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RPG pokemon jurney league(sign up)


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ok you have to follow these rules

you must have only one pokemon to start off with no evolved forms exept from ones that have baby forms exept for togepie
and it can not be moltres zapdose or ony big legendary birds dogs or even ayrodactle no no no it has to be like pidgey,pikachu, totadile,and so on.....no super strong big pokemon to start off with like ayrodactyl and snorlax...and no levels no " ohh your at level 5 lets get that level higher" you must start out at a pokemon lab with the professer getting your FIRST NOT TO STRONG POKEMON

so you sign up like this:

other(like specil features like richies pokemon ,sparkys, hair on the tv show):
professer: (oak elm ivy or make up your oun)
color pokedex:

heres mine

name: roswell (my pearents are strange)
pokemon: eevee
gender: female
type: normal
color:dark brown (darker then normal)
other: has a black stripe on the end of her tail
professor: professor element ( her parents were strange too)
colorpokedex: orange not red

so please join i think i am getting into to many rpgs but hay a few i am in are dying some are not to interesting and hay i wanted to start my own so here it is
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Guest QuickSilver
name: seifer
pokemon: larvita
gender: male
type: ground/ dark
nickname: rocky
colour: green and red
other: a darker in colour than other lavitars
professer: oak
pokedex: black
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