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Reality Realms: The False Flag

Darks Anthro

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((Note to all players: I will be stating in all capitals on what part of the role play we will be doing such as REALMS or REAL LIFE. Realms means the game and Real Life means your real world character. So the first posts are to be of the game so post as your in-game character first. We'll get to the real life characters soon.))


It was a quiet afternoon in the rain forests of Southern Temporal. Birds in the distant chirp as the woods is crawling with life from the ants to large animals. This area is perfect for hunting deer and elk as well as gathering herbs that only grow in the humid rain forest floors under massive trees. One only need to climb a tree to the top of the canopy and look out to the west where the arid desert resides. It was a strange realm to be sure of as rain forests hug against deserts of sand and heat. Swamp lands in the southeast section of the realm are surrounded by rain forests and dotted with many small villages just above the swamp waters. Phansom was sitting up off the ground on top of a fallen tree with bow in hand. Deer meat, pelts, and antlers are in high demand in a small town in the nearby desert and she took a job to hunt down a few deer for a local restaurant owner. The order is for as much meat as she can bring back and the rest of the deer is free to be sold off at her leisure. 


Of course it was very quiet and that usually a bad omen for many hunters. A few deer have grazed in a spot where the canopy lets in lots of light and grass to grow in the fertile ground of the forest floor but they where too young and small to be hunted. Phansom was waiting for several large deer with massive antlers to enter the area as they where perfect for collection. A few five-point bucks and lots of doe's with their fawns graze on the soft green grass on and off for a few hours as she waited. She only needed three good bucks to make her goal plus the pelts and antlers would be worth a lot in the main city. It was getting into the mid afternoon before a few 13 point bucks strolled into the area. The humidity was also getting higher and she knew it would rain soon. She had the wind blowing towards her so her scent wouldn't give her away but the deer could hear a twig snap a good distance away so she moved carefully.


Carefully she crept closer and closer to the two massive bucks. Drawing a plain arrow from her quiver gently as not to cause loud noises and place it on the draw string. It took an hour to get close enough to them and a few more minute to draw her bow. In her mouth was a second arrow as the first gets fully drawn. The first buck was the farthest away and thus her first target. She waited...for the right timing to release the arrow knowing that she will need to draw and fire the second arrow in seconds. Clouds rolled over and a few birds flew off giving her the sound cover she was waiting for then releases the first arrow. Soon as it was released and on it's way to the farthest buck. She drops the second plain arrow into her right hand and draws it back. The twing of her bow echos slightly and it was enough for the bucks to stop grazing.


As the farthest buck is struck with her first arrow. The second arrow was on it's way to the closest buck while it looks at it's fallen friend. She moved quickly as the second arrow hits the second buck but was just off by an inch to  the upper tight of the bucks heart. It stumbles as it tries to run away while she draws one of her daggers. Closing in to finish the job before it could get away and bleed out in the forest filled with other predators. As it started to make it's bolt to the forest, She grabs it by the neck and attempts to drag it down. The buck had more muscle and drags her along for the ride but with the added weight and with it bleeding out. It couldn't run fast and it gave her the short window to take her dagger and drag the razor sharp edge of the blade across the throat hard. Cutting it open and causing it to fall to the ground. It bleed out in seconds instead of agonizing minutes. 


She stood over her kill and whistles loudly to call her equine hiding out nearby. The large equine galloped to her with a large cart behind it. It slowed to a stop next to her and she ruffled the equine's mane as praise for it coming to her before struggling to pull the heavy dead buck onto the cart. As it plops onto the cart, she lets out a heavy grunt and sits down at the edge of the cart. Taking a flask to drink from it as she points to the other dead buck for the equine to walk to. The equine pulls the cart with her and a dead buck on it. She leans over to grab the arrow stuck in it's flesh. She grunts yanking it out before sitting back down. The arrow was still usable and so she cleaned it off with some water before enchanting it with an ice effect. She then sticks into the dead buck on the cart to slow down the decomposition of it's meat before the equine stops a few feet from the second dead buck.


The fight with the wounded buck and getting it onto the cart really took a lot of stamina so she taps the large equine's shoulder and pointed to the second dead buck then to the cart. The large equine nodded and went to retrieve it. The equine is a big lug but can't talk. It was an npc who ran into debt problems and they took his tongue as payment. Though he couldn't talk, he more then made up for it for understanding a lot of gestures and pure brute strength. Evident as he lifts the dead buck with more ease then she did. He placed it on the cart and she did the same with the arrow as the first dead buck. Enchanting it with ice properties and sticking it back into the buck to preserve it as the equine hooks himself back up to the cart and they make their way back to the desert city a few miles west into the desert.


As they make a two hour trek back to the small town. She notices a Hawk flying overhead. She shrugged it off as they get closer to the town. She enjoyed the heat being cold blooded. Though the equine seemed to be having trouble with the arid heat so she took her flask of water and poured it all over his head. He gave of a whinnie as a sign of thanks as they rolled into two. The Hawk that's been following them for the past hour or so flew over head still. They pulled up to the restaurant as the owner comes out. Inspecting the two bucks before handing her a bag full of credits. The equine took the bucks into the butcher's room for a few minutes before returning with the pelts and antlers. As she made her way with her reward and items from the restaurant, the hawk lands in front of her carrying a letter with her name on it.


She knelt down and took the letter then gave the Hawk a few credits before it flew off towards others on it's list. The letter looked important as it had a seal from a high level npc. At first she thought nothing of it as she walked through the town till curiosity got the better of her and decided to open the letter. It felt like paper only the royalty would use and it had very good hand writing. She reads it while sitting ontop of a rock that has been heated up by the sun. It was written in a very formal manor.


                         "Dear Phansom;


                               We require your unique skill for a very profitable quest. Enclosed is a map of the Capital City with the area where we are to meet to discuss the finer details of the quest. Also enclosed is credits to cover a one way trip via carriage. Please meet us at 6:30pm sharp alone."



It was signed by a seal rather then a signature of one of the royal families in the realm and she decided to see if it was legit. Taking the next carriage to the capital city was going to take some time and thus logged off for the night as the carriage continued on it's way.



((Ok this is to explain what you where doing before getting the letter and heading to the capital city. Have fun.))

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Nyxix let out a sigh as he lay down on the grass by his tent. He had just completed a rather long training session with an estimated twelve newbs. "Going to need to hunt for food" he said with another sigh as he stood up and equipped his recurve bow and some arrows. "Looks like I'll need some new dark energy arrows soon" he commented to nobody in particular as he looked over his equipment to see their damage levels were. He set out from his campsite into the nearby woods in search of prey. He paused to take a closer look at a set of tracks in the mud. ~looks like it's wolf stew tonight~ he thought as he followed the tracks to their source. Within a mile of his encounter with the tracks, he spotted his prey, who was doing some hunting of their own. ~a solitary wolf, now that's a rare sight indeed. I wonder if they'll ever create a patch to allow you to tame wild animals soon~ he wondered as he quickly knocked and drew an arrow, aiming for the wolf. As he released, a hawk dove from the sky and swooped towards him. It realized too late that it was on an intercept course with the arrow as it flew towards the wolf, striking the hawks heart and continued on it's path to strike the wolf in it's left breast as it turned to see what the commotion was about. Nyxix took all this in quickly as he quick fired another arrow at the now oncoming wolf, this time taking it down. He then set about cleaning his kills before he made his way back to camp. He decided to read the letter the hawk had for him as he let the wolf stew simmer. ~looks like I'll have to postpone training for the time being~ he thought with some sadness while he laid down and logged off for the night.


Invisible sat on a park bench and accessed his memory banks to see what he was doing wrong. He usually didn't have this much trouble with getting somebody, even an NPC, into his bed for the night. Today it seemed as if his luck had finally run out on him. ~might as well head into the suburbs~ he thought as he returned his vision to its normal settings and headed down the road that led to the lower class end of town. ~there's always a boy or two that's willing to sell himself, or so i'm told~ he thought as he started down the maze of alleys and roads that made up the slums as the town called it. just as he spotted his intended prey, a hawk landed on his shoulder and started to nag him about some stupid letter that it had for him. he quickly took the letter, and after he gave the hawk a stale piece of jerky, threw it forcibly into the sky. he quickly scanned the letter, put it in his pack, and looked up to see that his intended partner for the night was standing in front of him. he smiled and put his arm around the boys shoulders and followed him into the hotel he had stood in front of. ~Looks like my luck just changed~ he thought with a triumphant smile.

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Trees tumbled with ease in the forest below the Highlands and the ground shook with tremors as hulking mass of fur, flesh, and rage chased down a small group of people. The behemoth had certainly seen better days but its injuries only drove it harder. The group it was in pursuit of was made of three people, two males and a female. The brown haired male stuck beside the blonde woman, both of them seeming to be of elven heritage. The third was a red haired human, and he seemed to be the main target of the behemoth. "Keep moving, you two. I'll keep it off of your backs. Whatever you do, do not stop unless we're clear. Alright?" the redhead called ahead. The two elves glanced over their shoulders with a hesitant nod. The redhead turned to a stop, bracing himself for the massive beast to strike. He raised his gauntlet, guarding the strike as well as he could. He slid back a few feet from the blow, using his broadsword to brace himself. "What's a high leveled creature doing in this part of the woods?" the man spoke to himself, emerald eyes staring at the grey monstrosity. With a bellow, the beast brought a massive paw down on the man, claws just glancing his crimson breastplate before receiving a slash from the knight's now burning sword.


I had best think of a quick way to end this. I'd hate to drag this out too long and have my stamina depleted just for some weakling to try and off me...Best to use its size to my advantage... The man thought to himself as he landed another burning slash to the monster's chest. I can't afford to let Hiro and Millia miss out on the experience or treasure either, so I guess I'd better do it sooner than later. He landed one more blow on the beast, causing it to reel back and lunge his fangs for the knight. This time, the knight struck the beast in the jaw, knocking it off balance before loosing a cone of fire into its jowls and filling its insides with flames. Within moments the beast fell with a large thud, smoking from its hardly recognizable orifices. With the flick of his sword, the flames extinguished before the blade returned to its scabbard. "This is unfortunate. I suppose there won't be much hide to salvage..."


"Enji!" the female's voice rang as the two elves approached. "Are you alright? Do you have any injuries I can tend to?" she asked.


Enji, shook his head, smiling behind his mask. "Nay, I'm fine, Millia. Are you and your brother alright?" he asked, looking between the two.


"Hiro and I are fine thanks to you, Enji," she replied, bowing her head.


"Aye, we owe you one, Blazeknight. I didn't think there were enemies this strong in these woods," Hiro said with a sigh.


"Unfortunately, you'll find gems like that once in a while. I'm just glad that the two of you are alright. You ought to head back to town and get some new equipment. It looks like you two both got stronger from that fight," Enji chuckled a bit. "I'll make sure you two make it back in one piece," he added, walking ahead of the elves. The siblings accepted his offer graciously, following him back to town. As they arrived and after some departing words, Enji left the party, seeing that he had some news from the Hawk Mailing System. He opened the letter carefully before reading over the formal notice.


"To Enji Hideki,

We are contacting you in hopes that you'll assist on a very profitable quest. We could certainly use your skill set. Included is a map of Capital City where we shall further discuss this quest. Also we have included enough credits to provide you transportation to the city. Come alone at 6:30 PM."


Enji raised an eyebrow. "What would I be needed for? Perhaps to help a few new players? Hm...Well, I suppose I should at least look into it. It can't hurt...hopefully," he said with a chuckle to himself. With little more thought to it, he boarded the next carriage to Capital City, taking the time to rest.

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*Yawns loudly in the middle of the market district* "Thanks for the ride into town, guys, and keep up the practice!" he said to the group of gypsies that he had hitched a ride with in exchange for some battle training.

He then made his way towards where they had built the hotels. ~God I hate planned communities, they lack originality and the creative flair that happens when people build where they want~ he thought as he kept a watchful eye on the crowd and a near-invisible guard on his coin pouch. "At least I can save the travel cost to use on room and board. it really was a miracle running across those guys when I did." he stopped to glance around and found a hotel near where he was standing. "well, That's convenient" he muttered as he made his way to book a room and wait for further contact from the mysterious letter sender.


Invisible sat on his horse overlooking the city while giving his horse a rest from the almost non-stop gallop he had made it do to arrive here as soon as he could. "So this is what they consider the highest standard of living?" he said with a scoff. ~better not keep this 'friend' waiting~ he gave the horse a gentle kick and started on his way down the hill and towards town to get this crazy  with. About twenty boring and long minutes later, he was tying up his horse in front of a hotel near the market district, since it would be easier to sleep and stock up on supplies if they were close together. ~now to wait and play puppet for some unknown master~ he thought with a hint of cynicism.

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Phansom awakes just as the carriage arrives at the Capital City. Phansom pays the carriage driver the fee before walking into the crowded city. Phansom hated being in crowded areas. More so when it's the capital city.

Phansom managed to grab a glance at the town's clock tower and it was nearing the appointed time for the person who sent the letter and herself to meet. Usually around this time of day. The changing of the guard would be happening. Less guards in the city but more of them at the guard house. But today it was very strange. Guards where everywhere and are rushing towards the keep at the northern sector of the city. Though it didn't concern her what the npc Knights where doing or what was going on. Phansom was only concerned about meeting the client and getting the quest then getting the heck out of this crowded city. Even if the population is 80% is npc, it was too crowded for her taste.


Phansom looked at the map and gets to where she needs to be. "Ok it's 6:29pm....I wonder who sent that letter..." Phansom was saying out loud but quiet enough not to be heard by anyone within earshot.


As the town's clock chimes once to notify it's half past the hour then a large commotion is coming towards Phansom's way. It was strange as a figure gets closer that's being chased by what would be considered a butt load of knights.

All Phansom could think is that: "Great..another thief trying to make a mark." Before she could get out of the way of the thief's escape path. The thief crosses paths and passes within inches of her. It was then that Phansom caught a glimpse at the thief. Her head turns to look more at the thief. It wasn't the fact that the thief didn't bother to avoid an obvious avoidable person. It was the fact that the thief looked as very similar to herself. Given the fact that the game mechanics for character customization will not allow another player nor npc to be a direct copy or clone of another character or npc. 


"Hey!" Phansom says outloud but the thief blasts by her as the thief doesn't even stop for a heart beat. "Hey you stop!" Phansom yells and was about to go after it before thirty knights surround her.


"Stop in the name of Her Majesty!" The Knight captain says as all knights drew their weapons and the knights on the roofs nearby notch their bows. "You are hear by under arrest for the theft of the Royal Jewels. Hand them over and you may only be imprisoned in Her Majesty's dungeon for a few years."


"Your making a huge mistake. The thief is getting away!" Phansom says pointing towards the south entrance.


"Silence thief!" The Knight Captain said. "Drop your weapons and come with us."


Phansom was now ticked off. She was being framed for a crime that she didn't do. Phansom scans the area and finds that the low end knights that make the bulk of the guard forces where the weakest was near the alleyway.

Phansom reached up and placed her hands behind her head. The knight captain smiles as he ordered his men to stand down but she wasn't reaching behind her head to surrender. It was to grab two arrows and infuse them with light energy. As Phansom senses the prime moment. Phansom hears a kid's laughter near the alleyway where she plans to escape into. Phansom looks straight at the kid but even staring directly at it. Phansom couldn't even see details of the kid's face. Phansom could see it was a kid around nine and is wearing a skirt. 


"Come play with me Phansom." The kid said as it runs between two knight guards and into the alleyway.


Phansom knew that she would be beheaded either way as what she is about to do would be enough for them to justify the order for the execution. Phansom took a deep breath before slamming one air onto the ground. Causing it to release the built up light energy. Resulting in a blinding flash of light that gave her time to push past the knights guarding the alleyway. Whistles blow once the flash of light subsides and the knights see that two of them are knocked over and their supposed thief has bolted. Phansom sees the little kid again as it turns right at a junction of alleyways. Phansom skids across the cobble ground and takes off after the kid. Using the second arrow, Phansom threw it up into the air before it flashes a bright light. Temporarily blinding knights on the roof as she stops at another juncture and looks around for the kid. 


The voice echos ahead. "Come play with me Phansom." The kid says.


Phansom bolts off towards the voice and the kid leads Phansom who in turn is leading the knights in a maze of back alleyways for thirty minutes before Phansom stops at a juncture that has three paths. One to her right, the other to her left, and the path she just came from. Knights are coming from the path behind Phansom and to the left of Phansom as well. The only choice is to go right and right Phansom goes but it was a dead end. Phansom was panting heavily as she stares at the brick wall. Phansom's stamina was nearing depletion and ran out of arrows along with her mana. The kid stands back to the wall and tilts her head with a smile.


"Come play." The kid said giggling as knights swarm down the alleyway.


Before Phansom could find a way out of this mess. Phansom sees the kid turn around and hold her hands out to the wall. Another flash of light which catches her and the knights gaining on her to stop and shield their eyes. The knights have slower recovery time so Phansom recovers sight first. Only to see the kid standing in front of a portal. The location on the other end is  haze and the kid smiles then giggles before walking into the newly created portal.

Phansom gets close to the portal then turns around to face the horde of knights. With no arrows, no mana, and low stamina. Phansom draws her twin daggers  then takes a stance.


"Phansom come play with me." The kid's voice echos in her ears. "Come through the portal and play with me."


The voice echos over and over as the knights inch closer. The portal begins to fluctuate as the mana used to open and stabilize it started to fade. Without a moment to loose. Phansom took a leap of faith and turned around then jumps into the portal just as it was collapsing. Ensuring that she couldn't be followed by the knights. It took a few seconds before Phansom was 'ejected' from the other end of the portal. Phansom hit the ground and slide a few feet before the portal collapses and vanishes. Phansom pushed herself off the ground before realizing that what she was about to dust off was snow.


"What the hell? Snow?" Phansom said before wrapping her arms around her chest. "Great and I don't have any mana left to feed my gear's enchantment." Phansom said before looking around. Spotting a house with a chimney that is bellowing smoke out of it. "And all the places I had to end up..." Phansom said starting to make the climb in the snow before looking over at other indents in the snow. About the same pattern to them as well. "Seems like I wasn't the only one who's been ejected here."


Phansom made her way up to the house on a hill overlooking a frozen lake and surrounded by pine trees. It was Phansom home away from home so to say as Phansom stops near a stump then kneels down. Taking a piece of bark off the dark spot near a hole before reaching inside to grab a bottle of mana potion to restore a bit of mana and thus getting the armor's heat enchant to work before she froze to death. It was a gift and a curse to be a cold blooded reptilian. For one, you didn't have to worry about dehydrating as much in arid or humid areas and could always soak up heat from sources like fires, the sun, and other things that gave heat off. But the downside is  that cold weather slows down the blood by freezing it making it thicker. If the reptile doesn't find a heat source fast. They could die.


Phansom finally made it to her home and noticed that tracks from the other indents in the snow near the lake also lead up to her home and she guessed they are the ones who started the firepit. Who ever they are, Phansom would enter the house from the back door and slowly move throughout the house with daggers drawn. Searching for the intruders.


((Ok read it carefully. The same thing happens to you at the appointed meeting time with the contact who sent you the letter. Enjoy.))

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As Enji's carriage came to a halt, he sat forward and paid the driver. "Appreciate the ride. Safe travels to you," he said, bowing his head as he closed the door behind him. The carriage drove off and Enji scanned the city. Capital City, hm? I don't remember the last time I was here... he thought to himself, scratching the back of his head. His gaze dropped to the map in his hand. He looked up to the clock which read 6:23. "At least I'm a bit early. It'll grant me enough time to get there so whoever sent this request for me won't have to wait." He followed the map's directions, keeping his guard up with the people of the city. His travels eventually brought him to an alley where he stopped, feeling a bit anxious. "Well, if this doesn't feel like a setup then I don't know what does..." he said quietly to himself, resting his hand on the pommel of his broadsword.


As Enji advanced through the alley he could hear a bit of a scuffle, and then shouting followed. "Hold it right there!"


"Don't let him get away, he just assaulted an NPC!" another voice shouted.


"I'd better halt him then," Enji said, drawing his broadsword as he heard a set of armored feet running toward him. "Hold!" Enji shouted as the man jumped over Enji's reach. Enji paused briefly, staring in confusion as the man kept running. The man who looked just like him. "What in the name of-"


"You'd better run too unless you want them to catch you for assaulting that NPC, Enji..." the figure said with a laugh. "Try and keep up!" he called back, disappearing around the corner.


"There he is!" came from the end of the alley as a group of knights pointed at Enji.


As I expected...a setup... I'd better catch that doppelganger and get some answers out of him... he thought to himself. With a quick turn he fled from the knights. As he rounded the same corner, his gaze caught sight of a young red-haired boy. "Are you lost? There are a bunch of knights heading this way and you shouldn't get caught i-"


"Come play, Enji. I'll show you the way," the young boy spoke with a smile. His emerald eyes bored into Enji's before he took off ahead of him.


Enji shook his head. "What in heaven's name is going on?" as the words escaped his lips he heard the knights gaining ground on him. Seeing little other choice, he pursued the child until he was out of the knight's view and looking at a portal with the child in front of it before he jumped through. "How did...?"


"I think he went this way!" came from close by.


"No option it seems..." Enji said to himself as he braced himself and leapt through. When he emerged he found himself face-first in inches of snow. "Ugh...where am I?" he asked himself, gathering himself to his feet. He looked around, taking in his surroundings before the cold hit him. "Well, at least I should have enough mana to hold the cold off for a little bit..." he said, armor warming him enough to get some kind of distance. Within some walking, he could tell his stamina was beginning to go faster since his mana was about gone. "Gotta find some kind of shel...ter...?" he raised his eyebrow, seeing a cottage ahead of him. "That seems too convenient...But I won't last in this cold long enough to find anywhere else..." The Blazeknight made his way up to the door and knocked. "Hello? Is anyone here?" he asked, and didn't hear an answer. After further silence, he made his way through the door with as little force as necessary. He looked around for anybody and when he found no one, he decided to go try and warm the place up. He saw an unlit fire pit and a bundle of wood, loading the wood in before igniting it with what mana he had left.


He exhaled softly, taking a seat on the floor near the pit. "What did I get myself into...?" he asked no one in particular with a sigh.

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Nyxix let out a sigh as he made his way from the market area to the designated place. ~It's a good thing I memorized that map, otherwise I'd be lost by now~ he was happy with the items he found in the market, finding that many of his arrows in one place was definitely good luck. he looked up from the pack he was poking around in to see that he was nearing his destination. Something about the alley he was headed for didn't feel right to him, so he took out his bow and loosely knocked an arrow in case he needed it. As he made his way slowly down the alley, the sound of pursuit reached his ears. he quickly drew his arrow and released it when he caught a glimpse of the hooded figure that was headed towards him. He wasn't sure what made him pause on his next arrow, the fact that the figure dodged it faster than normal or the fact that the figure's face looked EXACTLY like his, something that the game would never allow.


"Better luck next time" he said before he ran past the stunned Nyxix. Nyxix barely recovered his senses by the time he realized that he was surrounded by a bunch of knights. he didn't even listen to what hey were saying, something about stolen jewels. He darted towards the only exit he saw, the alley. After he had quickly taken down the three knights who were blocking his path, he ran like his life depended on it. ~which it just might~ he thought grimly as he raced ahead of the pursuing knights. He paused when he came to a fork in the road as the alley split in two different direction that led away from the knights.


"Come play with me Nyxix! Come, play" a child's voice said from his right. he looked to find the image of a child standing down the alley, but he couldn't make out any details, save for the fact that it appeared to be a boy. ~What the heck, I might as well, it'll give me someplace to hide~ he thought as his feet carried him towards the child, who ran on ahead of him. He wasn't sure where the child had gone but he was still being led by the child's calls to play with him. he stopped when he saw that the child had led him to a dead end.


"Great! now what?" he asked himself aloud. he turned sharply when he heard the footsteps of a group of heavily armed people heading his way. he quickly glanced at the child and then back towards the alley where knights could be seen drawing their blades. he suddenly felt a blast of cold air on his back, and upon turning to see what had caused it, saw that the child had opened a portal to, well somewhere.


"Come play with me!" the child said before he disappeared into the portal. Nyxix quickly followed suit and found himself lying on snow where his wild dive had left him.


"Well, that was unexpected." he muttered as he took in his surroundings. there was a cabin up on a hill above him with smoke coming out of the chimney. "Maybe that's where the kid went" he thought aloud as he started on his way towards the cabin, not bothering to use any magic to keep him warm until the cold would be too much for him to handle. He made it to the front door just as the sun was starting to set. "Well, here goes nothing" he muttered as he knocked on the door.

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Invisible quickly made his way through what he considered a mashed up pile of refuse that they called a Capital City. he much preferred to go it alone in the wilds, with maybe a companion for the nights. as he neared the designated point, he stopped and looked at the clock. 6:29. ~I'm early, so where's this puppet master that I'm supposed to meet, or is it going to be another puppet?~ he silently asked himself as he got closer to one of the buildings that made up one side of an alley. "I'm here, so where are you?" he called aloud. There was only silence that answered him. a few moments later the clock chimed the half hour mark, nearly drowning out the sound of running footsteps coming from down the alley. "What the...?" he asked as he went to investigate. he made out a cloaked man, who was making a beeline right for him. "Do you need... help?" he asked as he stopped dead in his tracks when he made out the face under the hood. His.


"You better run if you don't want to be executed" the copy said with an amused smile as he dashed past Invisible. almost as if it were a cue, City Knights came pouring out of the alley to surround Invisible.


"Give us back the stolen items, and we may go easy on you." said the Knight that was obviously in charge.


"I haven't stolen anything. but if you insist on harassing me, I'll steal your life away." he said calmly. ~well, now we went from the frying pan and into the depths of the underworld. Smooth~ he thought as he stared blankly at the head knight.


"Now you're threatening me? You really have no brains. You're going down thief." the Knight said, his tone overflowing with confidence.


"Sir, I recognize this man. This is Invisible, an assassin with a 30K bounty for his arrest." said another one of the Knights.


"And I'm getting out of here" Invisible said as he made a quick dash towards the alley, slaying the two knights that stood in his way. on his mad dash down the apparently long alley he spotted a young girl.


"Come play with me, Invisible." the girl said in a sing-songish way. Invisible barely stopped when he picked her up as he felt an arrow fly past his head.


"Not right now, little one." he said as he carried her in front of him to shield her from the arrows. he paused when the alley split. He looked at the little girl when she tugged on his shoulder.


"Let's play over there!" she said with a smile as she pointed to his right.


"It's better than standing around like a sitting duck." he said as he started running down the alley, only to stop before he ran them both into a dead end. he set the girl down and stood in front of her.


"Stay behind me, it'll be safer for you there" he said as he prepared himself for the inevitable fight and loss that was coming. ~If I'm going down, I'm taking as many with me as I can!~ he thought angrily.


"Caught you like the cornered rat you always were." said the head knight when they finally caught up with him. "This is going to be fun."


"Invisible, I want to play!" the little girl said as she touched the wall behind him. "Come, I want to play." invisible quickly took in his situation. he then grabbed the girl and jumped through the portal. as the portal closed, he checked around him to see where he had landed. He was shocked to see that the little girl had vanished.


"Little one, where are you?" he called out. as he searched for her, he found tracks in the snow that led up the hill to a wood cabin that had smoke pouring from its chimney. ~Maybe that's where she went.~ he thought as he used his mana to warm up his armor. "Can't have my servos freezing on me, now can we?" he asked himself aloud as he  started on his way to the cabin. He arrived at the cabin's wood shed near dusk. "Where is she?" he asked himself quietly as he stopped moving when his mana had depleted itself. "Better get inside quick." he muttered as he urgently made his way towards the back of the cabin, and towards the warmth that he needed.

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