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RPG Vigilantes: Shell City Chronicles (M-LVS)


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[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Fixedsys"]11:00 PM[/FONT][/COLOR]
She couldn?t scream. The man had the gun rammed into her mouth. All she could do was stare in horror as he tore her skirt off, ski mask covering his face as he forced her onto the ground.
?Scream and die bitch! You?re mine!?
The man began unbuckling his pants, his breathing getting heavier as they slid down to his ankles. He raised his arm to pistol whip the woman. Then his hand suddenly got lighter. To be precise, it left his arm. The man couldn?t even react as he saw his limb, still gripping the pistol, fall in front of his eyes and thud against the ground, blood spurting out. He turned, still in shock, as the sound of snickering came from behind him. The machete buried itself deep into the man?s stomach, forcing him backwards as Weep shoved him violently against the fence, leaning his crying mask towards the struggling rapist.
?Use it and lose it, pal. You should have thought things through. Feel that??
The large Vigilante twisted the black steel in the man?s stomach, savoring the pained expression on the criminals face as shock took over, stopping any hope of resistance.
?Feel it? I just severed your intestines, and slit open the bottom of your stomach. Your stomach acid is eating away through your organs, all the shit in your body is going over the wounds. You?re going to have a very painful few minutes, I promise you that.?
Weep ripped the machete out of the man?s stomach and shoved him against the wall, behind a dumpster. He wiped the blade off on the criminal?s jacket, and then slid it into his thigh sheath. Then he walked over to the woman, who was merely crying and shaking on the ground, her clothes torn. Weep leaned down and gently laid a finger on her shoulder. She flinched, and he pulled back.
?Don?t be afraid. He?ll never hurt you or anyone else again. Can you stand? I?ll take you home.?
She shivered, and slowly stood up. Weep helped her put on her shoes, then walked her out of the alley, arm around her shoulder gently, looking around to make sure they were alone as the rapist?s death gurgles got softer?and softer. The night had only just begun as laughter began to echo through the streets of Shell City.
-------[COLOR="Red"]2 Hours Earlier[/COLOR]-----
Bennen slid the key into the final lock of his apartment door. The clanking glass in the paper bags he carried told that he was once again loading up on bourbon for the night. Under his shoulder was tucked another bag, full of various groceries. He struggled to turn the key without dropping his food, cursing under his breath when a voice suddenly came from behind him.
?Oh, Card! Need a hand??
Bennen jerked and glanced over his shoulder, the bags starting to slip as he locked eyes with Mary, one of then tenants in the building. She was a frumpy woman with coarse black hair. She was walking out of the elevator with her daughter, Rebecca. Bennen liked the two of them well enough; they were always nice to him. He struggled to keep his bags from falling as Mary took they key out of his hand, Rebecca catching the paper bags with booze. She looked at them and glanced at Bennen, who merely smiled.
?J-j-just st-st-s-st-stocking u-u-uh-up.?
Mary opened his door, glancing at the bourbon with a look of pity. Bennen grabbed the bottles and shuffled into the apartment.
?T-t-th-thank you M-m-m-ma-mary.?
The pair waved to him and headed over to their apartment, sympathy in their eyes as Bennen kicked the door shut. He moved over to the small kitchen nook, shoving the groceries into the fridge. He sighed, staring at his one room apartment. One big room, a tiny kitchen, and a bathroom. That was all he could afford on his janitor salary. All around the room were empty alcohol bottles, like a white trash carpet. Still, it was home to him. The small bed pushed against the wall, the old dusty television. He threw his jacket onto the floor, rolling his shoulders as he rapped his knuckles against the bourbon bottle. Maybe he should open it. Just sink into a stupor tonight.

No?it?d been three days since Weep had last come out. No drinking tonight, at least not until morning. Bennen stared silently at the ceiling fan that slowly rotated around. No one would have guessed that behind the fan, hidden in the ceiling?
The Crying Angel eagerly waited for Bennen to pull him on.
((Should be fairly obvious how you should start off. Simple post showing off your character a bit. This thing is going to take off pretty quickly, so better be ready.))
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"If I was asked 4 months ago my opinion on life so far, I would have answered positively. I had a good job, an amazing family, and a steady cash flow. The SCPD finally closed the case on my father which relieved me because I didn't have to worry about that case linking to me. I felt free again. I felt happy and relaxed for the first time in...forever. But that all ended. 3 Months later, it must have been karma that kicked me in the ass or something...I wake up and kiss my family good bye as I head to work for my usual 8 hours. Little do I know, while I'm interviewing police about a recent drug bust in the Back Wards, my precious family is being raped and murdered! By someone who was hired for entertainment for a children's party. What has this city come to?? How can something so devastating happen to someone in one day? I used to look forward to waking up in the daytime, ready to live my life. Now, thats all gone to shit. I live for the night air now. The only time you'll see me outside in the daylight is for my job with the Shell News. The only thing I have left, other than my precious ''Gurgles'' and a life of scarred memories. If I was asked 4 months ago my opinion on life...I would have responded with a positive comment. Now, I'd say that life isn't worth the stress. Humans live to kill each other. It is kill or be killed. Human instincts. Especially in this city with all the drug-filled assholes running the streets, overrunning police. Now I live to kill. I use my job to find out all the shit going on around Shell City in the daylight. By nighttime, I am choosing who would deserve to have the last gurgle....''

This night was colder than usual. Clown Face usually couldn't see his breath leaving his lips as he breathed silently, making sure not to be spotted. At least he was surrounded by darkness. He had no worries tonight. He had acquired his target through the SCPD Andin had interviewed a few days earlier. A child molester, with 3 separate charges of molestation, as well as several charges with possession of cocaine. He was just another junkie asshole who couldn't settle with the internet or grabbing a 'usual' on the corners in the Business Area to assist him with his pleasurable needs. Instead he needs to ruin others' lives. Not for long. Clown Face stood atop a roof of an old rundown building that was once a large factory. He was surrounded by blackness, his costume improving the darkness around him. All that could be seen is a pale face with black eyes, an evil look, and a sinister smile.

He had been waiting three hours now for any sign of movement from the house across from the factory. He was a block away from the Back Wards, with not a soul in sight in between him and those ghettos. It was 3:35 am now, the coldness beginning to take over Clown Face. He wasn't ready to give up just yet though. Not Until he made sure that this man wouldn't be scarring any more children's lives. He had equipped his silencer so that nobody would hear the shot. Now he just needed some signs of movement. His target was described as a large man, approximately 6 feet tall and about 250 lbs. He had light blonde hair, and was in his late 30's.
So far there was no movement in the house across from him. However, there was a black car in the driveway, meaning somebody had to be home. The light in the kitchen had been on earlier and was turned off, meaning there was some activity inside. After 10 minutes of scoping all the windows, Clown Face noticed a light turn in the window to the top left. He zoomed in on the window, awaiting any movement. ''Jackpot.''
There he was. A tall, hairy, half naked man entered the bathroom. His hair was light blonde and went down near his shoulders. He had a cigarette in his mouth, and he was inspecting himself in the mirror. Little did he know this was the last time he would ever see that face again. Clown Face waited for the perfect moment, he aimed in on the large man's throat, pointing straight for the windpipe. As soon as the man turned to face the window, all that was heard was the glass around the bullethole cracking as the bullet soared through the window and into the mans windpipe. The large man, now covered in blood, grabbed his throat as blood gushed down his body like a stream. He tried making it to the door but ended up slipping on his own blood that was creating a pool on the floor. He tried to save himself from falling, making his fall even worse and ending his painful moment with his head connecting with the side of the bathtub, rendering him unconscious.

Seeing that put a big smile on Clown Face. He enjoyed watching his victims die a painful death. He always made sure his shots were not an instant kill so he could watch his victim panic and die slowly but surely. Clown Face looked around, making sure no one noticed what had just happened. Once he was sure he was in the clear, he opened up his black suitcase, which had many compartments to hold pieces of his rifle. He unloaded his rifle and took it apart piece by piece. When he was all packed up, he climbed down the ladder and ran back down toward the center of the city, where his new 1 bedroom apartment was located. Tonight was an easier night than most. Usually there was a lot of police activity during the night time because thats when the drunks and drug addicts come out to play. Tonight was different though. There must have been something else going on that distracted them from keeping an eye on the Back Wards. Oh well...I guess he'd just have to wait another day for Andin to find out the scoop when he goes to work next.

Once Andin got all the face paint off, he took a quick shower and headed to bed. He had another big 8 hour shift of work the next day, starting in the early morning. He looked at the clock before closing his eyes.

''5:30...Jesus that took longer than it should have....Worth it though..heh''
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A small girl was curled up behind a chair in a dirty apartment. A short, stout lady towered over her squatting figure. "Time to eat, child...," the woman chuckled. The girl knew what that meant. It had been a week since her kidnapping and there used to be two other children in the apartment. But every time the hideous lady uttered those words, one disappeared with her and the screaming began, the children never to be seen again. Now there was only the girl left.

"P-please, ma'am... I want to go home to Mommy and Daddy... Please!" the little girl sobbed, resisting the woman's attempts to drag her to her feet. The woman slapped the child harshly. The child started to scream, so the woman raised her hand again. Suddenly, the woman fell over, letting go of the child. The little girl looked up to see what at first looked like a figure of brilliant white light. The woman's head gushed blood from the back, but the girl could not tear her eyes away from her saviour. "A-! Are you an a-angel?" the girl asked innocently.

"No. A real angel would have saved the other children as well. Bus as you can see, i am quite late. Not late enough that I couldn't help you, though," the white being said in a deep and calming voice. He scooped the child up in his arms and carried her out of the grimy apartment. Using a series of fire escapes, he managed to get the girl home, opening her window and setting her on her bed. "Now go wake your parents and tell them you're home," the Ghost instructed.

"Will you still be here when I get back? Will I ever see you again? Will you say hi to Mommy and Daddy?" the girl asked.

"The answer to all of those questions is no, I'm afraid. Now go on, little one. And be careful!" And with that, the Ghost disappeared into the night.

Wolf Owen awoke very tired the next morning. He turned over on his dumpy little matress on the concrete floor of his shack that he lived in on the grounds of the orphanage. Staring at the clock, the bright green numbers read six in the morning. He got up, put on his wig and contacts, got dressed and headed into the orphanage kitchen to prepare the children's breakfasts. At seven, a rush of sleepy youngsters flooded into the dining room area. "Hey, Owen, did you read the paper?" Linda, the founder of the orphanage asked, placing the paper in his lap. "Apparently, the little girl, Minnie Kaythol was found this morning in her own home. Seems that she was rescued by the Ghost," she added, nonchalantly placing her dark, short, braided, beaded hair behind her ears. "They also found her kidnapper, some crazy woman that ate children. That crazy killed three of 'em!"

"Linda, please keep such information a bit more hidden from the children. It might upset them," Wolf mumbled quietly.

"Ah, you're right, hun. Anyway, don't forget that you promised me you'd get all the kids to clean their rooms and such! I expect it done by dinner!" Linda reminded, loud enough that all the children at the table could hear her. They all groaned in protest, but one glare from Linda's dark eyes was enough to condemn your soul to Hell, so they quickly shut up.

"When you're all done, we'll all have Funtime in the playroom!" Wolf announced, making every kids ears perk up. They all wolfed down thir food and ran to clean their rooms. Wolf sighed with a smile and began to clean dishes. When he was done, he would go and make sure no one needed assistance with cleaning. And then he would go about his day, waiting for night to come so that he could rescue the children of Shell City.
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[B][COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Arial Narrow"]"Your not Dad Nathan i don't have to listen to you. Your not him and he's never coming back"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][I] he sighed heavily at his brothers words and that almost whiny voice of his mixed with indignant anger and shook his head softly as he rebuked his brother's attitude.[/I]

[B][COLOR="Green"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]" Tobi.. i just don't want to see you get mixed up with the wrong crowd it's..."[/FONT][/COLOR][/B] [I]He stopped speaking when he noticed he was getting that infamous i don't care look from his brother. A look he'd been getting a lot of lately and Nate sighed and sat down folding his hands staring at them for a moment before turning his eyes up towards his brother and said in a hushed tone[/I].

[B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"]" Fine go.. but Promise me you'll keep out of trouble at least.. You and mom are all i have left of this family.. i don't think i could handle loosing one of you two like..."[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [I]He wring his hands silently as he looked down and he heard his brother mutter[/I].[B][COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Arial Narrow"]" your being overprotective Nate... i can handle myself."[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]

[I]He looked up at his brother and seemed to be about ready to say something when the door opened and both their heads looked at the door as their mother walked in carrying a Brown paper bag wrapped in a plastic bag in her arm. She was smiling softly to herself until she saw them standing there like that and said.[/I][B][COLOR="Gray"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]" what's going on boys?"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B] [I]Tobi looked at Nate as if asking him not to worry her and he groaned softly looking at his younger brother and shook his head dismissing what he was going to say from his mind.[/I][B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"]" Nothing big Ma.. Just arguing over stupid shit.. is that Chinese i smell?"[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[I]She nodded slowly looking at them both for a long moment before she walked over to the couch and sat down depositing the food onto the coffee table and said.[/I][B][COLOR="Gray"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]" I didn't feel like cooking tonight.. It's been a long day and Nate?"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B] [I]She looked over at him and sent him a I don't want to hear you use that kind of language in my house look and he softly groaned and muttered.[/I]" [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"][B]Sorry ma[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]."[I]

She gave a soft smile and nodded as if that settled the manner for now before she pulled out the containers of food and handed them to her sons and selected a white container of Noodles for herself leaning back with the plastic fork in hand and beginning to eat as Nate and Tobi looked at each other and shrugged at each other before digging in.. Letting his mind drift off onto other things he found out last night and planned to use later.. to do what the police apparently couldn't.. [/I]


The sirens of police cars echoed off in the distance as the night began to set in.. Glancing at his watch he pulled the old faded backpack off his back as reaching in and pulling out a small glass vial full of clear liquid.. and floating in it were two black domed discs ... It was almost time. Unscrewing the cap he tipped the vial slight to the side as his finger slipped the Black contact onto his finger. Sighing as he leaned his head back and used his pinkie and thumb to hold his eye open while he seated the contact on his eye properly before repeating the same process with his other eye and slipping the Vial back into a safe spot in his bag and then with slightly trembling hands he tossed the backpack off the fire escape.

Jumping the distance from the fire escape ladder to a garbage dumpster lid and then jumping off lid to the ground the with a soft plop.. landing on bent knees next to his backpack on the Cold Concrete ground. Reaching in while still crouched down he slipped the hammer in his Belt loop and slipped seven nails into holes he had cut into the back of this belt. Letting out a soft sigh as pulled out black cloth and unwrapped the what was inside it. When Nepenthes mirror like face came into view a soft exhale came from him as he laid the mask on his knee as he threw the cloak over his shoulders.. fastening the loose plain silver brooch to hold the cloak in place and picked up the mask with tender care looking it over for a moment before he flipped it over... and brought it up to his face sliding his hands back over the strap clipping the three into place before he reached back and pulled the hood up.

Kicking the backpack behind some cardboard and covered the cardboard with trash before standing up and slinking off deeper into the alley the cloak billowing out a bit as he walked softly over the pavement Moving through those dark pathways with a strange sense of purpose. As he heard sirens growing closer he pushed against the wall and let the shadow of the night cloak him as the flashing light flew by. For the projects.. the Police force were pretty scattered and the night was with them as they continued on their way. a soft snort fell in the air as he heard hollering begin some couple were fighting again and dogs barked futilely at the commotion.. Shaking his cloaked head softly he continued on his journey.. and then..

A scream split the air ahead of him at the far end of the alley... A young female with dark hair.. it was hard to tell in this weak light was clinging onto the arm of a lanky dirty blond male.. who were pushed into the brick wall of the left side of the alley. The female started to cry in fear as two Hooded characters harassed her supposed boyfriend.. The clink of chains that glimmered softly in the street light as he moved silently closer... Looking around silently for something.. and he spied a metal pole on the ground.. It was Silver and black.. how ironic he mused as he picked it up making a sort of scrapping noise with it as he grinned behind the mask of Nepenthes... Perfect.. The thugs looked down the alley... clearly not seeing anything down that alley.. almost as if he was invisible to their eyes as he stepped closer.. making a faint thud noise like a old man with a cane would.. which made them look at each other and distracted them while the guy dragged his chick away running and then Nepenthes would step into the light enough so a glint of that strange facade would strike their eyes." What the hell.."

he heard the Thug with the chain mutter and using that as his cue. He lunged forward.. taking that sweet moment as he ran forward to slip to the side as the chain flailed in the air where he had just been.. the Butt end of the make shift pole stave coming up into the others chin sharply with a soft thwack.. The other Thug backed up seeing his buddy stumble back momentarily dazed the strange shock in his eyes Pushed Nepenthes forward letting his left hand slid to the top half of the stave as he spun bringing hit down on the side of the others head as the Chain dude started to recover his right hand already pulling the hammer out and lashing out in a wide arc with side of hammer into the thug's chest cavity ..

Rewarded by the sound of cracking bone as he let the staff go and fell into that spin. The cloak Swirling around like a Wild shadow as his left hand reached back pulling a nail free and his hammer fell heavy down on the hand that the other thug had thrown up to protect himself as his other hand frantically attempted to reach for a knife.. The sick sound of the bones in that man's hand being shifted out of alignment as he slipped that nail in between his middle and index fingers making it look like a long narrow spike sticking out between his fingers as he pressed himself and the other guy effectively pinning him against the wall as the thug cried out in pain..

Thrusting his fist into that broken hand piercing the skin with the nail and moving his hand to grasp the thug's arm in a iron hard grip against the bricks as he brought his hammer down on the nail thrusting it into the wall as he brought his knee up into the man's crotch and let his wrist go as his empty hand grabbed the knife in the man's waistband And turned to find the other thug on the ground clutching his chest.. it was only then did it strike him they both were crying out in pain.. cussing and swearing threatening to kill him...

The first noise he would make was nothing more then a soft tsking sound as he kicked the thug whom he'd hit in the chest once savagely and muttered in a almost disappointed tone." [COLOR="Green"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]Pathetic.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

Disgusted he turned away slipping the knife into a hidden cloak pocket and walked away leaning down to pick up that makeshift weapon from earlier.. He looked at it for a moment before he heard more sirens approaching. A soft sigh as he looked around and noticed a circle on the ground.. it took his brain a moment to register what it was as the sirens got closer.. But the moment those police lights hit the Alley the manhole cover slid back into place.
~(( And thus it begins.. If any questions or comments please Pm me.. In the spirit of Returning to the Otakuboards... I think i can safely say.. Ugamon has returned.))~
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]A scream echoed through the alley where Knives had been patrolling. She heaved a sigh and shook her head. She jumped the short distance from the roof she was on to the one next to it and crouched down looking over the ledge of the roof. What she saw made her vision go red. An older man stood holding the arm of a young woman.
"I swear I did the best I could! I sold as much as I was able to!"
"And by the way you smell you smoked the rest of it you stupid druggie bitch!"
He slapped her and than gave a wicked smile as he pulled out a syringe filled with a clear liquid.
"You want drugs so bad? I'll give you enough to last you a life time!"
He approached her with the syringe and Knives had a feeling she knew what he was up to and sighed. It was always the women getting hurt or rapped and needed saving. Oh well. Grabbing onto the water pipe on the side of the building she slid down til she was only about eight feet from the street below and let go landing nimbly on her feet. The drug dealer spun around, the girl's arm in one hand the syringe in the other. His face contorted into a frown as he looked at her.
"Who the hell are you?"
She didn't answer only leaped forward arching her foot in a wide axe kick to the man's head, he crumpled to the ground as Knives walked over to check on the girl, she was skinny, she was sickly, she was a druggie and Knives felt a small pang of hurt as her brother flashed through her mind but a low moan from the man brought her back to her job at hand and she turned her head to look over her shoulder as the man stood and pulled as pistol from the waist of his pants. Reaching to her thigh she gripped one of her throwing knives tightly and spun throwing it hitting the man in the throat, as he fell his muscles tightened down on the trigger and a bullet ripped through her shoulder, she grit her teeth and turned around again looking at the girl. She sighed, first thing was first. She began to spread ammonia on the spots where her blood had fallen and retrieved her knife. Picking the girl up she placed her on the corner of the street in the lamp light where some one was sure to find her. Climbing the fire escape ladder she entered her apartment through the window and stripped out of her outfit looking at the bullet wound in her shoulder. It wasn't horrible but it would need stitches. Gathering the things she would need she began to work on her shoulder and by the time she was done it was well after 6:00 am. She heaved a sigh and stepping into the shower not even bothering to try and get any sleep, she had work in an hour.

Ari gave a wide grin as a large German Shepard bounded up to her wagging it's tail enthusiastically. She rubbed the sides of it's head and looked up as it's owner walked in behind it.
"Juels, you know better."
Ari waved as Officer Wood entered the vet office after his dog.
"It's fine Wood, Juels just knows me is all. He looks really good, you been giving him that dog food I was suggesting?"
"Yeah, he loves it, so has anyone told you about last night?"
"No, what's going on?"
"Seems Knives hit another drug dealer, it was Antonio Balardie."
"The Italian guy? Weren't you all after him for like six months?"
"Yeah and some wanna be bounty hunter gets him instead. I hope someone takes the guys head off."
"What makes you think it's a guy?"
"Yeah like a woman would be able to take a bullet and not be whining about it."
She knew what he was talking about and bit the inside of her cheek to keep her frown away.
"Yeah he was shot, but we can't get a DNA match cause there was ammonia all over the sight. What a waste."
He shook his head as Ari's hands worked through the dogs fur out of instinct looking for anything that might be wrong with the dog. Finding nothing she gave him a meaty treat and just stroked his fur gently listening to the officer.
"I can't wait til someone puts a bullet between this guys eyes. He's a menace to the streets and thinks that we don't d o our job well enough."
"Well think about it Wood, no matter how many time these mob bosses hit a street you guys always seem to look the other way."
"They're powerful. They could get the precinct closed down in a heartbeat if they wanted to."
She shrugged and gave him a huge smile that he returned.
"Well either way Juels is all set, he's healthy and is in great shape. If you hear anything else let me know please. Remember, I'm the one who lives in the not so great part of town."
"Well just keep an eye out, I've heard rumors that the guys boss is supposed to be coming in to find this Knives person and kill him."
She nodded.
"I'll stay off the streets."
He gave a quick nod and moved out of the room, his dog following close behind him. She made a mental note of the information he had given her and continued working.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Andin was awoken the next morning to the phone ringing. At first he couldn't even open his eyes, trying to open them so he could check what time it was. As soon as he noticed that it was 11:30 am, he knew who was trying to get ahold of him.. His boss. He was late for work, by over two hours to be exact.

Andin darted out of bed and ran for the phone.


[B][COLOR="Green"]"Andin? Jesus boy where the hell are ya? You were supposed to be here over 2 hours ago! Get your ass over here right now we've gotten a whole bunch of news we need prioritized for the headlines, and Captain Bates wants a reporter to stop by the SCPD. He has some news that would prove useful for our newspaper. So grab a coffee and get your ass down here! I don't pay you to sleep dammit!"[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]"Alright Mr. Vent. I will be there as soon as I can. I apologize for being late for work, I had a late night last night. Talk to you soon."[/COLOR][/B]

Andin could tell in Mr. Vent's voice that he was pissed off and was sick of Andin being late for work. This obviously wasn't the first time he was late. It seemed like almost every time he became Clown Face, he would end up staying out later than he should be, and sleeping half of the next day away.

As soon as Andin made it to the Shell News building, he ran into the elevator which took him to the floor Mr. Vents office was. As soon as he approached his bosses door, all he could hear on the other side is a deep voice bitching people out over the phone. ''Heh..hes just warming up to yell at me.'' Andin gave a deep sigh, knocked twice, and walked into his bosses office.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]"- I don't care how long it takes you to get to his office, you will have that interview by the end of the day today or you won't be coming back to my god damn building again! Got that? We're already behind on 3 murder stories that all happened in the past two days. So get me my damn story now![/COLOR][/B]

Mr Vent hung up the phone and looked at Andin, anger filling his eyes.
[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]You're lucky boy! You don't understand how behind those 2 hours just made you, not to mention our whole company. The paper doesn't write itself you know! Now read this and tell me what you think."[/COLOR][/B]

He threw a newspaper across the desk, sliding right into Andin's hands. He picked up the paper, reading the title first. This was a copy of a smaller newspaper company in the Shell City area. They always tried getting the latest scoop before anyone else, but they usually failed every time, not knowing that Andin was always on the job(if he woke up on time, that is..). Today though, was a different story. Their top headline wrote ''[B]Vigilantes Strike Again![/B], with a title underneath stating: "[B]Three Rapists, Child Molester & Drug Dealer Murdered, Kidnapped Girl Found All In One Night![/B]

At first Andin was overwhelmed. He obviously knew about the murder of the child molester, but he was unaware of everything else that had happened that night. He was even more surprised that such a smaller newspaper company could beat him to all the top stories! Then again, he was over two hours late.

"[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]See what happens when you sleep in?? The shittiest newspaper company in this town beats us to all the top stories. You know how much this loses me? [/B][/COLOR]"

[COLOR="Green"]"I'm sorry sir I will try my best to change my schedule so I make it here earlier from now on." [/COLOR]

John looked at Andin, his face as red as his coffee cup on his desk. "[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]You better. I turn down 5 resumes a day to keep you here. I can easily find a replacement! Now get your ass over to the Shell City Police Department! Captain Bates is waiting for his interview. He declined every other news team, so get over there before he loses his patience! I want a good, detailed interview! Take the Business car. Just make sure to fill 'er up before yoy bring it back![/B][/COLOR]"

Andin was used to getting reamed out by his boss. He was always being threatened by him, hearing he could be replaced any minute. Although he knew John didn't have the guts to fire him, because he was his greatest asset. Even if Andin was late, he always got his job done before the day was over. Not only that, but(up until last night), Andin was the only reporter who could find out all the details on one certain Vigilante, Clown Face.

As Andin left Mr. Vents office, he began wondering if Vent had any suspicions on the fact that every time Clown Face struck, Andin had the full story the next day... As he got into his business car, he let out a little laugh, knowing that he was thinking too much. John Vent was a smart man, but there is no way that he could figure out the pieces between Andin and Clown Face.

He started the car, let out a long sigh, and thought to himself, [I]This is going to be a looong day.[/I]

OOC: I didn't want to write the news story too quickly just in case people have more to add. If not i'll write it up tonight =)
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Bates stomped through the hallways, heading straight towards one of the desks in the cramped police room. He slammed his hands down onto the desk, screaming at the woman sitting in it.
The woman stared back at him fairly calmly, though she was obviously a little shaken.
"Because, Bates, you've refused every news team in the city, you won't answer any questions in press releases, and at this point, people are starting to wonder if the cops are even AROUND at night! We need to make a statement of some sort regarding the-"
"YOU did. When you hired me!"
It was true. Rita Cuthers was the SCPD's public relations representative. Bates had hired her to keep the precinct's image from becoming too tarnished with rumors. The grizzled captain sputtered for a moment, then whirled around to his office.
The door slammed shut, nearly cracking the glass as the yells fell silent inside the office. Rita sighed and picked up the phone.
"Lieutenant? It's Rita. Fine, thanks. Listen, Bates didn't go for the interview. Think you could talk to the reporter coming down here?...thanks John, I really appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks."
She hung up and continued her paperwork.
Bennen wiped down the glass of the fifteenth office window he had cleaned that day, acknowledging the wave from the friendly lawyer inside with a smile. As his cloth squeaked across the glass, he listened carefully to the TV in the staff room.
"The body count from the Vigilantes has again been increased, as last night 3 bodies turned up, alongside two critically injured men. Police Captain Bates has declined to comment, merely stating 'the murders have the same calling card as the Vigilantes, there's no reason to believe these were any different then all the other illegal executions'. Some criticism of Bates' policies has risen in the general public, with the crowds divided between two groups. Some say Bates shouldn't be hunting the Vigilantes, that they're helping the public. Others say that he's being too easy, that he needs to bring them down before they get out of hand. In other news..."
Bennen stopped listening as he wheeled his cleaning cart down the hallway to yet another office window, a pleased feeling warming his body as he smiled to himself. A hand tapped his shoulder.
"Bennen, time for lunch. You want anything?"
"O-o-oh, n-n-no C-c-c-ca-carl. I'll b-b-br-brought m-m-m-my l-lu-lu-lunch."
The lawyer nodded and clapped the janitor's shoulder. Bennen smiled and pocketed his wash rags, sliding the cleaning cart aside so he could come back after lunch to finish the work. It took him ten minutes to reach the large open plaza in the front of the large building. Lenning & Connor Law Firm was one of the biggest lawyer names around, and the building was situated near the center of town, overlooking Gothar Cathedral and part of the police precinct. The plaza in the front of the building was a popular place for businessmen and women to eat their lunches. Tall cypress trees helped hide the dirty city, and the grass was well kept by a team of gardeners. It was probably the only place in the city that was green and living. Bennen parked himself on a stone bench somewhat away from the path, underneath two cypress trees. He breathed in deeply, leaning back with shut eyes in his dim blue jumpsuit. The paper bag sat on the bench next to him, untouched as his mind wandered to that night as Weep. 3 bodies. That means they hadn't found the other four goons he took out that night.
Bennen smiled as Weep's laughter echoed in his mind.
In the dingy warehouse, they worked. No lights. Lights attracted attention. These two were professionals. They hauled the heavy trunk to the workbench and popped it open, ruffling through the garments inside. Each grabbed a set and began to don their outfits. They wouldn't be able to make a move until nightfall. Plenty of time to prepare. Plenty of time to get the act right.
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Wolf had finished washing the dishes and was headed up the stairs to the children's rooms when the doorbell rang. He went to the door and opened it slightly. "May I help you?" he asked uncertainly. A man in uniform flashed a badge at him.

"Shell City Police Department. We need to ask you a few questions about some vigilante," the man stated with a commanding voice. "May we come in?"

"Uhm... I think so... Might I ask my superior first? I'm not sure if she would think you might scare the children...," Wolf mumbled.

"Go ahead."

"Ms. Linda! May I speak with you for a moment?!" Wolf called. Linda came out of her office and marched over to the door.

"What is it, Wolf?"

"The police are here. They have a few questions. About a vigilante."

"Then let 'em in! We don't teach these children to fear the police, just respect 'em!"

"Yes, ma'am." And with that, Wolf opened the door. "Please come in."

They sat in Linda's office. The man that flashed his badge at Wolf started. "We've recieved some reports about a suspicious person that we believe to be a vigilante. Guy dressed in all black except for his mask. Looks like a crying mask like in theaters or something. Bunch of feathers off the top of it. Have you seen anyone like this?" Wolf stiffened. Was some vigilante prowling near his home? He watched the area better than anyone ever could, so what would be the point of another vigilante being there? And why hadn't he noticed such a person?

"I assure you, sir, if anyone of a suspicious nature had been sighted by me or anyone else in this orphanage, I would have all the children safely in their rooms and your department here in a heartbeat. It bothers me that such an odd person was wandering about the area without my noticing it, actually," Wolf growled. The policeman nodded and smiled.

"Good boy, you got working here, Ms. Linda. He's on the police's side," the offcer praised.

"He's on the orphanage's side, sir. I saw no man walking around with feathers sprouting out his head either, so is that all you wanted?" Linda asked coldly.

"Yes, ma'am, that will be all. Thank you for your time." And with that, the officers left.
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It took Andin almost half an hour to make it from the Shell News building to the SCPD. The traffic today was insane! It was understandable, seeing as it was almost 2:30 now. Children would be getting out of school and people would be finishing work and ready to head home. Today seemed more busy than usual though. He found a decent parking place, grabbed his black leather bag containing his paperwork, pens, and everything else he would need to get the job done. As Andin walked up the steps of the large building, he looked up at the building, not realizing how massive it really was. The building looked to be only 2 or 3 stories tall, but the building looked almost the size of two large factories. Red bricks lined the first and second story, with large windows every 3 - 4 feet, allowing the sun to shine in on the offices inside. The third story were all large windows. The sun was reflecting off the windows and hurting Andin's eyes as he observed the structure.
He walked through the door and was greeted by a beautiful tall woman standing behind an office desk.

''[I]Hello, and Welcome to the Shell City Police Department! Is there anything I can help you with today? [/I]"

Andin reached into his leather shoulder bag, pulling out a necklace, showing his identification as a news reporter.

"[B]Hi, my name is Andin Grant. I am a news reporter for the ''Shell News'' newspaper. I have an interview scheduled with Captain Bates. I was supposed to be here earlier, but I was running a bit late. I hope that isn't an issue.[/B]"

"[I]That isn't a problem! However, Captain Bates isn't taking interviews personally. Lieutenant John Cots is accepting the interview instead.[/I]"

At first Andin was confused with the change of interviewers, but that wouldn't effect anything.

"[B]Alright, that's fine. Where can I find Lieutenant Cots?[/B]"

The woman smiled and pointed a finger behind her, towards a set of elevators.

"[I]Take those elevators up to the second floor. Then turn left and go straight until you come to a dead end. His office is the last door on the right![/I]"

Andin thanked the kind woman and headed towards the elevators. He followed the directions to a hallway that came to a dead end. He went up to the last door on his right and knocked three times. He waited a few seconds to hear ''[B]Come in.[/B]", and entered the room. As soon as he walked through the door, the first thing he noticed was all of the awards and certificates covering the walls. Andin didn't know whether to be impressed or intimidated. He looked over at the man sitting behind his desk, the light from the ceiling shining off his bald head.

"[I] Hello Lieutenant Cots, my name is Andin Grant. I am a reporter from Shell News, here to interview you about the recent crimes that have been taking place across Shell City.[/I]"

The man gave a big smile and sat up in his chair.

"[B] Ah yes, welcome Mr. Grant. I've been expecting you! I will try my best to answer your questions. Some questions, however, I can't answer.[/B]

Andin let out a smile and sat down in the black leather seat across from Cots. He grabbed his notepad and pen, and began his interview.

"[I] Alright, thanks for having me here. I would like to talk to you about these recent crimes that have happened in the past day or two. I have heard that there were multiple murders that took place around the City, criminals being the targets as well; 3 rapists, a child molester and a drug dealer to be exact. I'm wondering what information you have on the matter.[/I]"

"[B]Yes there have been alot of increased crimes happening lately all around Shell City. These murders are different though. Instead of innocents being killed, its criminals. And the ones killing these criminals, are vigilantes. To most they are vigilantes anyway. But to the innocents that they save, they are saviors. They look up to them afterwards, letting others know of their ''good'' deeds, although they committed a crime at the same time. The more people they save, the harder it gets for us Shell City Police to go after. They gain a reputation around the city and even though we do the right thing by bringing them down, some people won't see it in the same view.[/B]"

Andin jotted down points as Lieutenant Cots began his interview. At first he was nervous, thinking that it would be hard to get the answers he needed. John seemed to be more outgoing and laid back than he thought. He wasn't about to overdue it however.

"[I]That is understandable. Through the eyes of the police they are just like any other criminal. Through the eyes of the people they've saved, they are their hero. To the rest of Shell City, it is probably up in the air, with half thinking positive about them, the other half negative.

I would like to begin by asking you one by one about the multiple crimes that have been occurring, starting with the murders that apparently started as rape situations.[/I]"

John Cots took a sip of his hot java, allowing the surge of energy to take effect as he went into detail.

"[B]Well lets start with the first one we heard about. A lady called the SCPD last night just after 11:30 pm telling us that she was sexually assaulted in an alleyway. When she was asked where the guy who assaulted her was, she said that he was murdered by a man who wore a white porcelain mask that looked as if he was crying. The rest of his outfit was black. According to the woman, she noticed the crying mask come out of the darkness from behind the man who had her cornered. As he went to pistol whip her, she noticed a glistening reflection come out of the darkness and go straight through the mans wrist, cutting off his hand which was holding the pistol. She said that he was stabbed in the stomach as he turned around to stare the masked murderer in the face, and then left behind a dumpster to die. The panicked woman noticed the figure holding a machete as he cleaned the blood off of it and helped her out of the alley. We found the man dead at the scene, soaked in blood, and all alone.[/B]"

Andin was amazed at how much information he was getting from the Lieutenant. He knew already that this report was going to make his boss smile. As the lieutenant finished explaining the story, he reached for his cup of coffee and finished it off.

"[I]So this masked figure is at the scene watching this happen, takes action, commits a crime, and saves an innocent all at the same time? That is quite an unusual circumstance.[/I]"

[B]Try connecting all these crimes that happened in the same damn night. Definitely a stressful. Now I don't have too much time left so I will have to be quick about the other crimes that occurred.
We arrived at another scene as a man with blonde hair came out of the alley all bloody and beaten telling us that him and his girlfriend were going for a walk when two hooded guys trapped them and began beating him with chains. As they went for his girlfriend, a person wearing a silver mask came out of the blackness and beat both the thugs to death using a metal staff and a hammer. Again the vigilante let the both of the innocents go free as he disappeared.
We got another call about an assault in an alley a few blocks away from the Back Wards. A woman was assaulted by a drug dealer trying to force her to take a syringe of drugs. Then a woman came out of nowhere wearing large sunglasses that covered most of her face, and wearing all black clothes with what the woman explained as throwing knives around her thighs. Apparently she took him to the ground but then got shot in the shoulder when she turned her back to check on the woman watching this all happen. She said he was then struck with a throwing knife to the throat and left to die. We searched for traces of blood from the gunshot wound but it was covered with ammonia. The woman was taken in for questioning and was found with drugs on her.
Then we got yet another call from the Back Wards. A man was found in his upstairs bathroom dead at the scene. He had a gunshot wound through the throat. We don't know what kind of gun was used yet but we are waiting for the autopsy and should have results in a few days. The call was at 3 :45 am and it seemed to be a silent strike. The door was locked and all the windows were closed. All that was found was a bullet hole in the bathroom window that must have connected with his throat. The strange thing was that when we did a thorough search of the house, we found a 8 year old boy trapped in a dog crate, wearing no clothes. We discovered the boy had been missing for over a week and a half. We are thinking this had to connect with the murder. We have no evidence as of yet but we're hoping the bullet will give us a clue.
Last but not least, a little girl was kidnapped a week ago from her parents. Last night she ended up back at her home waking her parents up. The girl didn't have much to say, but she said she and many other kids were being held captive in this apartment from this mean woman. She said that every time she said it was time to eat, a child would disappear and wouldn't come back. She said she was about to be slapped when the woman suddenly fell to the ground. She saw what looked like a guardian angel come out from behind where the lady was standing. The girl told us that this person took her back home to her parents. She also added that she asked her 'savior' if she was an angel, and they replied 'no.' We don't know anything else on the matter.
All of this happened in the past day. This city's crime rate is increasing so much, making it harder and harder for police to take action. We are hoping to see the crime rate decrease in the future.[/B]

Andin finished writing down the last sentence and looked back up at Lieutenant Cots, with a look of confusion on his face.

"[I]I can't believe all that happened in a single night. All in different parts of the city. Who knows if they are connected somehow or totally different. I hope you don't mind me asking one last question before I take my leave?[/I]"

Cots nodded his head and made a gesture with his hand, hinting to make it quick.

[I]Thanks sir. I'm just wondering if the Shell City Police have a plan of action to find these vigilantes and take them down?[/I]

The Lieutenant's face went from a smile to incredibly serious in an instant. "[B]I'm sorry but that information is confidential and I cannot get into the matter.[/B]"

Andin noticed Cots begin looking around as he finished his sentence, then grabbed his cup of coffee quickly, hoping to grab a sip, only to see that it had been empty for a while now.

"[I]Oh really? I have heard rumors around the city about a certain plan that the SCPD are trying to take into action to capture these vigilantes. Is this true?[/I]

That question made his face go as red as a stop sign. "[B]This subject is confidential I have no further information for this interview. Thank you for stopping by. Take care.[/B]"

And with that, he pointed his finger toward the glass door behind Andin, and looked down at his paperwork as if Andin had never been there. He left John's office, totally confused. That last comment made him think that there was a possibility of a plan being created...Unfortunately thats as close as Andin would get to finding out anything about it. Clown Face on the other hand.....He had other ways of getting information. He would try putting that to use.

Andin ended up back at the Shell News building, walking into his bosses office and handing him the finished copy of the interview, typed on paper.

"[B][COLOR="Green"]Holy shit you came back! You were gone almost two fuckin hours! Do you know how much shit I had to take care of while you were gone? You need to get your ass in gear if you want to continue working here! Now leave my office so I can read this paper![/B][/COLOR]"

Of course. Andin did everything he could to please his boss and try for a smile, just to get reamed out and threatened once again. He didn't care though. He knew that Mr. Vent would like the interview. It had everything he wanted, maybe more. As Andin closed the door to his office, he looked back at his boss who was reading the paper. He noticed a slight snicker on his older wrinkled face. That made Andin's day.
Now to go home for a nap and wait for whatever the night has to offer his alter ego.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ari sighed as she wiped her hands clean of the canine blood that was covering them satisfied with the job she had done stitching up the dog on her table who was currently sleeping soundly with a IV drip of morphine his leg. She looked back at the man who was wringing his hands worriedly.
"He's going to be fine Murph. Valentine is a tough old girl. She'll pull through."
The officer sighed and hunched his shoulders as the worry washed away from him.
"That's good. How long will she be under?"
"For a while, I'll have to put another drip in her so she doesn't feel any pain."
As she said this she walked over to her cabinet and forze, frowning.
"What in blue blazes..."
"Everything alright Ari?"
"No, I'm missing a bottle of morphine. That's odd cause I know I had more than just these five bottles. And no one goes in here but me..."
She shook her head and pulled out a bottle and injected it into the IV drip that was connected to the dogs leg. It baffled her but she let it slid for the time being and concentrated on her job til she could go out later tonight and do some digging through the city.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Sorry its so short, lots of errands to run today and not alot of time.
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[SIZE=1]The muffled blasts of the shooting range through his earplugs seemed to calm him down. Benjamin Gato sat in his office reading a paper, and glancing at the police officers through the bullet proof glass as they went through there routine practice. Everyone always gets a kick out of shooting his full body targets, This time a vigilante known as Clown face. This was all routine for Gato as well, but what surprised him was how the cops were wiping the smile off the vigilantes face. Head-shots are not usually the protocol , but he had noticed a lot of things had been changing over time. Murder used to be committed by murderers, now it seems like every night a common thug is killed by a masked vigilante. Gato Acknowledged that it couldn?t happen to better people, but the streets are starting to run red.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]It was time to fix some targets. The turned on the projector that signaled a cease fire then stepped out from behind the glass. When the gunfire stopped they all took out their earplugs and mufflers.[B] "You guys do know the chest scores more points don?t you??[/B] Gato jests.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?We aren?t ones for keeping score Benny.?[/B] the bighearted quip came from Officer Timothy Harper., he never wore a badge but Gato knew he was an undercover cop. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?well most of those masked murderers would do a man in just the same, so long as it fits there twisted moral code.?[/B] Gato knew just what these folks wanted to here and didn?t mind saying it, he even meant what he said some of the time, however, he did know that without those ?masked murderers? this town would be flooded with all kinds of evil. [B]?Alright everyone, it will just be a second and I?ll have your next victim up.? [/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]They acknowledged him and he went downstairs to rotate the targets . The machine system could have been reinstalled upstairs when he replaced the and crank and lever system with a piston set, but the downstairs room was well ventilated and he could catch a few conversations from his guests. He could never spend to much time, but he could usually catch a name or two and let Deaths Deputy deal with them. Gato placed his head on the wall and listened in. he could hear Tim and another senior officer speaking softly,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]?I am just not sure why Bates would keep these ones hidden from the public.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I have a few guesses, Maybe he thought three more bodies would just further civil unrest in the sector, plus you know he dislikes those masked vigilantes roaming the streets, he wont hesitate to show one of them killing people, but all three of those corpses were machete wounds, and the press could easily turn it into a serial killer story and the crime rate is such a touchy subject with bates.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I don?t know Tim, it just seems like there?s something going on even we don?t know about, and those S.W.A.T. training routines that are off limits, its like they are practicing for something, something big.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I hear you. But we shouldn?t talk about this anymore, Benny will be back up here soon,?[/B] That was his cue to get a move on. He threw the new target on the racks ( a convict on death row this time.) and hit the switch to activate the pistons, then headed up the steps to be greeted by cheers of approval.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]The deputy was prowling the rooftops near the back ally, using only a lasso with a hook to traverse between buildings. He had had a few close encounters traveling this way, but now he was quite accustomed to the lay of the land. It was midnight before anything caught his eye. Three gentlemen in suits were waiting in a dark ally one holding on to a steel briefcase. A fourth man was approaching. This one wearing a sweatshirt and sunglasses. This man was carrying a briefcase as well. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]?Sharktooth??[/B] The man with the sunglasses said.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Aaah, Blue Jay, you finally made it! I was freezing my fuckin balls off waiten for ya!?[/B] The man holding the briefcase had stepped forward.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Do you have the cash??[/B] the man with the steel briefcase opened it, revealing probably around fifteen thousand dollars.[B] ?Alright.?[/B] he placed the briefcase between his feet and quickly removed his sweatshirt revealing three pistols two Uzi sub machine guns and ammo clips. [/SIZE][SIZE=1]He then handed the men the guns and ammo. Then opened his briefcase , containing an assault rifle, disassembled.. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Assemble it for me.?[/B] the gentleman said, and it was done. The model was unknown to the deputy, but he did know it could pose a threat to civilians, police and even an unlucky vigilante. Caught in its path. He silently crept down a fire escape to reach ground level, careful not to make any loud sounds.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]?Alright if our business is done I shall be leaving.?[/B] The man in sunglasses turned to leave but stopped dead when he heard the ammo clip lock into place. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Hold on blue jay, I wanna know if this baby is as good as you say it is.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I assure you it is of top quality? now don?t do anything stupid, our organization wont do business with traitors.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Bossman already sold out your corporation chum, the police are gonna bust you by tomorrow night. The weapons dealers caught is gonna look great for the headlines, I can see it all now in big fuckin letters: [I]?Police doin? their part to keep us safe.?[/I] catchy huh? Now lets give this baby a whirl.?[/B] a shot went off. Both men were now screaming. The man with the sunglasses thought he was a dead man, and the man with the assault rifle was missing his pointer finger, as the back half of the gun was now scrap metal. Two more shots were fired in quick secession , and the rifleman?s cohorts were down. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Its that damn deputy!?[/B] the man was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet, sweeping it out from under him and leaving the man face first on the ground leaving only the man with sunglasses who was now on the ground. He drew a pistol from his boot and began firing madly. The deputy dived behind a dumpster and waited. Once he heard the clicks of an empty gun he stepped out and shot him in the head with a rubber bullet, knocking him out cold.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The deputy roped all four of them together with his spare lasso. He hated to waist supplies since whenever he ran out he would have to break into stores and take them. He left money, but the precaution of avoiding paper trails was still unfavorable. [/SIZE][SIZE=1][B]?I guess I should be thankful you got me and not one of those other guy. Burn killed more guys in a day than you did in three years.?[/B] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I let the law handle scum like you.?[/B] The deputy reached into the suited mans pockets and pulled out the mans cell phone. ?[B]your calling the police to confess your crimes. As well as these men.[/B][/SIZE][B]"[/B]

[SIZE=1][B]?Why, you gonna shoot me with one of that BB gun of yours. ?[/B] The deputy shot the man next to him in the kneecap. The sound of bone cracking echoed through the ally. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?I?m all out of BBs,?[/B] the deputy dialed 911[B] ?now start confessing, or I will put you so close to death you?ll wish burn torched you.?[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Back op on the roof the deputy waited for the police to take these thugs away. Five minutes passed and a parole car stopped at the alleyways entrance. Two cops exited the vehicles.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]?roped, and for the most part still alive? those bruises are from the deputy?s rubber bullets.?[/B] the first cop said.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?yep, it was him all right. With a name like Death?s Deputy more people would wind up dead,?[/B] chuckled the second cop.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Hahaha, you got that right, well are they boys of his?[/B] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?The guy with the shades isn?t, but the other three sure are.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]?Well lets get outta here then.?[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]They left all for men. Got back in there car, then drove away. Something was very, very wrong here. There was enough evidence on those guys to have them publicly executed, and even dirty cops will book the criminals when they are spoon fed to them. The deputy had stumbled onto something big, he now had to find out what it was.[/SIZE]
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[I]That night had passed without another incident like the one that had transpired between Nepenthes and the thugs. Still after such a close call with the shell city police he was starting to think that maybe a night to cool down and relax maybe actually do something normal.. a faint chuckle to himself would slip out into the air as he closed his locker door at the pizzeria and went up front to clock in at one of the Registers. Stifling a yawn as he walked out from the back and walked around the dividing wall.[/i]

[i]What he saw there made him pause a moment and he swore his heart stalled making his blood run cold and gave a involuntary shiver at the sight of the police officer. He was being ridiculous.. He knew that.. they couldn't track him down here could they? It wasn't until he got closer and tapped on the touch screen display next to hers did the officer seemed to notice him and he just gave a smile and was ignored a slight shrug as he punched his number in and hit a button before he saw the little clock in sign pop up. smiling faintly as he ended hearing the vaguest sounding description he had ever had the pleasure of hearing. Here he was worried about them catching him and the Shell city police were asking about women with suitcases. When the officer turned to him to ask if he had seen anything he shook his head and said.[/I][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"][B]" I had off yesterday and was at home for most of it."[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
The truth.. he had been home most of yesterday... except for school and about a half hour before midnight. Which sighing heavily the police officer walked out and he turned to Zoe jerking his thumb at the door and gave her a What the fuck kinda look before she giggled and responded with[/I].[COLOR="DarkRed"][B][FONT="Courier New"]" Been a lot of weird things going on around town.. with those Vigilantes still at large i think the cops are up to their ears with all sorts of things."[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]
He nodded softly to what she said as he turned and tapped on the touchscreen debating on what orders he'd be delivering to as he said."[/I][B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"] Yeah well...[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [I]He'd hear her snort which she'd know almost always made him chuckle softly as she asked him." [/I][FONT="Courier New"][COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Don't tell me your supporting them now too? Don't get me wrong what the police did about your sister's case was horrible but Nate these people are breaking the law."[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][I] Sighing he turned around and looked at her and let a moment pass before he said." [/I][COLOR="Green"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]" It's not like that Zoe... It's just. Well Your right they are criminals but then again they are criminals hunting criminals and killing them most of the time.. It's just kinda.. you know crazy if you think about it." [/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

[I]She paused and looked at him funny before she grinned and said.[/I][B][FONT="Courier New"][COLOR="DarkRed"]" So let me get this straight. Your saying Let Caesar have what's Caesar's and let God sort them all out when they're dead and gone that's a little fucked up Nate."[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [I]He turned away and shrugged chuckling as he tapped through those screens on the monitor finally settling[/I] [B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"]." Seems to be how this city is anyhow.. There will always be people who think they are revolutionists and people who hate them for thinking they are that.. It's just how it works i guess.. But If the police can't do it.. Let someone who can... Eventually though.. They'll fuck up.. it's just a waiting game and when it happens.. The law will be there.. until then let's just be happy criminals are disappearing off our streets. Anyhow.. I'm taking the order for Baker's Street out if Joe asks were i am." [/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[I]He turned around and looked at her studying him for a moment before she said." [/I][COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Courier New"][B] You got a point Nate.. It's just.. one of these days.. that fuck up might just cost someone innocent their life.. we have law for a reason..[/B][/FONT][/COLOR] [I]He sighed as he walked away from the counter and her to deliver that order.[/I][B][COLOR="Green"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]" I know Zoe.. i know But didn't some wise person say... The needs of the many.. outweigh the needs of the few?"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][I] He'd hear her sigh as he walked away muttering as the front door rang letting them know a customer was upfront. Ain't life a bitch he wondered. When the chips fall who your left with is who your left with for better or worse till death do you part. [/I]
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Weep tucked under the awning as the police chopper circled overhead again, spotlight shining as it turned to head down the streets again. He could hear the sirens surrounding him as he rammed his elbow through the glass door, unlocking it and slipping inside.
This wasn't good. The manhunt would continue for a few hours at least. Weep was used to these searches, they inevitably ended with the police giving up and sending out more patrols. But this was different. K9 units were swarming the areas. The vigilante sat down on a booth. He must have broken into a restaurant. Tables and chairs were strewn about the dark building. Weep rubbed his shoulder, his mind wandering back to a few hours ago.
He ran across the roof, leaping and rolling with each landing. As Weep readied for another jump, he heard a woman scream from the apartment building in front of him. He moved to the edge, staring down at the windows. He saw shadows moving around a room, then heard a crash and the light went dead. The window was close enough. With a running start, Weep threw himself over the edge, covering his face with his arms as he crashed through the window. As he hit the floor, he rolled, slamming his shoulder into a low table as he came to a halt. He whipped up the machete and froze.
"What the hell!?"
"Hey, Kid smells something here. What is it girl?"
Weep was jerked back into reality as he heard the door forced open, alongside the barking of a dog.
"Dammit! These guys just don't give up."
Weep moved quietly behind the bar, grabbing two bottles of whiskey. He froze as flashlights whipped overhead. He heard the dog sniffing around, getting closer. Weep gripped a bottle in each hand, tensing up as he heard the dog give a loud bark, followed by the sound of guns clicking out of holsters.
"Whoever is back there, stand up slowly with your hands in the air!"
Weep braced himself for what was about to come. He slowly stood with his back to the officers. All they saw was a black clothed man standing up, his hands in the air. They couldn't see the whiskey bottles that Weep had made efforts to keep hidden behind his arms.
"Turn around slowly!"
"...right. Of course, officers."
Weep spun and flung the bottles at the cops. The whiskey shattered against there faces. Weep barely managed to throw himself underneath the bar as their pistols opened fire. He covered his eyes from broken bottles, then grunted as he felt his leg bitten down on. Growling and snarling, the dog had grabbed his ankle. Weep tried to shake it off, only managing to get it to let go by kicking it violently in the face. He heard the cops regaining the balance as he vaulted over the bar and slammed his way onto the street. The helicopter was circling back around. The cops must have called in back up before entering the building. Weep moved quickly, lifting up a sewer cap and diving in. The heavy lid clanked down just as a squad car rounded the corner and the building lit up with a search light.
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Owen was staring out the window of the orphanage. He usually would have been in his shed, but the children were frightened of the police sirens and flashing lights that flooded the area. He was there comforting them with Linda. They heard updates on the situation via the radio. Then, another update came through, "...and police are now entering the apartment that the K9 units lead them to...it's pretty quiet and-! GUNFIRE! This just in! Shots have been fired in the apartment! I repeat, shots have been fired in the apartment!" Wolf jumped up.

"I need to get something from my shed, Linda. It might take a few minutes, but don't you dare worry about me. I'll be back soon," he announced, speeding out the door and to his shed. [I]That's another vigilante out there! He's helped many people, and I'm not about to let the city get any more dangerous! We need all the help we can get, vigilantes do![/I] he thought as he changed into his white clothing. Picking up his crowbar, he sprinted toward the apartment.

The Ghost was on the roof a few buildings away from the apartment where Weep had been. He got onto a closer building just in time to see the cops miss Weep, who slid into the sewer. After the search beam and police vehicles had passed it, The Ghost made his way to the sewer cap and crawled in. He had just stepped onto the filthy ground when he heard a sharp *SWISH* sound. The ghost raised his crowbar to block the machete that had been swung at his head. "Wait! I'm here to help!" The Ghost hissed. The machete lightened a bit, but not much. "I'm a vigilante as well! Calm the hell down!" The machete was lowered. "Thank you."

"What do you want?" Weep demanded.

"I'm here to help. If you're gone, the city may get worse. Now then, accept my help or not. Make the choice now."

"Help how?"

"I know how to throw the dogs off you."


"This," The Ghost said, taking out some smelly rags from a bag at his side.

"What are those going to do?"

"They're drenched in kerosene. It makes the dog's sense of smell disappear for a while, but not forever. Here, take them and wrap them around your feet."

".....Thank you."

"You're welcome. I need to go now. You be careful, got it?" The Ghost didn't get an answer, but he assumed Weep would listen. And with that, he climed out of the sewer and ran back to the orphanage. there wasn't much else he could do now.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ari breathed in and out trying to slow her breathing as she hid under the dumpster, her sunglasses broken on the left side, and her lower lip still feeling sore. She let her forehead rest on the cool concrete as she thought about how she managed to get into this mess to begin with.

It was late, she didn't feel like getting into any fights and she didn't feel like jumping across the old town roofs tonight, the missing morphine and the none stop flow of injured K9s that needed to be handled had completely ruined her idea for any night work she had thought of. Taking a hot shower she checked on the bullet wound in her shoulder and nodded as she approved of the way it was healing. Getting dressed in her lounge pants and a tank top she grabbed a bottle of beer from her fridge and plopped down in her favorite chair to watch a nice horror flick. Putting in Saw she rolled her eyes as the people next door to her began to make to much noise, the moans and whispers of passion making her sick to her stomach. Smirking she turned up the volume and cracked her window open so some of the traffic noise from outside could filter in. It didn't take her long to start dozing off and soon enough she was slumped over in her chair snoring lightly. It only felt like seconds til she jerked awake as one of the girls on the TV screamed alittle to loud, as she moved to turn the TV down she spun around dropping into a fighting stance as her window shattered and a man stood dressed in black, holding a machete.
"What the hell?!"
The man looked around til she guessed his eyes locked on the TV and he saw the horror movie playing. Looking at him closer she saw the mask and let some surprise rise to her face, this man was a vigilante, Weep, the men at the station spoke of him often. She watched him carefully and jumped as the radio on her nightstand the man looked towards it as he heard his name come across and slipped back out the window and started to climb the ladder. Ari cursed under her breath and began to done her proper attire til she was fully clothed, slipping on the sunglasses she sighed and climbed out of the apartment and went searching for the man, as far as she was concerned he owned her a window. A half hour later she dropped down into an alley and froze as the sound of dogs reached her ears and the thwap of helicopter blades made her run back into the shadows, he watched as policeman ran past with their dogs looking for a man they were calling Weep. She sighed and was about to climb up the side ladder of the building when a flashlight hit her.
"Your not Weep, but I think I can get something off of you, Knives."
She turned and engaged the man, taking a few hits herself, one breaking her glasses, and the other busting her bottom lip, the commotion had brought the dogs and she took to rolling in a puddle of mud and motor oil that was under the dumpster and hiding there to lay low, now she was stuck here as more and more police went by, she heaved another sigh and rolled her eyes. If she ever met this Weep person again she was gonna punch him in the jaw, he owed her a new window, and a new pair of shades, and she groaned hearing the police radio stating that a woman matching her description was seen running with Weep on the roofs earlier that night only made it worse. Now he owed her a reputation as well, not to mention the woman's hands. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]The Deputy was quite certain that the commotion was coming from a vigilante. Following a trail of broken glass and a lot of guesswork, he didn’t have much to go off of but he thought the chase must be close. Across the street he caught a glance at the vigilante Ghost jumping down a manhole. The sirens were coming closer now. It seemed they were doubling back. He didn’t feel any camaraderie between the vigilante, and he figured if ghost did anything to attract this much attention it was his own fault, never-the-less he pushed the heavy sewer cap back over the manhole. If anyone was going to put a vigilante to justice, it would be him, any cops running down that hole would ether kill him or more likely get killed themselves.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The deputy ran for it. He took his hooked lasso and latched on to a nearby balcony. He scaled two stories then opened a window that was closed but not locked, thinking to himself [and they are wondering why crime rates are so high.] the people in the house were still asleep, apparently unbothered by his entry. If they didn’t wake up when the police pass by they wont even know he was here. Hopefully it wont take too long, he really wanted to sleep tonight.[/SIZE]
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Weep found it incredibly difficult to move with the bags around his feet, but it seemed to be working. The dogs had followed his scent into the sewers, but past that, they couldn't tell which way to go. The officers gave up their chase. The sewers were a labyrinth, and without a map or a good memory, you could be lost down there for weeks. Discarding the bags into the river of filth, he climbed towards the sewer cap. He gently lifted it, finding himself in an alley.Shoving it aside, he hauled himself out of the tunnels, slid the cap back over the hole, and listened carefully. The sirens were distant. He breathed easily for a moment. He climbed a fire escape, hauling himself over the rooftop. As he looked around, he saw someone hopping roofs towards him. He recognized the figure as she got closer. The same girl he had seen in the apartment. Knives was it? He laughed and ran towards her, unsheathing the machete as he leaped onto the rooftop she was on. He pointed at her as she stopped, drawing two knives.
"You! Fleeing the scene of the crime? How disappointing."
Weep circled her as the knives dropped low in her palms. Weep recognized it as a throwing stance. and he moved the machete slightly in front of his body. His bodysuit was thick enough to block a knife, and his mask would only chip, but if a knife stuck, all she'd have to do is push it in to kill him. He circled her slowly, chuckling softly as she growled at him.
"I owe you quite a beating for what you did!"
"What I did?"
The next sentence was shouted from both Vigilantes at the same time.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]She blinked in surprise as their words echoed off the silence around them.
"You busted through my window and than ran off leading me right into a trap of freaking dogs!"
This seemed to get his attention somehow cause any movement of his body froze and she could no longer hear his breathing. He was completely silent.
"I saw you standing over a dead person in another apartment."
She frowned and looked up at him, he was still and quiet and the statement had been monotone.
"That's impossible. I was home the whole time. She began pacing back and forth. Mumbling here and there as she did. She shook he head and paced back and forth faster til she finally stopped and thew her hands into the air and thew a knife into a crack in the roof making it stick.
"Why in the seven layers of frozen hell would I kill an innocent person when I'm a vigilante myself you stupid assed fucknut!?"
Still he began chuckling softly, almost as if mocking her as she continued her pacing and than stopped putting her other blade back into its proper place and retrieving the other dong same for it as well and than turned to him.
"I'm Knives, you must be Weep, I hear the guys talk about you all the time at work. Your quite the annoyance to them"
She circled him looking him over and raised an eye brow as he continued chuckling.
"What is so funny?"
He didn't say anything but continued chuckling. She rolled her eyes and continued to look him over circling him.
"Is there something your looking for?"
The laughter was still in his voice.
"I remember the guy that came through my window pretty well. I'm seeing if there were any flaws in his appearance when it came to being you."
Normally she wasn't this curious when doing night life work but the man intrigued her greatly and she couldn't help herself by letting her daily life personality shine through some.
"Can you tell me what the person impersonating me was wearing?"
"Same as you."
She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips.
"I kinda figured but looking at me and thinking back to her, are there any differences?"
"A big one."
"She was quiet."
Knives blinked as the insult washed over her and clenched her fists.
"Your such an asshole!"
He shook his head and chuckled again, she decided she didn't like that sound, it was arrogant and annoying.
"You love pissing people off don't you?"
When she got nothing but another chuckle she rolled her eyes and sat down cross legged on the roof and put a finger to her temple as she began to think.
"The man that was acting as you was good, he hand the same machete and everything, the mask was almost perfect, maybe a shade to pal but nothing that an untrained eye would find. Other than that not much"
She tapped her chin deep in thought.
"So this all means that we're being framed for things we didn't do...but why?"
She looked up at him expectantly. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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The chuckles subsided as he tilted his head, finally sheathing the machete. He walked around her slowly, circling with slow, leisurely steps.
"Well, there's the obvious choice. We're a threat to someone. I'm more curious as to why they paired us together."
"It is an odd choice..."
"Two birds with one stone I guess. Hehehehe...now the question would be who would be threatened by Vigilantes?"
"Well there's every criminal ever. A couple reporters I guess..."
"God your annoying...and creepy."
Weep pivoted on his heel in front of her, then crouched, his mask fairly close to her face. The black mesh under the mask prevented her from seeing his eyes as he stared at her sunglasses, seeing his crying mask reflected in the surface. She pulled back a bit as he chuckled softly.
"I get that a lot. But don't be afraid. I know you're reputation, you take out the drug dealers and the junkies. I take out the rapists, the pedophiles. When you're surrounded by so much misery, so much filth...it's better to be insane then to cry, is it not? So I laugh. I laugh for those who can't. Don't be afraid of me, my dear. I don't take what isn't offered."
Weep pulled back and walked towards the edge of the building.
"Dawn's coming."
He turned as the sun broke the horizon, his mask glinting a fiery orange.
"Help me find who framed us and why. I'll find you again when I've learned something new."
"Wait a minute you-!"
Weep tapped his mask with a chuckle.
"Smile my dear. Remember to smile."
And with that, Weep threw himself over the edge. He latched onto a stone ledge, hopping from wall to wall before landing on the ground. He took off running, darting through the crowded buildings of the city.
Bates stared at the body on the morgue slab. Tony Skins, a reporter with heavy anti-vigilante ideals. The man was laying peacefully on the slab with a large cut in the side of his stomach. The doctor slid the metal ruler out of the wound, Bates shivering at the noise of metal leaving the flesh. He hated autopsies, but this one was special. Proof that the Vigilantes had killed an innocent. The doctor measured other gashes and wounds before turning to the Captain.
"Well, he was stabbed repeatedly with various bladed objects, probably the work of a knife of some sort. The large opening on his stomach fits the size and depth of a machete plunged in from behind. It was aimed upwards, into the lungs. If this poor man hadn't been dead already, I'd say his last few moments were quite agonizing."
"Dead? You mean the wounds didn't kill him?"
"No, from what I can tell by the bleeding and lack of bruises, Tony didn't put up a fight at all, nor was he alive when his corpse was mutilated. His heart was already stopped, he wasn't pumping blood, so his wounds are practically spotless."
"Well, I won't know more until the tox-screen comes back, but I did find tell tale marks of a needle puncture in his throat. He was injected while he was very much still alive. If I had to guess, I'd say the young man was injected with some kind of poison or overdosed on drugs. Skin coloration and lung tissue samples suggest that he couldn't breathe in his last few minutes, so I'd say he was probably injected heavily with heroine or even aspirin, but I won't know more until the tests come back."
Bates stared at the body before nodding and leaving the morgue quickly.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ari hissed as she shed her vigilante clothes and looked over her arms seeing the bruises she frowned. Those would be hard to explain if anyone asked. She was known for being slightly clumsy so she would just say she fell or some shit like that. It wouldn't be hard to believe. As she ran through the shower she hissed as the hot water ran over some of her smaller cuts making them sting. Getting out she towel dried her hair as she flipped on her TV and began to go through her drawers getting her clothes together. As she slipped on her undergarments and began to get her uniform on she looked over at the TV and saw that one of the men that supported the vigilantes was making a speech to do just that. She blinked a few times as she pulled her shirt over her arms and began to button it up, glancing out her window she saw her neighbor looking at her threw her broken window as she walked past it in her uniform shirt and underwear and rolled her eyes closing her blinds even though there was no glass in the window. She donned her pants, grabbed her keys and headed out the door to her work stopping to get a double shot espresso on her way. She'd look more into the vigilante support meeting later on in the day. Til than she would sip on her caffeine and try her hardest not to fall asleep during work. Letting out a yawn as she entered her office she realized that it seemed as if that was going to be more difficult to achieve than she first thought. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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