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Ruins and Relics: A tale of Piracy & Treasure


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A cool breeze blew across the deck of the ship as a dawn sun rose in the sky. The ship was known as the Dauntless, formerly the finest ship in the Alseid armada but had been stolen 50 years ago by the pirate known as Captain Alberto Irons who traversed the seas of the Island nations exploring ruins and hunting treasure. But that had been some time ago and the captain had long ago retired to raise a family, leaving the Dauntless hidden within a cave that was rumored to be haunted.

But times do change and Captain Irons passed away a year ago, leaving the boat to his grandchild. Luca Irons was an intelligent child with a passion for pre-crusade artifacts and had relished the opportunity to seek out relics and discover a little more about these ruins.
Luca let a smile cross his face as he watched the horizon and flipped a coin absently thinking about what could be found today. It had begun to grow more dangerous to travel the seas now that Alseid had posted a grand bounty upon the crew of the Dauntless but he was determined to learn more about what had happened over 200 years ago during the crusade and to make a find that would never be matched.


So welcome to Ruins and Relics, an rpg that will hopefully allow us to create an interesting tale of island hopping. This is a high-fantasy set in a region that consists of islands of varying size and so there are demi-humans and magic.

The Backstage thread is going to essentially act as a lore thread explaining the history of the Island Nations and the crusade which is going to play a major part behind the driving backstory.

Character Creation

Go wild with character creation. I'd love this story to have creative and varied characters although your character will either be in Luca's crew or to meet up with one another early on.


Race: Human, Elf, Beastkin, Winger or any other reasonable fantasy race





And now my character

Name: Captain Luca Irons
Age: 19
Appearance: [img]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/h/hix02.gif[/img]

Race: Human

Equipment: Luca wields his grandfathers blade, a winger blade that he named Hawk. He also carries two enchanted satchels, being able to carry far more than what they should possibly be able to. There is also some minor equipment that he has a tendency to find in his bags or pockets that get pawned rather quickly.

Personality: Luca considers himself to be a heroic outlaw although this is hardly the case. While he is a good man at heart, he is hardly an outlaw as he rarely if ever resorts to piracy and instead is a mere treasure hunter. A brave leader and quite intelligent for his age, he is a friend to his crew and will often help whoever he can find.

Background: Born in the independent port city of Alanur, Luca was bought up on tales of pirates although his father rarely spoke of his grandfather. Luca didn't learn of his grandfathers past as a pirate until he was 12 when Alberto began to tutor Luca in fencing and how to work on a small boat. He was told of how Alberto had stolen the Dauntless from underneath the nose of Admiral Nabukov and how he had traversed the islands, raiding ancient ruins and leading his crew in glorious battle.

Shortly after Luca turned 17, his grandfather grew gravely ill and became bedridden. Alberto still held onto life for a year, handing the Dauntless and his sword to his grandson so that Luca could at least he could live his dreams and search for something that he had a passion for. Before Lucas 18[sup]th[/sup] birthday, Alberto passed away in his sleep. The last thing that they talked about was about the Winger known as Wynn the Silver who was a key figure in the crusade. In honor of his grandfathers life ambition, Luca has made it his lives goal to discover as much about the crusade as possible.
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