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Shameless [US]


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[left]So does anybody watch this show on ShowTime? They just finished season 2, and so far I pretty much think it's awesome. Originally I started watching it because of Emmy Rossum (Fiona), but now I just really like the series. :^D Jeremy Allen White (Lip) is a seriously awesome character, and strangely enough I find Goku to be pretty cool as well. William H. Macy's character Frank is played so well that I seriously get murderous intentions when I watch him mess everything up every time. [/left]

[left]I just don't know anybody who watches this, especially because it doesn't even show on TV around here. ;_; We have to make due with the silly original UK version.[/left]

[left]Oh yeah, it's pretty eh... NSFW and stuff. Has boobies, profanity and even gore-ish stuff, [spoiler]including close-detail child birth[/spoiler]. [/left] Edited by Boo
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[quote name='Boo' timestamp='1333796511' post='711333']
[spoiler]including close-detail child birth[/spoiler].[/quote]
I remember you giving me detail about this. Edited by Lyndy
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