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Series you never thought you'd love but wound up loving anyway.

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MegaMan NT Warrior....lol. Ended up getting obsessed with it. My brother and I would both pretend like we thought it was dumb, but then one day my brother was imitating a commercial and was like "wanna watch MegaMan" me: "yeah" *is sheepish*. Yeaaah, so ended up loving that one, and never expecting it to happen either!

The majority of animes I'm really into, ie Chrono Crusade, Nagi no Asukara: are ones I found randomly while searching for something to watch xD.

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Ever come across an anime/manga that was so far away from your usual sphere of interests that you wound up enjoying anyway?  I've come across a few of these in my time.  Here's a short list: [b]Sp

Whenever I plug in a charger I always say "Jack in! Power up!" if a friend is around.

Ga ha ha, that's awesome XD. My friends and I used to LARP MegaMan, pretending to be net navis and having net battles, especially in the pool X3. Good times ^^. I miss when MegaMan used to air on kid

Heh, I know where you are coming from. I would chop the water to make a 'ice wall' that was supposed to block attacks. I am more fond of us playing Sonic & Knuckles with him. We would run around collecting Chaos Emeralds that looked a lot like marbles, and dramatically fight Dr Robotnic and his horde of machines.
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