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DmC: Devil May Cry


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1up - A

IGN - 8.9

Gamespot - 8.0

Gametrailers - 8.5


With that said, people are going ham over this (still going ham). I definitely think Capcom/Ninja Theory has succeeded in alienating their fan base. As for me, I don't have the game yet, and still undecided on if I'll get the game or not. On one hand, as far as gameplay I like what I'm seeing. I won't say it looks as good or as stylish as DMC3 or 4, but it looks good. On the other, the atmosphere of the game is really off-putting, not only that, but the environment and graphics. Don't get me wrong the game looks good, but everything moving around the way it does and then the bright colors, it really messes with my eyes. I don't wear glasses or anything, but looking at that stuff too long will make me feel dizzy.




Anybody have the game yet? Thoughts?

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This is, hands down, the best Devil May Cry game yet. The combat is far more stylish and crazy than any of the other Devil May Cry games put together and in the context of the story and universe, the style of the game world itself is incredible. A really good idea, if I say so myself. The music is also incredible and get's you pumped up while you're slaying waves and waves of hellish badguys.


Trust me when I say that Ninja Theory did not alienate the DMC fanbase. They brought it into a new generation and really showed that the series could evolve. There is so many references to the older games that it will make hardcore Devil May Cry fanboys and fangirls just melt. Especially when it comes to Dante's hair. I assure you.


You cannot sleep on this iteration of Devil May Cry based solely on hearsay or preconceptions. You will not come away disappointed.

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I'm running through my second playthrough on Nephilim difficulty, and I'm having a difficult time putting it down. The combat engine's fluidity was one of the things I noticed from Dante's Awakening that was a good thing (it's less taxing on my hands), although the length of the game was kind of a shock for me. I finished my first run on Devil Hunter in about four hours... But since I still have a tonne of combos to learn and dial together on top of the remaining four difficulties, that just made the game that much longer... Until the expansion starring Virgil is released.


Plus one of my favourite bands, Noisia, wrote most of the score for the game which is a real trip go from the metal flavoured stuff from the original games to the (in the words of my friends) Semi-Seizure/Death-Electro... And I LOVE IT. I cant put their half of the soundtrack down, I have yet to find the Combichrist half of the score.

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Majorly turned off by the fact he has black hair and not his original white.


Still not enough information to know what my opinion is *just* yet though.


I also saw Angry's review of it...got to admit the beginning had me giggling hard.




I saw that review, and I appreciate him going after both sides, and it's pretty good to get a more level headed review from someone whose a fan, but still willing to give the game a fair shot.


It'll be interesting to see how much the game has sold.

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