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45 Years of Star Trek


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This week on September 8, the "Star Trek" franchise turned 45. Yes, this legendary sci-fi-genred media franchise is now 45 years old and up to date, it consists of 6 T.V. series (5 live-action and 1 animated) and 11 theatrical movies (with a 12th one currently under construction), and has over the years spanned countless novels, comic books, video games, rpgs, etc.

Anyway, as we celebrate 45 years of one of America's most well-known examples of science-fiction, everybody here is welcome to discuss his/her "Star Trek" memories, whether it's about favorite moments from the ST T.V. series and films, merchandise collecting, trying out "Star Trek" gaming, meeting actors and staff who contributed to "Star Trek", Star Trek-themed activities at festivals/conventions, "Star Trek" cosplay, etc.
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