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The Atlantis Series: Contents


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2872 A.D.
The Great Shift occurs causing numerous earthquakes, tidal
waves and other disasters as the great plates move forming Pangaea. Millions are dead and governments are thrown into disarray.
2896 A.D.
Countless wars and anarchists cause the last government to
Maverick Industries rises with its mechs and energy based
weapons and began restoring order to the surrounding area.

Atlantis Corporation begins relief programs and rebuilding
and restoring surrounding areas
2902 A.D.
Kiason Association emerges with its augmented clones and top
of the line ballistic based weapons
Ark Enterprises creates the first zombie! No worries as they
are not infected and cant infect others. But make good troops and can operate
weapons. They also sell performance enhancing drugs

2914 A.D.
More bloodshed as corporations fight over land and terrorism
runs rampant
Atlantis Corporation takes defensive neutral standpoint
2948 A.D.
The Victorious Eleven emerge and the wars end
Atlantis Corporation
Maverick Industries
Ark Enterprises
Kiason Association
Diane Company
Third Commonwealth
S.B.D. (Servoâ??s Bombs Distribution)
Baclave Inc.
Hazard Team Labs
Blockers Services
Euro Guild
3002 A.D.
Towers to Space? Who will be the first?
Atlantis Corporation introduces weather control and ozone
scrubbers extending Earthâ??s life
3025 A.D.
Atlantis builds Pacifica first
Kiason Association opens first zoo with cloned animals
3334 A.D.
Colonization of Mars begins
3798 A.D.
Mars becomes independent with threat to destroy Transpillars
3995 A.D.
Tensions rising on Earth



Name: Jason Warren
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Things of Note:Unknown background though current head of Atlantis Corporation
Most Common Appearance: Here
Name: Nathaniel Gabriel Athens
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Things of Note: Unknown Background though currently employed as Mr. Jason Warren's bodyguard
Most Common Appearance: Here
Name: Julian Maverick
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Things of Note: Mr. Maverick's second son, rumored hacker. Update: Released a mech that killed his father and several boards members and but his older brother in critical condition. 

Most Common Appearance: Error
Name: Cain McDougal
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Things of Note: Renowned expert in the cloning project and sponser of several of Kiason's zoos. Currently employed at Kiason Academy of Clone Science. Update: Rumored to have been expirementing on himself and changed into a giant wolf before disappearring without a trace
Most Common Appearance: Error
Name: Croix Magnus
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Things of Note: Noted personality disorder. Currently employed in Atlantis Research Division
Most Common Appearance: Here


Name: Ashlee Fomas

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Things of Note: Lives With Michael Trevant. Currently employed as a secretary to small business in Atlantica. Update: Reportedly dead in house fire.

Most Common Appearance: Here


Name: Lisa Binnet

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Things of Note: Doctor at a small hospital in Atlantica. Update: Resigned from work. Whereabouts are unknown.

Most Common Appearance: Here



Vehicles: Here
Auto piloted though manual control can be activated.
Can reach speeds of up to three hundred mph though use of manual control is prohibited
Interstates span districts but do not link to other districts 
Byway: Here
Massive trains that travel underground ferrying cars back and forth between districts.
Passengers remain in vehicles during trip as it lasts less then thirty minutes.


Crystal Glasses
No information uncovered


Black Diamond-The Devil Star

Possessed by: Nathaniel Athens

Current Stage: 3

Class: Covert

Type: Permanent

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Possess the ability to shadow jump from shadow to shadow as long as he can picture the exact place in his mind

Stage 2: 


Ruby-The Witch Star

Possessed by: Ashlee Fomas

Current Stage; 1

Class: Covert

Type: Permanent

Emotional State: Violence, Blood, Lust, pain

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Possess the ability to charm a human with a simple kiss on the lips controlling them. A small bite will cause instant death

Stage 2: Here. another small increase to physical abilities. Can now charm a person by simply making skin contact. The longer contact is kept the stronger her will is over them. Charming by Kiss is amplified. Fingernails can grow to a foot and a half becoming razor sharp and extremely deadly. Sense of touch is greatly amplified allowing her to feel things that can't be seen or felt by normal senses. possess the abilities to pick up people's thoughts when they concern her. The feeling of pain can drive her into a fury making her fight harder.

Important notes: Must have blood twice a day. The blood from the Devil Star and Angel Star will kill her. Synthetic tastes like oil while the Beast and Elemental's blood smell enough to keep her from biting.  The Titan's Star taste like a drug. Amplified sense of touch also amplifies pain more then normal.


Amethyst-The Angel Star

Possessed by: Lisa Binnent

Current Stage: 1

Class: Support

Type: Permanent

Emotional state: Calm

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Possesses the ability to completely diagnose a person's problems just by touching them.

Stage 2: Changed Form. Another small increase to physical abilities.

Now possesses the ability to heal any physical injury completely. Can completely calm anyone around her giving them a sense of peace.

Important Notes: Is unable to use her abilities on the Devil's Star. Direct contact while changed with the Devil's Star is instant death.


Topaz-The Beast Star

Possessed by: Cain Mcdougal

Class; Soldier

Type: Freeform

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Stage 2: Here. This form cunning,agility, and sense of smell are higher then the other land forms.

Stage 3: Here. Speed, sense of hearing are higher then other land forms

Stage 4: Here Ability of Flight. Sense of sight is higher then other land forms

Stage 5: Here Raw power and strength are higher then other forms

Stage 6: Here Ability to swim. Speed and power are extremely high

Important Notes: All four or two legs must be on the surface in order to switch forms. When changed animal instinct pushes human thoughts and will aside. In all forms skin feels normal but is actually armored and extremely hard to penetrate. Must be ordered by the Titan Star in order to change back to human form.


Emerald-The Titan Star

Possessed by: Jason Warren

Class: Soldier

Type: Progression

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Possess the ability to control magnetic fields and polarity within a certain radius of himself.


Sapphire-The Synthetic Star
Possessed by: Julian Maverick

Current Stage: 1

Class: Covert

Type: Permanent

Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process.

Possess the ability to hack systems by touch. The more advanced the longer contact must be kept

Stage 2: Here. another small increase to physical abilities. Skin becomes a hardened alloy armor with a small electric current running though it making it extremely strong and disabling pain receptors. Voice box is replaced by a sound emitter. Hearing is replaced by a short range radar. Antenna serve has access point to hack into a system. Blades mounted on the wrists, ankles, and back are capable of sending a massive electric current through and can cut through most materials.

Important notes: The smallest drop of water can cause a complete shutdown. Antenna are frail and must be protected. 



Other Info

Atlantis Corporation
Main Source of Income: Food and Medicine
Military: Highly Trained humans with top of the line vehicles and gear from other companies

Main City: Atlantica
Space Port: Pacifica
Crime: Low
Maverick Industries
Main Source of Income: Mechs and energy based weapons
Military: Mechs with Maverick tech

Main City: Milson
Space Port: Marshell
Crime: Low
Ark Enterprises
Main Source of Income: Zombie soldiers and performance enhancing drugs
Military: Zombie soldiers armed with Kiason ballistic and S.B.D. explosive weapons
Main City: Oberan
Space Port: Noah
Crime: Mid
Kiason Association
Main Source of Income: Augmented clones and ballistic based weapons
Military: clones armed with ballistics, S.B.D. explosives, Hazard vehicles

Main City: Mantilla
Space Port: Jacken
Crime: Low

Diane Company
Main Source of Income: Jewelry and Clothing
Military: Kiason Clones with Maverick tech

Main City/Space Port: England
Crime: Low
Note: City and Space Port have been combined

Third Commonwealth
Main Source of Income: little bit of everything
Military: Maverick Mechs and tech

Main City: Congress
Crime: Mid

Main Source of Income: Explosives
Military: Maverick Mechs and Ark Zombies with Maverick tech
Main City: The Base

Crime: Mid

Baclave Inc.
Main Source of Income: Augmentations
Military: Atlantis Mercs and Atlantis gear
Main City: Tesla

Crime: Mid

Hazard Team Labs
Main Source of Income: Civilian and Military vehicles
Military: A mixture of all
Main City: Deadman's Drop

Crime: Low

Blockers Services
Main Source of Income: Prison
Military: Neutral Stance but a mixture of all

Main City: Stalwart
Crime: None

Note: Main City is one massive skyscraper that serves as a prison

Euro Guild
Main Source of Income: minerals and stones
Military: self trained and armed militia.

Main City: Port Euro
Crime: High

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