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Game of the Year?


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I've hopped back into gaming in a huge way this year, and I've definitely had a lot of fun doing it. And there are plenty of you fine folks who still game, so let's talk about our favorite games of the year!

Because I've been out of the loop for a while, I've spent a lot of my time catching up with great games of years past -- the [b]Mass Effect[/b] games, [b]Red Dead Redemption[/b]. [b]Portal[/b], and so on. But I have played a few games from the current year.

First in my heart is definitely [b]Portal 2[/b]. It is basically my ideal of storytelling in gaming: Real time, totally immersive world, sharp writing, memorable characters. When I played [b]Portal 2[/b] I really felt as if I were [i]someplace[/i] rather than playing as a character in some world. The subtle tweaks in gameplay from the original and the new puzzle wrinkles are perfectly executed. I really wish the game could have gone on forever.

A close second is [b]Saints Row: The Third[/b]. It's possibly the most ridiculous video game I've ever played, and I love it so very much. It's just a big, stupid pile of fun. I'm actually tempted to play through the game with the other character voices just to hear the subtle differences ...

Other standout games I've played this year: [b]Ghost Trick[/b] is awesome. Good story, and the puzzles are interesting and well-executed. [b]Radiant Historia[/b] is a solid DS RPG. Playing through [b]Bastion[/b] and [b]Skyward Sword[/b] right now -- both are definitely fun.
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I don't know if I should even be posting here yet since it wouldn't be fair. Throughout this entire year I've been so preoccupied with Super Street Fighter 4 to the point to where I've built up a huge backlog of games and a lot of those are games that came out this year. I mean it wouldn't even be fair to say Batman: Arkham City would be my game of the year because I've only played about an hour or 2 of it.

So for the meantime I'll say that Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, but I'm pretty sure this post will be null and voided when I get to some of my other games that I bought this year.
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Well ive always been a big gamer but my console broke down last month lol but i can give you what i think the best games ive played this year were.

I also took a step back this year and got into the Red Dead Redemption games. I always got like halfway thru the game and then i would get bored of it or get into another game. So i decided to play it all the way through and ended up doing al the side mission and extra challenges as well. It became incredibly addictive. That game beat GTA 4 by far in my opinion. Then i bought the expansion for RDR , the Undead one. That was pretty interesting, however it didnt follow with the ending of the original which got to me a bit...

Of couse another game i ot into was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lol. I kept telling myself i wouldnt get it right away becaus i really couldnt afford to put mony into any game at the time, but i ended up finding a way anyways lol. The game was good, i always like COD: MW series for the awesome storyline and stuff, not just the multiplayer.

Another amazing game id have to say was Gears of War 3. If youve gotten into the storyline of the other games, and even the novels they released, then you should know how big the 3rd one was for storyline. Epic stories, graphics and gameplay. The only thing i didnt enjoy to much was the ending of the series... A feew things needed to happen in the storyline of that game which eventually did, gladly.. But i think the ending should have gone completely differently...but thats just me i guess..

Other than that ive been rocking Starcraft 2 a bit because im a huge SC nerd lol read all the novels n all. Great game adds to he storyline of all the novels and the original game. However i am still seeming to be more addicted to Starcraft 1. Ive been playing that game nonstop for about a month now. There will never bbe a game likee that original =P
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