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  1. lmao I forgot about this thread. I am no longer in Michigan but wish to move back. I still have no kids Don't live in a very nice house, but it's good enough for how little I pay rent for it. Used to have a good job, but Covid-19 changed that. Not married, had a serious relationship a few years ago. No Bachelor's - too much money but have associates in IT
  2. I can't believe I remembered my password! And this site is still alive? Here's me. and my pussy cat. doesnt she look happy
  3. I love fluffy cats. :3   This is my Abby. She's the best; she plays fetch, she's flushed the toilet a couple times... and super cuddly.
  4. I used to be addicted to playing Dota 2. 5000 hours or so. But I haven't played any for a few months because my internet is too bad to play it anymore. :V Now I'm addicted to doing nothing at all and/or sleeping! Boo's addiction to porn is kinda bad. He sent me porn one day. He just had to share it for some reason.
  5. I've started playing Rogue Galaxy and Radiata Stories again for the PS2. Oh man, I forgot how much I absolutely love these two games, and it really saddens me how unknown these games are, especially Rogue Galaxy. I might even say i like it more than Kingdom Hearts 2. There are a few similarities to other rpgs I've played; Kingdom Hearts, FMA: Crimson Elixir, and the battle system is like FFXII. Oh, and one of the main characters is voiced by Steve Blum. I love his voice so much... (as well as Crispin Freeman). The music though just gives me chills. Amazing OST. Also love the intense cutscenes. FREAKING CHILLS MAN. Radiata Stories has a great storyline as well. There's more than one ending to the game, you have several different allies you can choose to fight alongside with you.   and i was going to add the best song ever from rogue galaxy but i dont know how to add videos anymore omg im so noob   Im in love with steve blum
  6. Looks like a very fun wedding! Congrats. I thought this place died.   It's been a few years since I've posted on here so fuck it. I don't know what I was thinking when I took this picture. Da fuq is that pose.
  7. Hey allllll. Haven't been on here in ages. Been getting into streaming on Twitch.tv. I stream mostly Dota 2. But I've been starting to stream other games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, minecraft, and any other game I feel like playing. I provide insightful commentary, humor, rage, and good and bad plays! Sometimes I use my face cam, sometimes I don't. The max number of viewers I've gotten is probably 2.2k LOL. But it was thanks to Axel and a nice glitch on the website.   If you have nothing to do, check out my stream! I'm slowly making my way to my first goal of 500 followers and then my last goal is to become a partner with Twitch. <3 http://www.twitch.tv/lyndsieee
  8. gifs better work  
  9. I've been coming addicted to 4chan. This is me.   And then later I'm like... Help.
  10. I uninstalled LoL. The game seems too childish compared to DotA 2 when I've been playing it for a year. Mechanics are just so weird compared to Dota. Like, I have great map awareness in Dota, but in LoL, I find it impossible to keep up my map awareness for some reason. The graphics makes it hard imo. Maybe if they fix the graphics of LoL, I might reconsider it; it's kind of like DotA 1 from Warcraft 3 - shitty graphics. And the age group for LoL seems really young, when most Dota players are 17-26   I've gotten pretty high up in the brackets of Dota, but still need to improve tremendously. And as for SC2, I really want to try it, looks like good practice for micro.
  11. Haha, I was thinking the same thing. :< I refreshed the page so many times.   It's Boo. What on Earth do you expect.
  12. I have a few DotA 2 keys that I'm wanting to give away. I probably around six keys left. If you, or anyone you know, wants a DotA 2 key, just let me know, and I'll be glad to give you a key (you need a Steam account). Here's a video of gameplay of player submitted clips with some pretty good plays [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fszmrPru6zI&feature=relmfu[/media] Also, someone actually made their own animation combining DotA 2 and My Little Pony, which I found pretty cute (using the DotA 2 Gamescom trailer audio). [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E5FFFYRUgI[/media]
  13. My memories for this site are for when it used to be active. And the Nifty Fifty was pretty memorable as well. Most importantly, though, are the fun times with Boo. ;P Those were the daaayyysss.
  14. Lyndy

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    My coworker talked me into finally getting the game, even though I'm broke. Was first in Eredon Terrace with my coworker, then moved to Blackgate with my Steam friends to soon have my coworker change servers as well. But I'm probably going to change worlds again (maybe Sorrow's Furnace) since my Steam friend is always too busy playing with his bitchy girly friend. :< Name: LyndyLoup.9687 Main character is Venus Latranz (was too lazy to think of something different from Gw1) which is a human thief (BEST PROFESSION EVER. COMBOS ARE OP). Started a human Necro (Mortred Kingsley) and human ranger as well (Blane Latranz), but haven't done anything with them yet. Want to make a Sylvari Ele next. I do miss Rits though. Server: Probably changing to Sorrow's Furnace. And, if any of you Guild leaders could, hit me up an invite to Rare, plox. =)
  15. So I sent in a video to Dota's website for their "Dota's Top 10 Weekly" thing they have on their YouTube channel because of a play that happened on my team that I believed to be worthy to be featured. Well, I was looking through guides on heroes. This case, for Phantom Assassin. Was watching the video, and then I see this one part, and I was like "....this seems so freaking familiar. ...OH HOLY CRAP" Turns out it was the video that I sent in. lolz. Was playing with friends and I was playing as Vengeful, and her ultimate skill allows you to swap places with other heroes. Phantom was about to die in the chronosphere (ultimate of another hero), and right before she died, I swapped places with her so she could live. :D And I even lived after that as well. It was so epic. Time 0:36 btw. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcR10goeRto[/media]
  16. Lyndy

    Gaming E3 2012

    Hot damn. Now I want/need to play Borderlands again (if I can pry myself away from Dota 2 anyways). Maya and Zero look really awesome. Can't wait.
  17. Lyndy

    Gaming Dota 2

    Beat this, and then you can talk. [img]http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg53/lyndy05/570_screenshots_2012-05-05_00002.jpg[/img]
  18. I don't know if my neighbor's are really this ******* stupid or they have a really bad memory. Just called the cops again because their loud music woke me up. ugh. -_- these idiots need to go cut themselves.
  19. They probably can assume safely that it was me. Allssooo... I think I found out another thing my neighbors are doing. They are frickin' [b][i]stealing[/i][/b] from me. =) How much? $121 I believe. I got a call from Comcast saying I owe them $121 for a service I cancelled two months ago. I didn't even use any data, so it's like "oh my god what the frick. How is that even possible." Well, I checked the mail recently, and I see a comcast letter. Check the apartment number. It's their apartment number with my name on it (was on the ground). So... uhm... yeah, I'm [i][b]pissed[/b][/i]. Can't even call Comcast about this until tomorrow.
  20. So I finally called the cops on my neighbors. This time, their music was three times as loud as ever before. Music was so loud that I could clearly hear it through my ear plugs. Words, melody, everything. That damn loud. Then someone started to knock on my wall continuously. I wish there would be a plague that just kills the idiotic people. Ugh. Just ugh. But now I'm worried that they will do something to retaliate. ;_;
  21. Lyndy

    Gaming Dota 2

    Now that I've played more of Dota, I guess I could explain it more. Dota 2 requires a lot of teamwork, which is why I only play with people I know on my team. Best thing to do is just to guard towers and push slightly without pushing too far (or you'll get ganked). But after you get around to level 6, 8, and 10, that's a good time to start pushing lanes AS A TEAM.Because at level 6, you get your ultimate. You should also farm gold whenever you can to get the items that help out your ultimate. I mean, with the character I use, when I have my items and ultimate, my ultimate is a one-hit kill. :3 It can be either very fun or very aggravating. So aggravating that I curse too much. :'( But overall, Dota 2 is a very fun game. Takes awhile to learn how to play correctly, and how to use a character correctly. Probably my favorite game now.
  22. omfg, look at dis ****. I frickin' pwn at Dota 2. [b]ZERO DEATHS AND ELEVEN KILLS. <3333[/b] (Beyond GODLIKE according to the game. eeeee) [img]http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg53/lyndy05/2012-04-26_00005.jpg[/img] and then this <33333 [img]http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg53/lyndy05/2012-04-26_00002.jpg[/img] asdfasdf, Lina is like the best character ever. <333 Also had three wins in a row. *_*
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