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Anime Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini


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[SIZE=1]Well I just finished the last episode and much to my chagrin I realised we had no thread on OB to discuss this series of Darker than Black. Obviously as the series has finished I suppose a spoiler warning will be in effect throughout just to warn people before they dive in here.

I have to admit the biggest surprise for me was realising episode 12 was actually the final episode :animeswea, although that's probably my own fault for not keeping track of how long the series was going to be and I had assumed it was to be the same length as Kuro no Keiyakusha. I suppose now it's going to be another two years before we get the third season of Darker than Black which will probably tie up even fewer questions from the previous two series.

Overall I have to admit I really enjoyed Ryuusei, starting out I was a tad worried that everything had effectively been dropped from the previous series and we were going to end up focusing on a completely different Contractor. True Suou and her journey were the main story but I never felt Hei was out of the picture or underused in the series, although the ending did leave us wondering yet again what's to happen between himself and Yin. July was a nice touch to the series as well, similar but not the same as Yin in the previous series, his evolution tied well into Suou's.

Anyone else's thoughts/opinions ?
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Overall, I liked the series, too, although I think the ending is a bit underwhelming and leaves a ton of things wide open and unresolved, much like the ending to the first season. There are still OVAs to come, I believe, but I doubt they will go into much more than the background behind [spoiler]Yin's crazy power up[/spoiler]. I also didn't really like how the whole [spoiler]experiment plot twist[/spoiler] kind of devalues Suou's journey with Hei. But I guess she comes out on top in the end since [spoiler]she gets her own world with her family and July, while the rest of humanity is stuck on Earth, haha.[/spoiler]

Plot grievances aside, though, this second season has a lot of what made the first season so good -- the fights are awesome, the Contractors are interesting and Misaki totally has the hots for ol' BK201. A combination for awesome.
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