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Not an intro? You decide.

Lady Macaoidh

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It's been a long time, Otakus. I used to be somebody else, but there's still enough of her left in me to be recognizable. 




I didn't know Queen Asuka/Tori was wondering what happened to me. I wish I could answer her. 




I can tell you this, though. I fulfilled one of my ultimate geographical destinations from my Adam's Angels profile: When the Egyptian Revolution hit at the beginning of 2011, I had to go. There was too much at stake, and I will always want to be in the middle of it. We are dismantling the system one cog or bolt at a time. I left for Arab Spring in 2011, and am sitting in Cairo as we speak. The Muslims will start calling for prayer, soon, from the mosques and through the neighborhoods. You should hear it. It's eerie, when it's so dark and quiet out there. Maybe I can take a vid. They are a strange--for an American--group of people to me, full of calm and resolve, in it for the long haul toward, they believe, a promised future that could be soon, or might take centuries... or might not happen at all. I wish we could get some of that mentality back in the US. We're going to figure it out, the youth. And as soon as I locate the Akashic Records from Giza, from the ruins of the pyramids or the Sphinx, I'll return to America. You'd better be ready when I get back, because the country is about to be ours. The old men will retire, the old ways will die out, Assange & Snowden could be rescued, the sky's the limit. Don't let anybody talk you out of acting on your convictions. Don't compromise for position, praise, power, money... ANY of it. That's the first thing a politician does. It's what Obama certainly did--play nice to people you disagree with so they'll become assets & do what you want.The old parties are crumbling.

It will be our job to pick up the pieces and right wrongs.

So be ready when the time comes. Don't ask me how to spot it. You'll have no problem recognizing when to go active.

Not exactly an intro, but not NOT and intro, either. I hope I don't get in trouble.

I guess I'll have to hope James is in a good mood. <3 Noryko Angelcry says hi. :)

And maybe, no one will ever care about this post. That's the beauty of suspense. 

Love to you all,

P.S. This format is totally foreign to me from how it was the last time I was here, so bear with me. Nothing of mine stays a boring back & white for long.

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Hello and welcome back! I see you're posting from a new account and I'm assuming that's because you can't remember the password for the old one? If so, we can definitely get you back on your original account. If you'd like to do this, PM me and we'll go over what you need to do ^_^

I wasn't really around for Adam's Angels, unfortunately, but I do remember the group and it's awesome seeing those sites again!

It sounds like you're having quite the incredible experience. A video would definitely be welcome if you could make that happen.

As for this being an intro or not, you're fine. James isn't around much these days, though he pokes his head in every once in a while. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you.

And yeah, we switched software after VBulletin changed pretty much everything about themselves (most notably, their licensing) so there's definitely some adjustment that needs to happen.

But again, welcome back!
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Sounds impressive and certainly a lot more useful than the face full of tear gas we got at UN protests. Nice inspirational words too. I think our generation needs to step up to the plate again and get involved, but it's so hard to become motivated with so many distractions. Meep. 

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