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Somewhat current artwork


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I haven't posted any artwork here in years! I used to love posting my drawings and graphics here.

Anyway, these are random drawings that I've done over the past year or so. I haven't had a working scanner in five years, so these pictures were taken with my iPod. So I do apologize. After I moved out I've moved every year, and through that time I never had a consistent computer set up. Now my scanner is outdated...

The first image I did in a notebook for a college English class. It's a Muay Thai fighter.

The second is various Dragonball Z sketches. Vegeta is actually a couple years old, I just used the same page for the other characters.

This is just a random drawing.

This one looks better in color, but I don't have that on my iPod.

The last image was actually a gift for my friend's baby shower. I used the wrapping paper inside out and drew a picture in each little square. There's more squares filled than what is shown but I won't bore you with that...

I have a lot more, but I don't take a picture of all my art, these i just happened to have on my iPod so i thought I would share them.
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