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So dissapointing........


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Anyone see DB on Toonami today? They used Gohan's kid voice for Goku!!! And Garlic Jr.'s for Pilaf!!!!! Arrrrrrrgggggg!!! They also used Tiffany Volmer for Bulma, but I thought that was okay. Honestly though, why can't they get new ppl for the voices, or bring the old ones back? I have the first 13 episodes of DB and the voices were different and I thought pretty good. I just don't like hearing another character's voice coming out of someone else's mouth. In the Bardock Father of Goku special you can hear that the voice of Piccolo is coming out of Nappa's mouth, and when they are sending chibi Goku out, we hear Android 17's voice. In some of the DB movies they even used Dende's voice for Goku. Does this bug anyone else? But, I am glad they didn't use the pathetic digital undies in the scene where Goku catches the fish, those were pretty bad *lol*, but they did edit alot, as probably everyone guessed. Oh well, it's a shame Toonami can't show DB or DBZ uncut, but at least they show it. You can rate Toonami's DB version of the first episode in the poll. That's all for now, adios!:D
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