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RPG DragonBall Z: Brothers of Brolli


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[color=darkblue][size=1]Ok, here's the deal. Craig and I came up with this in AIM. We're the brothers of Brolli(along with Super Goku), and we're terrorizing Earth. It's right after the Cell tourny. Now, so far, we have teamed up, and killed all but Chibi Trunks and Goten, and Videl. Now, the others that sign-up will have to pull together to try and defeat us. Remember that, since Dende is around, the dragonballs are still around, and good does not always win. You can be the brothers, sons/daughtrs of Trunks or Goten, or your own completely unique char.

What you need is...:

Stats: 40,000 to spread oooooovvvvver:
Craig, Super Goku, an I have 40,000,000(We're so strong because we're the bad guys. And, we have the Legendary Sayian blood within us. But, we can only "use" the legendary powers to it's fullest extent in times of great need or anger.)

Name: Neil
Age: 15
Weight: 200 (big muscles.... GRRRRR! AAAAH! OOOOH, YEAH! O.0)
Height: 6'1"
Race: Sayian
Desscription: See Attachement
Bio: Brother of Brolli, has extreme psychic abilites, and can go SSJ, but that's all for the time. He has a long scar that goes diagonally across his chest. Filled with the anger and hatered of his older Brother(Brolli), as well as the legendary Sayian blood.

Strength: 10,000,000
Speed: 9,000,000
Defense: 8,500,000
Ki: 12,500,000
Please, no SSJ at the begining. Customs after SSJ2, but don't go SSJ after two posts, please.[/size][/color]
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Name: Craig
Age: 15
Weight: 215 lbs
Height: 6'3"
Race: Saiyan
Description: Facialy he looks like Brolly, but hair is different (i'll get into more detail later on)
Bio: Slightly older than Neil...... he is not as angry, but just as powerful. Craig has psychic abilties, and in his veins pumps the legendary saiyan blood of Brolly.

Strength: 10,000,000
Speed: 12,000,000
Defense: 8,000,000
Ki: 10,000,000
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Guest QuickSilver
name: seifer
age: 16
weight: 220lb
height: 6''5
description: looks like brolly but hair anit has spikey and it s blue
bio: oldest of the three remaining brothers, he is just as strong as the other and he also posses the blood, he as a laidback attitude, also as a bit of psycic abilities

strength: 10,000,000
speed: 10,000,000
ki: 10,000,000
defence: 10,000,000
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Name: Andrew
Age: 23
Weight: 300lbs (muscle and brain)
Height: 7'5''
Race: Trynightrillion

Description: A great abd tall man. Andrew has Spikey blonde hair and brown eyes. His muscles and body are very big and muscular whichh is normal for his race. Trynightrillion's are a race which focus on using speed and strength to their advantage. Much like Saiyans, the trynightrillions have levels and Andrew is descovering how this done.

Bio: Andrew came to Earth as a baby. His parents were framed and hunted like dogs all over the galaxy. They sent Andrew to Earth to protect him. He grew with a split personality. Some times the most polite and curtious child around then a second later he was more evil than Satan himself. His power dramically increases when his evil side takes over. When Andrew is good he focuses on forcing his evil side out and when he's evil vice versa.

Stats: 40,000 to spread oooooovvvvver:
Strength: 11,000
Speed: 11,000
Defense: 10,000
Ki: 8,000
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Name: Flash Murakumo
Age: 2018
Weight: Weight? Eh? Err, 150lbs? I'm no good without the metric system... -_-;;
Height: 5'11"
Race: Brunnen-G
Description: (attachment)
Bio: Flash is the last of the Brunnen-G, a race of romantic dreamers. Thousands of years ago, Flash was killed by an evil emperor, and became an Undead assasin, losing all his emotions, feelings, and willpower. He lived to serve the emperor. Now, 2000 years later, he has broken free of the emperor's evil grip, and found himself in a strange new world. Still dead, and kept alive on 'Protoblood', Flash found himself some new threads, and tried to forget his past; But he never will. He carries his two trademark weapons, special 'Magnums' which he channels his powerful Psychic/Ki energy into, and then discharges the beams from the guns. This makes powerful, piercing Ki attacks his specialty.

Stats: 40,000 to spread over:
Strength: 7,500
Speed: 5,000
Defense: 7,500
Ki: 20,000
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[b]Name: AJ

Age: 13


Descripto: 5'?" Blue Hair, Red Eyes, Saiyan Suit.
*me changes flash's pic permissionlessly to show piccy*
A Human-Saiyan hybrid from the future, memory half-lost, other half a mystery. A brat, after you get to know him, serious and silent at first glance

Speed: 13,000

Strenght: 13,000

Defence: 1,000

Ki: 13,000 [/b]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AJ2K1 4 Life [/i]
[B][b]Me on Paint! BTW, I have no face...are you scared? lol
Anyway, my first piccy ever, and this doesn't count as a double post...because somebody's turning a blind eye[/b] [/B][/QUOTE]

Jeez, who could that be? *turns blind eye*

Anywho, good pic AJ, pretty impressive for something made entirely with paint...
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 14
Weight: 175
Height: 6' 3
Race: Part Saiyen (Descendant of vegeta)
Description: Silver naturally slightly spiked hair, It is long and Ken doesnt cut it often. He wears black blue jeans and a White baggy shirt. he has steel toed boots, and wears a cross around his neck...
Bio: Crazy, Sometimes Slightly Stupid, and fun... He enjoys doing crazy stuff, and makes comments along every step of the way. He is funny and is a pretty good fighter. He has known Neil for a few years, and isnt too happy about having to fight against him...
Stats: 40,000 to spread over:
Strength: 10,000
Speed: 15,000
Defense: 5,000
Ki: 10,000 [/color]
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[color=teal]Name: Li
Age: 17
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 6'5
Race: saiya-jin hybrid
Bio: He is the son of Mirai Trunks sent back to help the Z team to defeat the Brolli bro's
Discription: Looks like trunks only wears Vegeta's saiya-jin armour from saiyan saga and has black hair

Strength: 10,000
Speed: 10,000
Defense: 10,000
Ki: 10,000 [/COLOR]
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