especially the middle class. Her reforms and tax cuts have helped struggling families, and her constant push for social services help the unemployed get back on her feet. However, big business owners and upper class citizens dislike her greatly. Karen is widowed, with a 7 year old son, Darren. Karen has a voluptuous body and curly red hair, standing around 5'9". Karen publicly opposes Vigilantes, but does nothing to aid the police in apprehending them, leading most to believe she secretly supports them.

[B]Kirk Bens[/B] - Kirk runs the largest corporation in Shell City, Bens Weapons Developers. The company employs around 60% of the city's inhabitants, and most of the economy in the city revolves around the company. One of the most powerful men in the city, Bens is also a generous charity donor who makes frequent donations to shelters, orphanages, and just about every other charity in the city. Kirk is a pudgy short man with a well trimmed beard outlining his jaw. He stands around 5', and has shocking blond hair. Bens refuses to make a statement on the Vigilantes.

[B]Boris Gen[/B] - Boris is a well known crime boss in Shell City, but has always managed to keep his hands clean of any incriminating evidence. He runs the largest gang in the city, the Shell Boys. While it's generally accepted that he's behind around 75% of the crimes in the city, no one can prove his actions, and thus he remains untouched by the police force. However, since the rise of Vigilantes, he has made extra efforts to not show his face without copious amounts of bodyguards and thugs. So far, every Vigilante who has gone after him has disappeared, their bodies showing up in the streets days later. Boris has cropped brown hair in a military Mohawk, and stands around 6'3" with a heavy, muscle bound build.

[B]Burn[/B] - The Most Wanted Vigilante around, Burn wears a welder's mask and a heavy firefighter's suit. He uses a heavy flamethrower, and is well known for being the single most brutal Vigilante around. Recently disappeared after murdering an entire SWAT team sent to take him down. In his escape, he set fire to the building he was in, causing a massive inferno that ended up killing 45 people. Burn stood around 6' with a slender build.

[B]Father Leonard[/B] - A somewhat deaf old priest who runs Gothar Cathedral. He is well known for his kindness and his charity works. No one can say a bad thing about the man, not even Boris Gen.

[B]Lieutenant John Cots[/B] - A friendly enough police officer for SCPD, Cots is a close friend of Bates. While he shares his friend's anti-vigilante sentiments, Cots also recognizes how such strong positions can get the public against the officers. As such, he has remained neutral on the subject, and when asked his opinions, merely states: "Whether what they're doing is helpful or not, it is against the law, and it's my job to bring them in." Cots has a wife and two daughters, and is a very family oriented man. Standing 5'7" with an athletic build, Cots is a very handsome black man with a bald head.

[B]Brycon Kurts[/B] - An aggressive supporter of the Vigilantes, Brycon has organized numerous rallies in support of many of the Vigilantes. Rumors abound that he is in fact one of them, but despite the numerous investigations into his activities, he has never once been proven to have been one. However, he revels in the mysteries of it, often hindering police investigations by casting suspicions on himself. Brycon is a wiry young man of 23, with an almost permanent five-oh-clock shadow. Brycon is a friendly man who loves jokes, and other then his heavy anarchist views, gets along with just about everybody. It's difficult to not like him, unless you're a cop.

[B]Tony Skins[/B] - A writer for "Daily Bit" magazine. Outspoken opponent of Vigilantes, recently did an article on why the Vigilante Weep is clinically insane, and announced he would write a piece on each of the Vigilantes, exposing their true purpose. Recently murdered by Weep and Knives.

More characters will show up. Any questions for me can be asked here as well, or through Private Messages, but don't be shy. I'm all ears, and there's no such thing as a bad question.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"][I]
For storyline use only..

1. Hannah Kerrigan - Nate and Tobias's mother age 42 a widow as well after their father Daniel Kerrigan died. She works two full time jobs and a part time job to keep a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothing on their back... definitely not a supporter of the vigilantes but she's not to happy with the Police force as of recently. She stands at a short 5'3" with curly reddish brown hair and dark brown eyes.

2. Tobias Kerrigan - Nate's Younger brother age fifteen 5'10" same hair and eyes of his brother but a more slender build and though Nate doesn't know it yet Tobias has been hanging out with some local gang members lately and they've been trying to recruit him.. heh

3. Zoe Miller - Nate's only real friend left after all that's happened over the years.. She works heavily with the community outreach centers when she ain't working at the pizzeria with Nate. How she feels about the Vigilantes is unknown but one thing is .. she seems to have her own secrets... She stands about 5'6" With her mother's long dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. She is currently nineteen years old.

4. Robert Miller - Zoe's father.. He's worked for the City's Water and Sewer Department for years and has raised Zoe by himself since her mother died of cancer right after moving to Shell city. He and Hannah have been close friends since before Daniel's death. He's about 6'2 with short cropped Brown hair with streaks of gray coming in.. He has nearly the same Hazel eyes as Zoe. He's in his mid forties with a sort of chunkier build.

5. Joey Stetanko Jr - He's Nate's Boss and is a robust middle aged man in his thirties.. despite his thinning hair and hot temper he treats his employee's well and is well liked for a boss. He stands at about 6'0 with dark brown eyes. He owns Little Joe's Pizzeria and has run it for the last ten years since his father Joey Stetanko Sr died of a heart attack.

If anyone has any suggestions or Question feel free to PM and i will get back to you at the next chance i get.
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Im just creating a rough sketch of the Shell City. I read over all the details and tried to piece it together as best as i could. i figure if we get a decent sketch going, we can download the pic and use it in paint/photoshop to keep track of locations of whats going on and where vigilantes are. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for what else to add or anything, let me know. i tried adding the .psd but its too big to attach.
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I support the map idea, though I'll probably give you a guys a nice basic map that you guys can throw text onto just to keep things simple.

Also, you are all more then welcome to make and add NPCs of your own for personal story and plots for your Vigilantes *No other Vigilantes however*
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Clown Face/Andin doesn't really know alot of people. Hes not really the sociable type unless he is working. Then he is just doing his job.

[B]John Vent[/B]: [I]Boss of ''Shell News''[/I]

John is Andin's boss at work. He is a taller man, average build. His black hair is short and gelled back every day, letting the silver underneath show through. Hes got the personality of someone who just left the Army. He is very strict, making sure his workers know ''they are just business associates. Never let business associates and friendships get mixed up. It never lasts.'' He has always lived by that as well. John is really the only person Andin will be associating with other than the SCPD and the more important characters in Shell City.
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[B]Timothy Harper:[/B] an undercover cop that has been the main cause of thirteen major criminal busts in shell city. He has been working directly under some of the higher ups of the SCPD. With each bust the police gain more credibility, though the criminals arested have been competitors of certain crime lords, such as Boris Gen, and in there absence the have been able to flourish.

this charicter is going to be apearing in a bigger role in my story.
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