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Left 4 Dead: The Damned

Inuyasha Fandom

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Kris took a deep breath, knowing full well it might just be his last. With all of the things he'd already seen just getting near the school, he knew that there was little chance he'd make it to see another day. But that didn't mean he had to just sit down and just give up. The various safe rooms he'd had to duck into had helped with that, though nothing had helped with the lack of body armor. A simple work uniform for a hotel just wouldn't cut it against a horde.

The neiborhood the school was located in consisted simply of homes, a gas station across the street from the school grounds on the corner, the school bus depot, and the school itself. The school itself consisted of several linked buildings of various ages, as the school hadn't been built all at once. It was lit up with many of the classrooms having their lights on. He was lying under an abandoned truck, watching for movement. With his slight frame, it was easy. He watched with baited breath the windows of the school. There was some movement, though it was slow and awkward, with many bloody hand prints and vomit splatter scattered along the windows and some of the outside walls. Occasionally, the figures would simply slump down or vomit like crazy. There weren't many of them, but enough to easily overwhelm him if he wasn't careful. And being cautious was the way to go if he wanted to live. Seeing nothing moving out on the street, he looked to the school again. The front doors were broken down, their metal frames bent and the glass shattered. Just inside he could see the flickering of the overhead lights, but no Infected. He had a decision to make. He'd never attended the school, so he had no idea of what it's layout was. It appeared to be a three story structure, with the entrance narrow between two of the school's buildings. Through the narrow windows to the left of the entrance he could see was the commons area, where students spent their time after eating lunch. Above that, from what his friends still attending the school had told him was the library. On the right was the newest building, Building E which contained the auditorium. Just on the other side of that building, was one of the school's gymnasiums, this one reserved for the boys and any basketball games he'd attended. From the entrance way he knew there was a rather long hallway passing by an atrium, the entrance into the commons, and then to a perpendicular hall with the school cafeteria at the end of the hall from the entrance. To head left was to go further into the school, passing by the office, the dean's office, and the school nurse's office; to go right was to go into the boy's gym. Other than that, however, he had no idea how to get to the roof of the school, where the helicopter was landing. Thanking his lucky stars for there being no Infected nearby the front entrance as well as thee front doors being broken down so there would be no alarm, he slid out from under the truck and ran into the school. Once inside, he immediately ducked down in front of the windows into the common area and readied his shotgun, watching every angle he could. Peeking around, he could see no Infected in the commons. A bright orange and blue Native-American with a red feather loomed down at him, quietly passing its judgement. Below the school's emblem, was the word 'Raiders.' Sadly, it was far too appropriate for how the school must have been overrun.

Down the winding hallway he could see a trail of blood, smeared across the ground. At the end, though he couldn't see it, he had a disturbing knowledge of there lying a destroyed human being. His stomach churned at the thought. Taking a deep breath and praying to any god that would listen, he slowly stood up and edged his way around the curve of the hall. The atrium was in plain sight, and the glass leading into it broken. There was the body he has expected to see, that of a young girl. [i]I'm so sorry..[/i] he thought to her, and made his way cautiously down the rest of the hall to the intersection. Peeking toward the offices of the school staff in what was Building B, he could see no Infected but he could see plenty of blood and three butchered bodies. But what bothered him more than that was how clear it had been so far. Either something was looking out for him, or that something was about to be a real *****.

Looking around, he could see no obvious ways to the roof of the school though he did see an elevator for the school's disabled students. But, was there an alarm for the elevator if it was forced open? He could see it needed some kind of key to get inside, the elevator wasn't that far off. Creeping up to it, he looked into the office to see if he could spot a key. Unfortunately, there was something else. A single Infected. And it saw him. It came racing across the office, upturning desks and beginning to pound on the double plate windows. Cracks began to form as Kris backed away, unable to see any way out. Grabbing a fire extinguisher from the wall, he raised it to smack the offending Infected as soon as it broke through the glass. The sounds of gunshots would alert any other Infected nearby, and he most certainly didn't want that. The tell-tale shattering of the office glass brought the Infected to him, and he violently whacked the fire extinguisher in the head as hard as he could. With a sound rather similar to the squish of walking around in wet shoes, it slumped down and ceased to move. His hands shaking, he turned away from the dead body and walked to the elevator, rasping in shallow breaths.

He'd had to kill it... or he'd have been dead. He'd seen what those things do to people... at least those uninfected by the virus. Logically, they just weren't human anymore... just monsters from the worst of zombie flicks. Except these were much faster. And much, much more violent.

Looking around for anything he could possibly use, he saw a janitor's closet just down the hallway. Something in there maybe? Trudging across blood and gore, he found what he needed in the closet. A crowbar. Moving quickly, he grabbed a chair and then went back to the elevator. He jammed it between the doors and pried them apart just enough to get through before they shut again. Looking up, he could see that there was a hatch for him to get out of and possibly to the roof. Jamming the crowbar back in between the doors for anyone else who had the same idea as him, he quickly placed the chair under the hatch and used his shotgun to beat it open. After placing it back into his backpack, he jumped up and grabbed onto the sides of the hatch. Pulling himself up was another matter entirely, as it took a lot of effort on his behalf. [i]Thank God for the gym in the basement...[/i]

Once on top of the elevator car, he grabbed onto the cable that raised and lowered it, though he couldn't see in the dark elevator shaft. Climbing up to the top, he could see that the third floor doors were ajar, dented in by someone -or something. Pausing for a quick moment, he took the time to listen to what was going on. Something... was gurgling. Swinging over to the dented doors, he peered through the gap and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw nothing waiting for him. From somewhere nearby, he saw a massive puddle of greenish ooze, with the bottom half of a massively obese person lying in it. A Boomer. A horrible stench wafted from it, and Kris had to struggle to keep down what little he had eaten that day.

"Oh god... I think I'm going to be sick..." As one would expect, he quickly ran from the stinking corpse and its goo. Moving down the hall back towards the boys gym, he believed he might be able to get to the roof from the auditorium judging from what he had heard from his friends. Finding the auditorium, he discovered that there was indeed a small staircase from the booth leading up to the roof. Smiling and almost giddy, he climbed up and opened the hatch cover...

To find it completely deserted. The helicopter had already left.

Edited OOC: Alright, it's up to you to find your way to to the roof of the high school. Once you find Kris, he's sitting there sobbing. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Anna could hardly believe what was going on around her. The flu that seemed so contagious hadn't affected her, not in the slightest. She could only assume as such because of how rapidly it turned people from healthy, normal human beings into frighteningly violent monsters. She was hesitant to call this a 'zombie apocalypse' as these monsters weren't undead or slow and shambling like in the movies and various video games. This was however completely unreal. Leaning against a brick wall, she contemplated what humanity might have done to deserve this. Was it a biblical plague, punishment from God? Or manufactured somewhere and accidentally released? Who knew at this point. Sighing, she shrugged off her thoughts. There wasn't a point to it.

She shifted along the wall of the building, careful as to not make any noise. It was surprisingly easy in heels. Her skirt had been rather formfitting, but she had ripped a considerable tear in it for her to better move. Not being able to do so might have been her end. Her pretty button-down white blouse was still tucked into the remains of her skirt, though she had long since accidentally ripped a large tear in the seam on her right shoulder. Sighing deeply, she looked to the school.

She'd attended the school having lived here in Newport all her life. She knew the school layout well, though she had attended the school well before the addition of the auditorium. In the A Building, the oldest part of the school, there was still a roof access in the farthest corner from where she stood now. The rather steep hill behind the school looked safe enough, though with the Infected wandering around completely at random she couldn't be sure. Her vantage point wasn't the best as it left her more or less open, though she could see the girl's gym roof from where she was in the student parking lot. In fact, she had a good view of much of the school's roof. The many abandoned cars were pretty good cover, unlike the main street running in front of the boy's gym and auditorium which had next to no vehicles on it. The other side hosted homes running along the road on the boulevard with the school's main entrance; the one with the commons area next to it. From here, she could see a rooftop access stairwell outside of the cafeteria, but there was one of the cafeteria ladies as well as one of the gym teachers that had been her own teacher standing there, puking up what looked to be human flesh, not yesterday's lasagna. The cafeteria lady finished her business and proceeded to wander around the side of the school. There was nothing to attack for the two Infected, so the woman just aimlessly staggered away. However, the gym teacher seemed content to simply sway back and forth on its feet, oblivious to anything else.

Readying her AK-47 lifted from a safe house along with some ammunition from another, she prepared herself for a mad dash across the parking lot and the two lane road, and then across the staff parking lot to make matters even worse. The lunch lady unaware, and the gym teacher there in front of the stairs might not be too much to deal with. But, up the road and in the woods she knew there had to be more Infected. But what with her vision into the woods obscured she couldn't see any, though the road and more distantly in the staff parking lot yielded the sight of five.There was only one way to find out, and she really wasn't willing to stick around to see. Looking around the various cars, she looked to see if any of them had car alarms. She'd seen how many of the Infected swarmed someone foolish enough to do so. Three of them visibly did, though she couldn't tell just how many more there could be. Not all car alarms were able to be discerned from sight alone. And, judging from the neatly parked cars, these had all been here before the school had been overrun. Or maybe school had been in session.

[i]Dear God, I hope not.[/i]

Drifting between the cars and careful to avoid those alarmed, she looked through the windows of a Caddilac parked at the edge of the lot. The gym teacher suddenly slumped over and lied upon the pavement. There was no further movement from her, it appeared that she had died. Dashing out out from the meager protection of the cars, she barreled across the street and up the red painted stairs. Now that she was on the roof here, she just needed to wait. She could see a figure wearing... a uniform? and it seemed to be slumped down and sobbing. However, she had to get to him to talk to him without attracting the nearby infected.There were some breezeways for her to climb across, though her clattering around across them might be more trouble than it was worth. But what choice did she have at the moment? She assumed the chopper would be landing there where the figure was, so she had to get there where the figure was.

It struck her as odd that the roof was so empty of normal people, though perhaps they had simply fled the area rather than become one of the Infected. Sighing, she walked over to the edge of the building, and placed one hand on the cement lining the edge. It was going to be tough to get across the smooth sheet metal of the obviously recent and still unfinished addition to the school, though worth it if she was going to be saved. So down she went with a resounding metallic boom. She froze, dropping to her knees, gun at the ready. She heard several screeches from inside the school somewhere, and the dull thuds of running footsteps. Anna's heart stopped as she listened intently to the Infected go clattering about the school, and she remained where she was until she could no longer hear it. Letting out a sigh of relief, she picked herself up and maneuvered over to the other side. She jumped as high as she could, just barely grasping the edge. Her shoes were too slick to be able to get a foothold, and so she just hung there, so close and yet so far from her goal.

"Need some help?" came a voice, cracking and rather young. Looking up, it was the figure she had seen earlier. It was a boy who was maybe just a few years younger than her, and his eyes were red and swollen from crying. He was wearing a Holiday Inn uniform, like she had seen, the emblem of the hotel sewn into the buttoned shirt. He grasped her wrists with both hands and helped her up. "The name's Kristopher. Kristopher Fuller. You can call me Kris. I'm amazed there's someone else who hasn't gone crazy. I haven't seen anyone for days who isn't."

"I'm Anna-"

"Neilson. I've seen you on the news, when I watch it. I never thought I'd actually meet you."

"I wish it was under better circumstances. Pleased to meet you."

"Me, too. At there's someone else to maybe better our chances of survival."

Confused, Anna looked him over. "What do you mean? The helicopter is coming, isn't it?"

"No. The helicopter is already gone."

OOC: Inu, am I to assume this is our high school? I'm sorry to assume so, though the description you gave was just too familiar.
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Kris walked over to the rooftop's edge, peering down over the street. How often he had driven down this street, and parked caddy-corner from the school itself. A friend of his had lived at the house there, though she'd long since moved away. He could only hope she'd made it out of the city before the Infection had hit. Taking his cellular phone from his pocket, he flipped the Sony Ericson open and gazed at it. The power was at about halfway, though he'd long since lost all signal. Turning it off, he turned back to the news reporter. She'd long stopped sobbing quietly into her knees, and now was sitting up in the fetal position. She seemed to just lie her head upon her knees and remain quiet.

"Anna... I'm sorry. I.. I don't know what to say."

"There's nothing for you to apologize for." came her sullen reply. "You didn't take off with the only way out of this nightmare."

Panning the view from where he stood, he could see the few Infected milling about the roads and nearby buildings. The flower shop down the street had collapsed into a pile of blackened and charred rubble. Other than that, there seemed to be no immediate signs of distress in the nearby buildings. He knew that to get out of here they would have to travel on foot almost ten miles to the next evacuation point atop one of the cities' major skyline aspects, two buildings resembling the twin towers that had fallen in a terrorist attack a few years ago, albeit on a smaller scale. Sighing he opened his backpack and looked inside. He hoped he had enough ammo and pipe bombs to at least get to the Towers Place, though with this woman and hopefully any other stragglers showing up he might have a better chance at making it.

"Anna, we might be to get evacuated after all, though we'll have to move. I know that Towers Place is an evacuation point now, and we might be able to make it together."

Looking up at him, Anna smiled sadly. "That sounds all well and good, but have you seen what those... those[i] things [/i]can do? We could get swarmed by those things... or worse."

"Worse? You mean the Tank? Or the Witch? There's more, but I'd rather not jinx us and maybe come across them." Looking at the reporter, he could see that she was thinking of things she had seen. He began to tell her about the various Special Infected, and their various mutations. She listened intently to him, and finally asked, "How do you know all this?"

"It's what apparently others like us, other survivors are calling them."

"I see... I guess it's a good thing we met up then... I didn't know there were so many kinds."

"Well now you know. Tell me, what all do you have for weapons? You might want one of these." Pulling out one of his pipe bombs and a lighter he handed them to her and she looked at them, realizing what they were. "Those will provide enough of a distraction to get by massive hordes of the infected..."
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"Massive mobs of the Infected. Unfortunately, while we do have superior firepower, they can still overwhelm us. These pipe bombs can help us out by distracting them and taking a few of them out."

Anna smiled, tucking a pipe bomb into her purse. "Well, I think we'll be alright as long as we're faster than they are." Looking down at the glinting metal object, Anna shook her head. "I almost feel sorry for these poor bastards."

"You should. I'm sure they didn't plan on their lives ending like this. I'm not going to pretend to have seen everything these suckers have to offer. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to survive." Kris looked down to the reporter, and held out his hand to help her up. "I just can't do it alone. Will you come with me?"

"Definitely. So, off we go?" She took his hand, and he pulled her up to her feet.

"Let's get moving."

OOC: Sorry it's so short and been so long, Inu. I don't have a clue about where you want this headed.
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Kris sighed. "Let's get moving."

Anna pointed to the fire escape, saying, "That was how I got up here. But, with the cafeteria workers hanging around... I don't think we should take that way. I know there's a few other fire escapes, but I don't know how to get to them from here."

"We could go the way I came, but that would mean heading through the school."

At that instant, the hotel clerk heard an ear piercing shriek, coming from beneath the two on the roof. Locking eyes, they nodded and went racing for the nearby hatch into the auditorium.

"Oh my god! Micheal! They're ripping-" Another scream, and then all that could be heard was the growls and screams of the Infected. Stopping short of opening the doors into the school from the auditorium, Kris peered through the glass window, to see only a broken door and a pool of blood spreading from the doorway into the hall. Grimancing and looking down, he choked in a breath. "It's too late for them now... Damn it." Anna looked horrified, and nodded, understanding. "Where to now?"

"I know that we head down this hallway and leads down to the elevator which then we can get to the first floor, but I also know that we might be able to climb down the first floor from here. The auditorium booth should have some rope or cables or something." Anna pointed out. "At least, that's how it was when I attended school here."

"Well, it beats trying to get by those things... Alright, let's do it."

Moving back up to the booth, the two salvaged some cables, and by repeatedly tying them up to one another by the ends, they were able to make a kind of makeshift wire ladder to get to the floor of the auditorium.

"I wish I had gone to the boy scouts." Kris said, tying it off to the balcony railing. "Maybe then I wouldn't be worried about falling to my death from up here."

"Let's hope that it holds then." Anna quipped, smiling. "If it doesn't, then we're both dead."

"That's so reassuring." he retorted, his sarcasm dripping from the words. Throwing the man-made rope over the railing, Kris smiled when it held despite being so heavy itself. "Well... Normally, it's ladies first, but in this case maybe I should."

"And why is that?" Anna asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Because I'm a gentleman. And I might be able to catch you if you fall." Grasping the cables, Kris propelled himself down, and made it to the floor. Looking around, with gun at the ready, he could see nothing that might attack him. There were several bodies lying on the stage near the far wall, blood spattered and pooled everywhere on the wood comprising the floor of the stage. An exit sign glowed dimly, and Kris sighed. So close, but so Far. That exit had to let out on the opposite side of the school, away from where they wanted to go. Anna then took her turn trying to get down, leaving Kris not exactly happy about having to look up her skirt to make sure she didn't fall. After getting down, they made their way out of the auditorium and cautiously made their way down the hall. The atrium was wide open, nearly all of the glass lied shattered and in pools of blood. However, there were no bodies. Either they had gotten up and walked away, or they had been dragged away. Either way, it didn't look good.

The halls of the school were eerily quiet, and there were no signs of movement. Quickly and quietly, the two made their way to the entrance of the school, and then darted across the street and then down to crouch behind the gas station, away from the main road. The large plate glass window was shattered, and there were small traces of blood on what remained of the glass. Looking inside, the sight of a gruesome slaughter sent Kris's stomach churning. Six people lied in a pool of blood and gore, they having been torn to shreds. The inside was a disaster, but the majority of the products were intact. And that was a good thing, even though there wasn't much of use other than food. With the power still on, the refridgerated goods were still of use. But, there were pain pills and other such stuff in there, too.

"Anna, think you can carry some pain pills? I could use a soda, and we might be better off moving through the store to get some supplies we might need."

"Yes, I can carry some pills. Let's get in there and get out of here."

Crouching down, Kris and Anna moved to enter the building, but Kris stopped when he heard noises.

"Someone's crying..." Anna commented, looking through the shattered window. "Someone's still alive..."

Kris nodded. "Yeah. Maybe we'll have someone else to tag along with us... that would help our chances of survival." Pushing open the door into the gas station, he listened to figure out where the sounds of the crying were coming from.
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Anna peered cautiously into the gas station. The door on the other side of the station lied in ruins, but other than the crying, there was no sign of activity.

"Kris? Is it weird that with all this carnage, there's still someone here?"

"You're right." Kris's brow furrowed, as if unsure of what to do. "I can't just leave if someone is still here and alive."

Readying his shotgun, Kris lead the way into the gas station, treading lightly over the bodies of the deceased and through their blood. Anna followed him closely, her own AK pointed forward and ready to point and spray.

Looking around, Anna listened closely to the sounds of the crying. It was a young woman, judging from her voice. Looking around, Anna could only guess the sounds were coming from the women's restroom.

"Hello? We're here to help... It's okay, you can come out of there."

Pushing the door open, it came to her as strange that the lights were off. The sounds of the girl crying were louder; Anna had guessed right. "Hello? Miss? Are you okay?" As Anna opened the door, she could see that the bathroom was rather sizeable, with several stalls and a few sinks. Along the back wall, she could see a figure crouched down, sobbing into its hands. "Miss?"

Finally aware of Anna, the girl stopped sobbing and slowly began to stand, her sobs now growls.

Kris suddenly grabbed Anna and pulled her out of the bathroom, as the girl screamed out, her voice shrill and angry. Slamming the door shut, the girl continued to scream and threw herself against the door. The metal door shook with the force of her blows. and she was relentless.

"What the hell is that?" Anna cried, slipping on the slick floor.

"A witch! Shoot through the door or she'll kill us!" Kris cried, and began to blast at the door. Picking up her own gun from the floor next to her, she did the same. The door was soon riddled with holes, and the witch was attempting to claw her way through. Eventually, she let out a blood curdling death screech, and fell to the ground.

"Anna! Quickly! We have to get out of here. Sounds attract those things!" Grabbing her arm and hoisting her up, he began to drag her away, and they ran as fast as they could. Down the street they ran, looking for anywhere to hide out until the commotion died down. All around them, they could hear the Infected, screaming in agitation from the sounds of gunfire and other Infected.

"They're easily provoked..." Kris panted. "There! That bakery! The window's broken!" Kris pointed ahead of them, and they ran as fast as they could, hopping through the broken plate glass window. They dodged between the tables of the dining area, heading for the back. The frenzied sprinting footsteps of the Infected were at their heels, screaming for their deaths. "Move it Anna!"

Anna sprinted at the doors leading into the kitchen, and she kicked them open, sending the doors banging into the walls. Quickly, she moved to the back door, and flipped the handle down to open it into the alleyway and woods behind it. "Where to?!" She cried.

"Left! There's a hotel just a block away! There's a safehouse upstairs!" The two high tailed it, shooting at the Infected that came at them from the front. The bullets sprayed out, and the Infected just kept coming. The hotel came into sight, and sure enough, there was one of the reinforced doors instead of a normal door on the entrance into the hotel. Edited by ExcelExcel
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