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Do you like or dislike edited anime?


Editing.....good or bad?  

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  1. 1. Editing.....good or bad?

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Censorship: The bane of anime lovers everywhere. j/k;) What do you think about it? I know I don't like watching edited. Fortunatley I have friends who have uncut, so I get to watch it over their house:D , but should it really be edited? Is it okay to edit, or is it messing up works of art? What's everyone think? *lol* When I'm bored I ask the most annoying questions.......;) :p ;) :D
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It Obviously sucks! It just messes it up. I have several DBZ, Gundam, and Outlaw Star videos that are uncut that have thing in there that are not that bad but the companies edit it anyway. No im not talking about things like Melfina being nude but small stuff. I guess everyone here in america has been brought up with the teachings of this + this on tv is wrong. They could show the uncut but then what would parents think of toonami. Toonami is mainly an american based cartoon station. Here in america over 75% see animation in america as kiddy crap and thats what it has become. the only things I have seen american made that kicked was Transformers and GI Joe ( when I was littof course) America just doesnt do sophisticated animation. Maybe one day we will have the priveledge.
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