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Return of the King!

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[font="Century Gothic"]It's been quite some time since I was last on the boards. Took a good 10 minutes of brainstorming to figure out what my password was. I suppose credit should go to Shy for that, as we were conversing when I had the epiphany. Anyway, I missed everyone that I knew and a hello to everyone that joined up since my absence. <3[/font]
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[color="#006400"]I've been pseudo back off and on for a while now â?? mostly lurking â?? but glad you took notice.

You can also find a handful of oldbies down in the "Anyone here from 2001-ish?" thread, though many posts go way back, lol.

Then you have people like Desbreko, Shy and Gavin who apparently have 100 years of servitude before facing their final judgment.[/color]
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I didn't realize that Piro gave King Kamakazi(sic)'s Throne away. Granted, you took it without asking in the first place, but I mean, really? Is the ALL CAPS legacy, ambiguously referenced age, and perhaps Gokunine hero status really become so devalued that people are just passing it off like some cheap trinket now?

I'll have you know, one cannot simply misspell their moniker and magically [i]become[/i] the king. Something which, curiously, this pretender has not even done! What are the Boards coming to, then?

My crown was ordained from On High, damn you! By the All-Bailiwicked One James--peace be upon him--Him-smurfing-self!

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