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What It Means To Be Human


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[left][left][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="5"]What It Means To Be Human[/size][/font][/center][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]
There is an afterlife. In this world, when a spirit dies it is visited by a pyschopomp, a figure robed in black-- a Shinigami. These Shinigami are powerful spirits who have come back from the afterlife to guide the newly deceased, called a Plus. If the Plus was evil in its life, the Shinigami condemns the spirit to an eternity of torture in Hell. But if a Plus was good and just in its lifetime, then the Shinigami escorts the Plus to the Soul Society; a massive city where thousands of souls live without hunger and with extreme longevity. If a soul does feel hunger, even that is a good sign-- only souls with powerful spirit energy can feel hunger, and thusly will most likely become Shinigami. When these souls, Shinigami or not, die, they are reborn as new people in the human world. This is the cycle of life. But in this grand scheme, itâ??s easy to overlook the importance of life on Earth. The importance of being human...

[/size][/font][/left][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]*****[/size][/font][/center][left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]
[b]â??Stop running!â?[/b]

The fleeing man streaked away from his pursuer without looking back. The man grimaced and reflexively grabbed the cross around his neck.

[b]â??Cross of Scaffold,â?[/b] he muttered. The cross immediately erupted with crackling, expanding reiatsu, manifested spirit energy. He ripped the item from his neck as the energy equalized into the form of a peculiar claymore. The handle of the sword ran through the guard and continued into a hollow space at the base of the blade. He gripped the handle below the hilt with his left hand and above the hilt with his right and then jumped and spun in the air. As his body rotated, a large triangle of his reiatsu formed around his blade. Right as his body was facing the direction he had come from, his pursuers came into view. I hate those ******* white robes, he thought.

[b]â??Raaagh!â?[/b] He swung the blade in a powerful arc, and the energy erupted off of of his blade and flooded down the alleyway. Before his enemies could react the energy slammed into their chests and incinerated them. The man landed on the ground and scoffed.

[b]â??What a waste of a day this has been so far,â?[/b] he muttered under his breath, and then turned around to continue running. Unfortunately, there was another obstacle in his path--this time, an annoying teammate. She was shorter than him-- 5â??5â??â?? to his 6â??1â??â??-- and slender, with magenta hair parted into two ponytails. She was moderately attractive, or at least she would be if she wasnâ??t so ******* annoying...

[b]â??Ginjo,â?[/b] she screamed into the manâ??s face, [b]â??why did you leave me back there! I could have been killed you jerk!â?[/b] Ginjo rolled his eyes and pushed his ally out of the way.

[b]â??You lived didnâ??t you, Riruka? And try not to be so loud, youâ??ll give us away,â?[/b] he said without looking at her. Riruka opened her mouth to respond, but Ginjo simply shrugged her off and continued running away from her, using his â??bringer lightâ?? ability to launch himself into the air and further the distance between them. He smiled as the air whipped against his face and Rirukaâ??s nagging voice faded into the background. Once upon a time he had thought that the â??bringer lightâ?? and other abilities relating to his status as a â??fullbringerâ?? were a curse. What else would any sane person think of abilities that they gained from being attacked by monsters? But over time he had come to appreciate and even grow fond of his ability. Now he wore the title proudly, and adamantly struggled against those who sought to kill him and his comrades for their association with those monsters-- the Hollows.

Ginjo touched down on a rooftop and surveyed the area while continuing to think on his situation. Indeed, the Hollows were what had led him into his current predicament. Despite currently being engaged in an all out war with Qunicy, a group of arrow-wielding, anti-hollow fanatics, it was still his duty to perform his Substitute Shinigami responsibilities, which included hunting down Hollows. He had only seen a Shinigami once in his life, and even then only long enough for the Shinigami to elect Ginjo as a Substitute. Since, Ginjo had been tasked with eliminating the Hollow, as well as stopping the â??Quincy.â?? At first he had been confused by the manâ??s words but now, after having encountered the Quincy time and time again, he understood perfectly.

[b]â??Ginjo! Beneath you!â?[/b] interrupted Rirukaâ??s voice from behind him. Ginjo looked down and grinned, gripping his blade tightly.

[b]â??Well would you look at that...â?[/b] he muttered, pleasantly surprised. The Hollow he was looking for, a not-even menos class, was currently engaged in battle with a young man, the second matter Ginjo had come to examine. With war against the Quincy coming ever closer, one of his new responsibilities was to gather together other Fullbringers like himself for the purpose of protecting them from the wrath of the Quincy, as well as adding them to his ranks. When he felt the reiryoku, or spiritual power, of the Hollow, he had felt another as well, one clearly identifiable as belonging to a Fullbringer. When a Fullbringerâ??s ability first manifests it is extremely unstable, and thus their reiryoku fluctuates wildly. But this personâ??s particularly reiryoku was phenomenal, so that even miles away it felt as if that personâ??s energy was washing over him and the other Fullbringers. But there was no way that Ginjo could have predicted this...

A Fullbringer who looked like a Shinigami.

[b]â??Hey carrot top! Need a hand?â?[/b] Without waiting for the teenager to respond, Ginjo jumped off of the roof and raised his sword over his head. His reiatsu coated the blade again as he descended, and he swung his weapon down onto the head of the Hollow. Using the force of his fall he dragged his blade through the Hollowâ??s body, halving it. The Hollow erupted into smoke which flooded the whole street. When the smoke cleared, only Ginjo and the orange-haired boy were left. Ginjo reduced his weapon to necklace size and turned to face the young man.

[b]â??You got a name, carrot top?â?[/b] he said with a smile, simultaneously examining the boy. He was a bit shorter than Ginjo, standing at 5â??11â??â??, but was surprisingly muscular for a teenager. From what Ginjo had seen of the boyâ??s fight with the Hollow, as well as the markings on the boyâ??s fists and body, Ginjo guessed that he had been involved in a number of fights. Despite the fight having ended, the boyâ??s Fullbring was still active. Ginjo recognized it immediately as a clad-type Fullbring, one that covers the body and functions as both an armor and a weapon. This Fullbring manifested itself as a Shihakushō, the standard garb for Shinigami. If this was the manfiestation of the boyâ??s powers... Then there was a good chance that--

[b]â??Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki. What the hell was that just now? And what the hell am I wearing? And how the hell did you do that?!â?[/b] the boy exploded. But Ginjo was barely listening. He simply stared on in awe as the boyâ??s name rung in his ears. Ichigo Kurosaki. Kurosaki. Ginjo inhaled heavily and gripped his forehead, attempting to calm himself down. [i]Scratch what I said earlier. This is turning out to be a great day...[/i]

[b]â??Itâ??s a pleasure,â?[/b] he finally responded, having collected himself.[b] â??My name is Kugo Ginjo. That thing was a Hollow, and we are Fullbringers. I know that doesnâ??t exactly answer your question, but believe me when I say, youâ??re going to want to come with me. You need me now as much as we are going to need you...â?[/b]

Something mysterious has happened in Soul Society. A great calamity has kept the Shinigami from Earth for years, resulting in the Quincy Massacre never occurring. As such, the Quincy have been mercilessly hunting down Hollows and all things related to them, which has placed them into direct conflict with the newly awakened Fullbringers, whose powers derive from exposure to Hollow energy. The Quincy believed that they would easily destroy their weaker, inexperienced rivals. However, their assault was deftly halted by the appearance of two extremely powerful Fullbringers-- Shūkurō Tsukishima, who possessed a blade that could cut through any material, as well as other unknown abilities, and Kūgo Ginjō, whose spiritual power was unlike anything they had ever seen before. With the introduction of these two players the Fullbringers grew in power and numbers and became a substantial force. With both sides having recruited new members, all out war is upon Karakura town. Which side will you join?

Welcome to What It Means To Be Human, an rp brought to you by Vongola and Tulas Shorn. Youâ??ll be creating your own Fullbringer or Quincy to fight it out in a war between humans. But that is only the beginning. The Quincy were meant to be eliminated for a reason. By killing Hollows they are unbalancing the scale between Soul Society and Earth, an issue that the Shinigami feared greatly. They claimed it would be the end of the world. And without the Shinigami's timely intervention, youâ??re about to see the fruition of this trouble. In addition, rarely ever do the problems in Soul Society or on Earth stay in their respective realms. Matter of fact, itâ??s only a matter of time before the trouble in Soul Society and the war on Earth begin to spill into each other. What danger is waiting in Soul Society? Fight on and find out!

[b]Name[/b]: Seeing as this takes place in Japan, your name will probably, though not necessarily, be Japanese.
[b]Age:[/b] Any age is fine
[b]Powers:[/b] What Quincy abilities do you have access to? Is your Fullbring fully developed? How good are you with hirenyaku or bringer light? Let us know.
[b]Bio:[/b] Inform us about your life prior to discovering your powers
[b]Writing Sample:[/b] How did you get recruited into the war? Were you saved by a Fullbringer/Quincy? Or did you access your abilities on your own and seek them out
[b]Arrancar/Shinigami?[/b]: This wonâ??t play into the story for quite a while, but choose wisely nonetheless.

If you have any questions, PM me or post it in the Backstage thread I'll have up soon. Happy writing!
[/left][/left] Edited by Vongola
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[b]Name[/b]: Takahiro Nagamasa
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Appearance[/b]: [url="http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t32/BlueBeacon/pic.jpg"]Takahiro[/url]

[b]Personality[/b]: Very upbeat person. Always wants to do the right thing and is actually quite caring about those close to him. He has a cold demeanor for those who try to pick on others. Always has a sense of wanting to learn more and be better at the things he does.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Fullbring: Harmonious Gemini. (Two shorts derived from keychains he always keeps with him.)

[b]Powers:[/b] Fullbring powers: Change strength based on level on noise the user is making. The quieter the user is, the more powerful the silence sword is and the louder the user is the more powerful the uproar sword is. His fullbring is fully developed and has been that way for a short time. He is adept at bringer light as he took his skills from being a normal human and applied them. He is very perceptive as he can sense people all around him without them noticing it.

[b]Bio[/b]: Takahiro was a quiet kid but had a few friends. He always did well in school but sought to do more in school. So he played soccer and practiced martial arts. Life had been going well for a kid who lost his mom when he was younger. She left him a keychain of a sword that read "silence." He remembers her always saying "silence allows one to hear all things in this world and the next." His father was killed years later by a group of muggers after he and his best friend were coming home from work. Takahiro was taken in by his dad's friend and continues to live there. His dad also left him a keychain sword but this one read "uproar." With this gift he would draw back on his father's words of "never be afraid to shout. Make it known that you're coming and that no one can stop you." Takahiro kept them with him everywhere he went as a symbol of protection. Soon after that, he began to see strange things and developed strange powers.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b] Soon after moving in with his dad's friend Genkei, who Takahiro considered as an uncle, he began to noticed shadowy figures around the town. He could never quite make them out though. He chalked it up to be his imagination. As time went on, he began to feel different inside. He felt stronger, quicker, and more aware of himself. He didn't know how to describe as he told Genkei. "It's just that you're growing up Takahiro. Calm down." Those were the words Takahiro remembers hearing all the time. That still didn't explain enough to him though. He just knew it was something more to that. It came to a peak when Takahiro was walking home from school one day and saw a couple of his classmates getting attacked. He ran to help them but found himself to be no match for the group of men. He and his friends were thrown against the wall as the muggers told them to give up anything valuable. One of the muggers started getting frisky with one of Takahiro's female classmates and started touching her inappropriately. This set Takahiro off as he yelled and went for the mugger. He was faster than normal as he got to the guy before any others could stop him. He kicked the guy away. His power was growing as the other muggers tried to tackle him but they couldn't hold him down. He disposed of them as well. The muggers eventually ran away as they couldn't match up to Takahiro. After they were gone, Takahiro could see an aura around him that he never noticed before. All of his friends were shocked by his presence but were glad they were all alright. Once Takahiro got home, he hurried to his room to try and hide his appearance from Genkei. He thought he did a good job but it wasn't enough.

*knock knock*
"Please don't come in here. I'm...I'm...I'm changing."

"It's okay Takahiro. You don't have to hide what you are from me. I already know. Let me in so I can enlighten you on exactly what's going on with you."

Takahiro opened the door for Genkei and he explained to him what Takahiro actually was. He explained why he was seeing shadowy figures and what they actually were. It took awhile but Takahiro finally came to grasp just what he was inside. Genkei then began to train him everyday as Genkei himself was also a fullbringer. His fullbring was known as "Wind of Secret Wisdom" and it was based around this fan he always carried. Everytime he would swing the fan create a huge gale that circled around anything he chose. No one could hear or see what was going on inside the gale and thats where Takahiro was trained. Soon after the training, Takahiro began to see the forms of the shadowy figures become clear. He knew what they were now: either hollow or shinigami. He never interfered with them though as he figured it was best to stay away after seeing what they are capable of. About a year after training with Genkei, they began sparring with each other. Genkei would always tell Takahiro to defend himself with the thing you hold most dear. Takahiro didn't understand that at first but soon learned what he was speaking of during a rigorous training session.
"Defend yourself now Takahiro!!!"
"How do you expect me to do that with two small keychains?"
A look of surprise came over Genkei's face followed by a look of relief as Takahiro figured out the true meanings of his statement. He lunged again at Takahiro knocking him back on the ground. "You're nothing but a weakling, you insolent runt"

"Stop...calling...me...weak. I am strong and I will protect the things I love with everything I have."
Takahiro grabbed the keychains tightly and they transformed in front of his eyes. The swords grew into actual short swords. Takahiro's eyes lit up but this new power already seemed familiar to him. He grabbed to the two swords and began to fight back with a stronger will. He quickly overpowered Genkei as this new power was coming to a completion. The power began to build up inside Takahiro and it started to affect him.
"I have to block the explosion or all this would have been for nothing."
Genkei swiftly knocked the swords away and wrapped them inside another gale. The energy was still so great that it broke down the gale itself but luckily most of the explosion was taken up by Genkei's fullbring. After the explosion, there sat the two swords. Genkei attempted to go get them but Takahiro stopped him. He wanted to do it himself. He went over and picked the swords up signaling a new start for the young fullbringer.

[b]Arrancar/Shinigami?[/b]: Shinigami Edited by Humaru
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[font="'Times New Roman"][size="3"]Great sign up Humaru, and you reminded me of something I missed in my initial post.

So for anyone else who might be considering signing-up as a Fullbringer (and I'd like it if you could add this to your sign up as well, Humaru) under the weapon section could you write the name of your Fullbring, and under powers could you write the ability of your Fullbring (i.e. Jackie Tristan's Dirty Boots gets more powerful the dirtier they get).

Anywho, I hope to see some more sign-ups soon, and if anyone has any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask. :D[/size][/font]
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]I'll start working on a sign up asap. This sounds like it could be good. ^^ Not only that I hear there are a few friends that will be in this as well and I'm looking forward to RPing with them again. lol.

So I know I'm super late, but I hope it's not to late for me to finish this and jump in. Just had a lot of stuff going on lately. >.<

Name: Miyako Nimashima

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: [url="http://i309.photobucket.com/albums/kk386/nagisouichiro/Natsume%20Aya/purple.jpg"]Miyako[/url]

Personality: Upbeat and somewhat childish she is the ice breaker most of the time. She enjoys having fun no matter where she's at. Smart mouthed and sarcastic she can sometimes boarder on the edge of annoying, but in the end most people end up enjoying her company in the long run. On the other hand though she has a dark side, serious and quiet. When she gets this way it's best to leave her alone.

Weapons: A long katana that she carries in a silk case where ever she goes. Also adept at hand to hand combat.
Powers: Her sword also doubles as her hand to hand weapons depending on what time of day it is, and what cycle to moon is on. During the day, the katana stays in it's original form, at night if the sword is unsheathed it will break apart and form to her hands and feet becoming gloves and boots, depending on the moon cycle these weapons with either emanate shadow or light. Seeming to have a spirit all it's own it does not always release when she calls upon it. Unfortunately since she has not mastered it yet, Lycan will sometimes require a fee from Miyako...pieces of her memory.

Fullbring: Lycan
Ablities: When in it's katana form she has the ability of precision striking, able to hit even the smallest mark.
When in it's hand to hand form, if it's a full moon the gauntlets will emit bursts of light, if it is a new moon it will emit bursts of shadow with every hit.

Bio: Unable to remember exactly where she was born or who her parents were she calls Japan home now, even though she was born in America and brought over seas when her father got stationed in Japan at the age of 6. Miyako was a good student and a helpful child, but when she started swordsmen ship class things changed, she began carrying her katana everywhere, even at times speaking to it. After that as the years passed Miyako began forgetting things, small things at first, like how to get home from class, or where her classes where. But after her parents sudden death when she was 12 her memories seemed to vanish worse than ever. Many told her it was due to the stress of losing both her parents at once, others said it was her way of dealing with things. But after 3 weeks she couldn't even remember her parents faces. Refusing to go to an orphanage Miyako spent the rest of her childhood roaming the streets unable to tell where she was from one day to the next. As she grew older things seemed to get better but not by much, her memory was still horrible but it had been years since she had forgotten anything. One evening on her way home from work she noticed a shadow following her, turning down the alley she unsheathed her katana and instantly felt her heart grow cold, the shadow became clear and a voice rang in her head.
[i]"Hollow. Call on me. But be warned I come with a price, Fullbringer."[/i]
Her voice was clear and without fear as she spoke.
Miya came to hours later, unsure of who she was or where she was for the matter. After than she made it a point to try and ignore the voice in her head until she met Ginjo, he taught her slowly how to manage to keep Lycan's interference to a minimal.

Writing Sample: Miyako sat at the small stall, her upper body hunched over the counter, the sounds of her eating could be heard by those who passed by, the long katana propped up next to her; every now and than it would gain a glance from her. She scoffed and looked up as the bowl of soup was snatched from under her spoon.
"Oh c'mon Sume! One more I'm starving here!"
"You shouldn't be hungry at all, that was your 20th bowl woman."
She turned on her pouting face and clapped her hands happily as the bowl was returned to her. Looking up she looked around and scanned around her self, not sure exactly where she was, turning to her friend she swallowed what was in her mouth and licked the spoon clean.
"Sume, what part of town am I in exactly?"
The man in question looked at her dumbfounded.
"You forgot already? I just told you at least 10 minutes ago."
"You did?"
"How is it that you forget everything else, but how to get to my stall?"
Miya scratched the back of her head and shrugged, her stomach twisting as she heard the ghostly chortle of Lycan in the back of her mind.
"C'mon Sume, just once more?"
She jumped as she felt a large hand on her shoulder.
"Miya, where have you been? I've called the others, why are you here instead of helping them?"
"I forgot where I was..."
Ginjo shook his head at her, placing a hand on her head and pushing some of his spirit energy through her, pushing Lycan out momentarily.
"There, now get to them, quickly. You can feel them right?"
She nodded and grabbed Lycan, dashing away and towards the two spirit marks, both of which were in battle. She suddenly stopped and looked back at Ginjo.
"Where was I going again?"
"North you silly woman!"
"Oh right!"
She turned and continued sprinting away from the older man who could be seen standing in the middle of the sidewalk, shaking his head and pressing his palm to his forehead as if easing a headache.

Arrancar/Shinigami?: Shinigami[/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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[color="#8B0000"][size="2"][font="Garamond"][b]Name[/b]: Chiniiro Metsuki
[b]Age[/b]: 18
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Appearance[/b]: Blood red eyes and blood red hair that falls to his waist, but is often worn in a ponytail. His skin is fairly tanned and he stands at roughly 5' 9", weighing about 187 lbs. He often wears his black school uniform in a messy fashion if he's not wearing his black trench coat. He generally wears a white collared long sleeved shirt and black jeans with a white tank under his shirt. His facial expression seems to be stuck on "irritated" most of the time, mostly in his eyes.
[b]Personality[/b]: Chiniiro is extremely abrasive by nature, generally on the defensive when it comes to being judged. He isn't too adept at making friends who are truly his friends. When he has made friends he found out they had ulterior motives in one sense or another, making him skeptical of people who seem to take interest in him. Despite this, he doesn't always keep to himself, trying to make himself not give up on people for reasons he, himself, doesn't understand very well.
[b]Weapons[/b]: Fullbring-Akakiba(Bloody fang)-A black steel katana that always appears bloodstained. It's hilt is wrapped in a red fabric and the crossguard and base of the hilt are gold. The scabbard of Akakiba is white and appears to have splashes of blood along where the blade faces while sheathed. It is drawn from a black steel pocketwatch that Chiniiro carries around with a dragon's head engraved upon the front of it.
[b]Powers[/b]: Akakiba's Kekkon(bloodstain) is the only ability that Chiniiro is aware of. The more blood on Akakiba's blade, the sharper and stronger it becomes. When ever Chiniiro wields Akakiba and becomes covered in blood himself(his or another's), his strength and agility increases based on how much blood covers him. He is still unable to use Bringer Light however.
[b]Bio[/b]: Chiniiro is the youngest of three boys, his elder brothers having been attending and graduated university and started lives on their own out of town, leaving him at home with his parents in his last year of high school. Unfortunately, with all his brothers' success, he has had a lot to live up to since he first step foot into high school in his freshman year. He has received nothing but pressure and criticism from his father and silence from his mother. Despite his brothers leaving such expectations in their parents' hearts, they have been the most support that Chiniiro has had. This is the way it had always been with the three of them. Whenever one of them was in trouble, the other two would either be there bailing them out, or laughing at how much trouble the trio had gotten themselves into. Whether it was trouble with other students, or trouble at home, they always stuck together. Chiniiro's eldest brother, Emiya, always reminded the younger two "Blood is the strongest bond there is. No matter what happens, the three of us stick together. So when one of us are in deep, the others will always be there to back them." No matter the odds, the three stuck to the motto. Even when Emiya graduated and it was just Chiniiro and the middle brother, Kyosuke, the two looked out for each other when Chiniiro became a freshman and Kyosuke was a senior.

When it was just Chiniiro, he realized that his brothers were all he had. His experience with friendships was never good. Everyone acknowledged him as Emiya's or Kyosuke's kid brother, expecting him to be just like them, but always convincing him that he was merely the black sheep. His grades were good, but not like his brothers. He looked good, but not nearly as handsome as his brothers. Anything he did wasn't good enough for anyone he met. He wasn't in the same clubs, he was assumed to be a thug for fights he got into, despite who started it. He always felt like he was alone without his brothers around. They were the only ones who ever stood up for him. Come Chiniiro's junior year, he learned to hold his own ground. Though his luck with friendships hadn't changed. His grades improved, he joined martial arts and kendo clubs, the baseball team, and became less known as a thug, save for a juvenile few. Despite all this, he still found himself in his brothers' shadows, but he came to accept it. While he didn't take too kindly about being judged by his peers, he did accept that he would always be in their shadows, but only because he would always be behind them every step of the way.
[b]Writing Sample[/b]: "Leave the kid alone. Just because he's new gives you no right to torture him," Chiniiro shouted shoving a male student back off of a freshman to the school who found himself pinned against the lockers. Red eyes stared the guilty party and his clique down as they slowly backed off, muttering under their breath amongst themselves. The group of boys headed to their classes and Chiniiro turned to address the new student. "You alright, kid?" he asked the white haired boy.
He looked back to Chiniiro with red eyes of his own and gave a slow, nervous nod. "Th-thank you, senpai... Are the students here always like this?"
Chiniiro helped his underclassmate pick up his belongings, shaking his head. "Only the idiots, kid. You got a name? Or should I just keep calling ya 'Kid'?" he asked, glancing over.
The albino boy nodded. "Gosai Arashi... Pleased to meet you, senpai," he replied politely, getting his belongings together. "And you?"
"Chiniiro. Sorry your first day had to start off in the crapper, Gosai," Chiniiro said as he stood back up, pulling a pocket watch up from his waist and popping it open. "You'll be late to class. I'll walk you so you don't catch any crap from your teacher. What classroom are you-" he paused, staring directly behind Gosai. He was partially confused, partially afraid for Gosai, but mostly he felt a strange warmth coming from his pocket watch. A dark figure stood behind Gosai but it seemed like no more than a shadow. Gosai looked behind him with some confusion. When he did, the shadow disappeared and Chiniiro snapped out of his daze. "S-sorry um... Now what class are you off to?" he finished asking, trying to regain his composure.
"Uh..." Gosai looked to his schedule, not sure what to make of Chiniiro's sudden reaction. "I have my English class first off..."
Chiniiro gave a nod, walking the freshman to class, glancing over his shoulder constantly to make sure that what he saw was really gone.
*final bell*
The school day came to a close, and the two caught up to each other after classes ended. "How was your first day at a new school?" Chiniiro asked the transfer.
"Oh, it went well I think... No one else messed with me at least," Gosai chuckled and Chiniiro joined in. The two chatted a bit as they got to know each other from their walk home. As time passed, Chiniiro became hopeful that this boy would be a true friend in the end, but he wasn't letting his hopes get up.
It was time for the two to go their separate ways since they found the lived in different ends of the same neighborhood during the walk. "I'll meet up with you in the morning on the way in, Arashi-kun. Have a good evening."
"Alright, Chi-senpai. See you then!" Gosai replied with a wave and turned to head home but stopped and Chiniiro stared in terror as a spray of blood covered Chiniiro coming from a newly developed opening in his friend's back. Chiniiro saw the same shadow he saw before except now it was a black creature with a hole in its chest and wearing what looked like a white serpent skull for a head. The creature laughed as it opened its mouth to try and bite into the young boy. The next Chiniiro remembered, he was looking at a hole in the wall near the sidewalk that the creature crashed through. Chiniiro retracted his fist, staring at his hand and feeling what was now a heat coming from his watch. He removed it from his pocket and saw the fangs of the dragon glowing red. He heard movement in front of him and it was moving fast with a loud roar. As the creature lunged forward with its jaws wide open, a pulse of energy reverberated from Chiniiro's watch. A garbled noise filled his ears and his lips parted briefly as "Akakiba..." escaped them in a whisper. The energy sent the creature off to its side and Gosai collapsed, his bleeding having seemed to stop. In Chiniiro's hand was a sheathed sword which stared at only long enough to see what it was. It was all the time he had to react to the creature's attack as he landed a solid blow with the scabbard, slamming the beast jaw face first into the concrete. He unsheathed the black steel from its scabbard and drove the point down into the skull of the beast. It let out a brief shriek before it turned to dust. Chiniiro stared at where the beast once was before sheathing the sword, watching it turn back into his pocketwatch. He wasted no time thinking, rushing Gosai to a hospital, giving the excuse that the two were attacked, not giving much more detail than that.
The night became day and Chiniiro learned Gosai would be fine, but he had much to learn about this weapon that emerged from a watch that he acquired from his late grandmother...
[b]Arrancar/Shinigami[/b]?: Shinigami[/font][/size][/color] Edited by Kayin
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[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]Hooray! More people! How exciting! :D Humaru, thank you for adding in your Fullbring's ability-- it's an awesome one, by the way. Knuckles' Girl, I'm glad to see you're on board and I can't wait to learn more about your character. Kayin, as I've told you already, your sign up looks great and I'm eager to see it completed.

So we should be looking forward to two possible sign ups in the near future, as well as a post from my partner Tulas Shorn that will describe the new head of the Quincies, Kenjiro. After that things should get up and running! Anyone still interested, fear not, even when the RP begins sign ups will remain open for quite a while, since both sides will always need more members as the conflicts escalate. :D

P.S. Where it says Quincy and Xcution in the backstage thread I've added links to the Bleach Wiki for anyone who wants take a look (or for anyone who actually decides to sign up as a Quincy, haha)[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[quote name='Ol' Fighter' timestamp='1319884932' post='710059']
I would say count me in if there is space for meh.

I know it's been quite a while Ol' Fighter, and that the main thread is already up, but if you're still interested, you should join up and we'll add you into chapter 2. :]
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[quote name='Knuckles' Girl' timestamp='1322952787' post='710458']
Hey Vongola, I know I'm late and stuffs, but I finally got my character finished and I've read all the posts that are up so far. Would it still be alright for me to join?

Of course you're in Knuckles' Girls! You can start posting as soon as Chapter 2 starts, which is right after Kayin and Tulas Shorn post. :D
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Yeah, I think Kayin said he was getting a post up tonight. He had it done, but his phone goofed on him. >.< And than he almost had it done last night but his lap top gave him the bird. But I think he's gonna have on up tonight if everything works the right way for him.

Also, hope everything in my sign up works. If not just lemme know and I'll change it up.
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