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SPOOF! The Misadventures

Inuyasha Fandom

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Welcome one and all to the Misadventures. Here we can discuss all things gag related. This is meant to be a funny RP. The quests are trivial, lewd, comedic, and usually have rather explosive endings. The idea for this is simple. Using an 'internet persona' you make a character and join in on the fun. I'll be using my mad scientist/ninja/geisha/drag queen/restauranteur/were-tiger/Priestess character if this gets off the ground.

Enter the Misadventures. You won't be sorry.

Ideas for Adventures to be undertaken are as follows:

The Quest for the Golden Panties of Everlasting Tan Lines -The strangely epic tale of the quest to attain this less than stellar mystical item.
The (Drag) Queen's Crown - In order to save the world from catastrophic disaster, the team must infiltrate a drag show.
Weeds - An animated cannibus plant is taking over as it grows larger and larger.
Attack of the Flying Underwear- Swarms of winged undergarments have decided to rebel against humanity.
Finishing the Collection- Saio wants a wig. But not just any wig.
Adventures in the Closet- The team discovers the janitor's closet at the Cheesecake Shoppe houses a mystical portal to another realm.
The McDonald's Fiasco- We just managed to slip into the back door of a McDonald's because we're on the run. God help these poor suckers.
Mad Science- Saio's robotic maid has begun to call itself the BIMBOT 3000 and is now delivering nut shots to the local boys and girls.
Wigging Out- A Wig Monster is lose in the Laboratory.
The Case of the Stolen Booby Bombs- Someone has stolen many of Saio's prototype weapons.
Explosive Treats- Never trust any baked goods left unattended on the ground.
The Quest for the Ghetto Stiletto Heels Of Death and Doom- These specimens of wonder hold the powers of Earth.
The Cheesecake Shoppe is Under Attack!- Saio has pissed someone off by not selling weapons to them. Now it's urban warfare. Again.
The Golden Poop Shoot- An experiment has gone terribly, terribly wrong. All who enter the Cheesecake Shoppe begin to poop 24 karat gold.

Would anyone want to join on one of these little adventures? Ask away about them. Maybe you can voice an idea for an adventure and it will be used. If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask them here. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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