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Ruins and Relics: Backstage


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[b]The Crusade: [/b]

200 years ago there were no Wingers living in the Island Nations. They were native to the nameless lands until they stormed the islands led by Wynn the Silver who flew on white wings, a rarity amongst her kind. She was a true mad woman though claiming that she was chosen through divine rule by the White Lady and given the light of ruin. She strong armed her people by using her powers to whip them into a frenzy, leading them to war against the Alseid in a stunning display of destruction. Many of the ruins of the Island Nations date back to this period, there had been many grand cities and temples that had been destroyed at this point.

The crusade lasted a month before Wynn was slain in battle. The location of this battle has been lost to time and the reason for her death is unknown. What is known is that the Wingers took up a home on the island of Easthaven, the people of the Island Nations had understood that Wynn had been responsible for the war and that these wounds would be healed through time.

[b]The Elves[/b]

The Elves are an ancient race that call the Isle of Dreams home. Throughout the year it is shrouded in a thick mist, preventing passage to and from the island. They do not possess a traditional town, it winds throughout the mountains of the island as well as being located in the forest at the base of the mountain.
The elders of their race are well known for being xenophobic and hateful, considering the other races to be below their notice through how shortlived they consider any other sentient race. This has earned a certain resentment of the elven people as they are rarely accepted in towns.

[b]The Wingers[/b]

Native to the Nameless Lands and since having migrated to Easthaven, they're a stubborn and strong people. Normally born with bat wings, it is rare for a Winger to be born with bird wings of various colours which are considered to be indicative of a potentially great winger. There is only ever known to be one white winged Winger in history and that was Wynn the Silver, who was said to have been chosen by the White Lady as her champion. And we know how that worked out.

[b]The Beastkin[/b]

A human animal hybrids that once called the Isle of Dreams home. The constant skirmishes between them and the Elves began to anger the Beastkin who left the island to spread throughout the islands. The most common variation of Beastkin is either a wolf or a feline breed and their common personalities are just as varied as their appearance.


If you want to ask about anything about the setting or history then feel free to use this thread.
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