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Cursed of the Bloodlines Look...


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Hiya there artists, mostly cAns cause he only responded last time, but I would like some help adding some cool text to this photo for my first RPG. The title would be obvious, the title of the RPG which is "Curse of the Bloodline". I was thinking white scripture text to go with the velvet red bloody background, but if you have any other thoughts/ideas please feel free to be creative. thanks a bunch! I'm hoping to launch this new rpg before the weekend :D. The picture is below, hope to get some assistance from some great people!

~Mage Edited by Mage17
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Well, text isn't that hard for me so I did a bunch of them.
Hopefully one of the four will be what you are looking for.




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[quote name='Mage17' timestamp='1306946710' post='707757']
though 2 an 3 look like text titles from the castlvania games, haha. Thanks a lot for the modification :-D
Close, but not quite.... Mine are fancier. q: Edited by SiCk CaNz
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