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Bleach: Spirit Age


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â??Captain Ayasegawaâ??s team has already left then?â? Saburou asked.


â??Yes, he and the Lieutenant from squads 2 through 12 have been dispatched to handle then spirit generators.â? The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 looked down from the balcony to the trial stage where Rukia Kuchikiâ??s examination was taking place. â??I am keeping Rangiku here to help manage the workload from the squads who are now lacking their second in commands and Rukia was spared because we need to get this vacant captainâ??s seat filled as soon as possible.â?


â??A shame you didnâ??t ask me to go on a raid to the human world. Iâ??d love to take another trip to France. Itâ??s much more tranquilâ? Saburou said.


â??Yes the Sagawara estate has been very busy with the coming and goings of nobles these daysâ?¦ Almost like they are plotting somethingâ? Momo Hinamori was among the captains that were here to witness the examination and ensure that it went off without a hitch.


Chinatsu, Eriko, and Isamo Kuchiki accompanied by a group of guards and servants had also made an appearance this morning to watch Rukia show case her skills before the other captains. Captain Commander Hitsugaya had requested the presence of as many captains at the event as possible. He was worried that something was amiss and wanted as many hands on deck in such an event.


â??Have you been spying on us?â? The captain of squad 8 smirked â??If you have been then you should know that we are always up to something. People come and go from our house all the time.â?


â??One does not need to spy on your family to know that they are planning to use the political turmoil to elevate their positionâ?


Saburou smiled at captain Hinamori â??We are a greedy buchâ?


Sending Sagawara should have been considered more. He is the one captain most likely to side with Chinatsu but if he is out in the field he wonâ??t have any hand in the fall out of promoting. I thought keeping him close and under surveillance would be enough but no one in his family has been caught meeting with anyone from any of the parties involved. Which in itself is strange, since the rest of the captains did. Hitsugaya looked over to Saburou â??Yumichikia was sent because his Shikai can render the spirit based weapons the humans have useless without killing the soldiers using them. The goal of his mission is to restore balance, not level the city.â?


â??Plus he has been moody ever since Ikkaku died. He has always been much more skilled than he let on but since Arashi took over Squad 11 and Ikkaku pasted he has really been on point. I was surprised he even asked for the recommendation to become captainâ?¦ I always thought he was going to stay in Squad 11.â? Hisagi said. It was pretty public knowledge that during Ichigoâ??s invasion Yumichika was able to defeat him even though he was only a 5th seat at the time and Hisagi was a lieutenant. â??Best to give him something to do instead of  watching him try to redecorate the entire Sereitei.â?


A sudden drop in temperature ended the conversation.


â??Bankai, Hakka no Togameâ? Rukiaâ??s release command reached up to the balcony the captains sat seconds before the white mist blasted through the entire area. As the mist cleared the demonstration mannequins began to crumble. The sound shattering of ice filled the air.

â??Another Ice type, how originalâ? Saburou chimed. People seemed to be revealing their bankai in his presence a lot lately. Fumitaka had just told him the night before that the Shihoin family had found a secret stash of old technologies developed by Kisuke Urahara, one of which helped Fumitaka achieve his bankai in only a few days.


â??They are completely different abilities, the Comanderâ??s Hyorinmaru creates and shapes massive amounts of ice. Rukiaâ??s lowers the temperature of herself and the surroundings.â? Hinamori countered.


â??True, and Rukiaâ??s power makers her almost immune to restraint or physical damage that doesnâ??t completely shatter her body. Iâ??ve seen her refreeze an arm that had been blasted off her torsoâ?¦ Granted it took a lot of work to properly attach it after the fightâ? Renji who had been excited for Rukia to join him as a captain announced proudly â??Hyorinmaru might make enough ice to cover the whole Sereitei but Rukiaâ??s power is the coldest to ever exist.â? Renji smacked the back of Saburouâ??s head. â??Idiotâ?

â??Awww donâ??t do that!â? said a frowning Saburou.


â??Itâ??s beautiful!â? echoed throughout the arena. Isamo Kuchiki had never seen a Bankai release before and Rukiaâ??s was regarded as the most beautiful of all.


â??I have seen enough Lieutenant Kuchiki. Please give me a few days to consider.â? Rukia bowed her head. Hitsugaya got to his feet â??Watch out for her until she is safeâ? Then he flash stepped away.


â??Until sheâ??s safe? She lives in the same house as these people. You think she wonâ??t be safe her bankai is activated? We all know she is more than qualified to fill the position. He speaks of urgency to fill the position but then wonâ??t grant it to herâ? Saborou questions. He glanced at the Kuchiki family who had also gotten to their feet and were making their way towards the exit.


â??What Shiro meant was, donâ??t let them try to challenge Rukia to a fight right now. I guess the commander was too subtle for you to follow huh?â? The captain of the 5th squad said. Saburou frowned â??Rukiaâ??s bankai is hard to use and after the initial temperature drop she is canâ??t keep it activated for too long. Also the thawing process is time consuming and takes a lot of concentration. She canâ??t fight while doing it. Also even after she is thawed back to normal she canâ??t use her abilities again for a while for fear of damaging her body.â?


â??Yeah, we have all seen her in battle before. We know this stuffâ? Renji said. He looked just as confused as Saburou.


â??One of the ways to become a captain is to kill the current captain in front of witnesses from the squad. If Shiro had named her captain now itâ??s likely Eriko would have followed her back to the Squad 6 barracks and challenged her for her captainship. Rukia wouldnâ??t be able to use her full strength in battle having just displayed it for us now. Eriko is a Kido master- it would have been a one sided fight with Rukia unable to use her Zanpakuto.â?


â??But the captain commander didnâ??t say whether or not she got the position. He will probably wait to announce it until Rukiaâ??s back to full force.â? Hisagi pitched in. Renji and Saburou looked at each other with blank expressions.

â??Right and delaying keeps Chinatsu in check because she doesnâ??t know whether or not she is now the captain. Any plan that she has incase Rukia does get it will be on hold until they know for sure. Even the Kuchikiâ??s wonâ??t challenge the might of the Gotei 13 without the support of some of the captains and we all turned her down.â? Momo shot a dirty look at Saburou. She continued â??Thatâ??s why he left in a hurry. So he didnâ??t have to speak with her. He probably wonâ??t return to his office for a few days eitherâ?¦ or will be in uninterruptable meetings until he thinks Rukia will be strong enough to deal with whatever Chinatsu throws at her.â?


â??I get itâ? Renji said proudly â??We are staying to guard Rukia until she has finished thawing and gets her power back. Then the Kuchikiâ??s wonâ??t have anyone that can beat herâ?¦ except another captainâ? Now Renji was giving Saburou the dirty look. â?? so WE are ALL going to watch Rukia for a while. Combat or assassination is really the only way Chinatsu can deal with Rukia, her shikai makes poisoning her impossible.â?


â??And Rukia can handle assassins or a direct challengeâ?¦ so we will watch her until sheâ??s thawed and ready to use her bankai again. I got yaâ? Saburou said. It was annoying that the others thought that Chinatsu had gotten to him already when in reality his family was not sure who to back, Chinatsu, Rukia, or Fumitaka. Every prevalent family in the Seireitei were trying to hedge their bets on which one of the three contenders would actually get run of the family and its resources when everything was all said and done.  I suppose it makes sense that they all suspect me as the one captain out of 12 that would go against the Comanderâ??s wishes to promote Rukia. I probably would fight her if it meant my familyâ??s future was secured.  He looked own at Rukia, Renji and Hisagi were now by her side congratulating her.  â??So Captain Hinamori, should we go and guard our soon to be peer?â? He flashed an over the top smile at Momo and flash stepped down to join the others.


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"What a noisy bunch you are. But that aside, that was a rather impressive display." Ari said as he stood up from the corner he had been sitting in for the whole demonstration. He hadn't even paid much attention to Rukia's show, but rather had been watching Chinatsu the entire time. He moved to stand next to Momo. "I see that I wasn't the only to disregard her obvious attempts at gaining support for her power play. She's a crafty one, having all those contingency plans in place for all the Captains." he sighed, looking at her. "What's your opinion of this?" he asked, an easy smile on his lips as he looked at Rukia as she talked with the others. Guess I didn't need to be so concerned for her safety, at least not immediately. It really was a stroke of luck to find some of Dad's research, though he could've just told em plainly that he left it there instead of hiding it in that stupid riddle of his.

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Miyako dashed across the rooftops, small beads of sweat falling from her hairline as she held tightly onto Raikan. Catching sight of another captain she dropped down and smiled as she saw it was Chiniiro. 

"Aren't you gonna go to Rukia's thing?"
He looked over at her briefly before he was gone with a flash step, pursing her lips she let out a small huff and returned to making her way towards her destination. She let her mind wander slightly as she continued on her course. It was only a few days ago that the Kuchiki messenger had come to her and the fact that they had threatened her brother worried her that they might do something to Rukia during her test. She increased her speed with a slight growl as the thought angered her. 

'The old woman wouldn't be that stupid would she?'

Her worry mounted more as she began to get closer and saw that no one was around. Landing lightly on her feet she looked around the seats and sighed. She'd missed it. 


She smiled as she spotted another of her captains and ran over. 

"Ari! Did I miss the excitement?"
He looked at her with an almost bored expression as he nodded.

"Yeah, you did. As usual your late. Your brother keep you or something?"
Miyako felt a blush steal across her cheeks as she looked away. 
"N-No..I uh...I got lost."
He sighed and shook his head at her. It was no secret that Miyako had a terrible sense of direction, even with her keen sense of smell and hearing she normally got turned around very easily. She sighed and hung her head in shame. 
"You've lived here how long and you still get lost?"
She knelt down and began to draw doodles in the dirt in a childish fashion.

"Yeah. I know. I'm hopeless."
He chuckled slightly.

"That's an understatement. So why were you trying to rush here for anyway?"
 She stood up again with a smile.

"I was worried about Rukia, since that creepy old lady sent someone to try and bribe me I was afraid she'd try some thing stupid."
He nodded.

"Yeah I think a lot of us were. But everything went smoothly for the time being. We'll see with how things progress though."
Miyako nodded and put her hand back on Raikan, she had a very close relationship with her zanpaktou, she cared for it and seemed to be able to connect with it on a different level than most other shinigami. Sighing she scratched the back of her neck and shook her head. 
"I get a feeling of unease everytime I think about this."
"Your not the only one. I think a lot of us feel that way."
She nodded at Ari and put a hand on her shoulder. 
"I have paperwork that needs done, if anything happens let me know."
He waved her off as she flash stepped away and began to head back to her office. Her face etched in a frown. The test would have been the perfect place to get Rukia out of the way, but now the only way would either be direct combat or assassination. Both of which worried Miyako more than she'd like to admit since Ruki lived under the same roof as the crazy old bird. Sighing she continued on her way back to her office, she arrived after get turned around once or twice and entered her office feeling a tic enter her jaw instantly as she saw her chair swinging back and forth.
"Sol...how many times do I have to tell you stay out of my seat?"
Her bother spun around and looked up at her with a smile and she felt her heart leap as she saw him donned in the black and white shinigami uniform. 
"You passed?"
He laughed and nodded running his hand through his short cut brown hair.
"You doubted me?"
"Not at all, who are you under?"
"Not sure yet they haven't given me a squad, but I'm really hoping its not under the psycho."

Miyako laughed and pulled a small bottle of sake down from a shelf and a couple of small cups. 
"Arashi isn't so bad. Just strict."
"Yeah, and crazy."
She laughed again as she poured them each a cup and put the sake back on the shelf. Taking him a cup she held her own up.

"There are a few strict captains, but all of them are okay in their own ways."
He took his drink and shook his head as he raised his cup to her's.

"Don't you have anything bad to say about anyone?"
She laughed and sipped her drink as she fell into easy conversation with her brother, her mind still on the problem at hand with Rukia as she glanced outside and noted the red tint to the sun, an ominous sign. 

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He looked around at all the departing Captains. "Guess i better go too." he mumbled after his chat with Miyako. "Anyways, it was good to see all the support for Rukia." he said, flash stepping away. He made his way towards his office before he had an idea and changed course to head to Hitsugaya's office. "I should ask if it would be a good opportunity to keep an eye on Rukia under the guise of a party." he mused aloud as he stopped in front of the office door and knocked. "Ari Shihoin, I wanted to discuss something with you." he said, waiting for an answer.

(Sorry about he length, i don't like controlling other's characters)

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He crossed his arms over his chest after brushing the hair from his face. Crimson eyes set on the charade the captains were putting on for Rukia as Chiniiro sighed. What a bunch of bull... They shoulda just given her the friggin' spot. Not like she doesn't deserve it... Chiniiro shook his head, uncrossing his arms as the ceremony ended. "Whatever...hate to get involved in this kinda garbage anyway..." he said to himself as he hopped down from the tower he was observing from and landed on the ground lightly. Just hope she joins the ranks in one piece if they let her in, he thought, walking toward Rukia and those that were with her. "Kuchiki-chan. Congratulations, hopefully," he said, giving a light wave before bowing his head to the others.


"Ah, Metsuki-san. Glad to see you could join us. And thank you," Rukia said with a smile. "I'm a little surprised you showed up for this, honestly."


"Yeah, you are something of a loner, ya know?" Renji said with a chuckle but stopped as soon as Chiniiro's eyes narrowed to slits. "Hey, hey! Relax, man. I was just messing with ya."


Chiniiro grumbled, shaking his head. "Yeah, yeah. So what's the plan now? You think the Kuchiki house is gonna take this laying down?"


"Unlikely," Saburou said with a slight frown. "But we have no intention of letting them do things the way they want to if we can do anything about it."


Hinamori nodded. "I'm sure everything will work out, but it's probably best we keep on our guards just in case."


"I'm sorry that you all feel like you have to protect me. I hate to be a burden..." Rukia said with a sigh.


"You're not a burden. You're gonna be one of our peers and you're the best person for the position. I'll be damned if anything happens to screw that up, got it?" Chiniiro said, eyes narrow again before turning away from the others. "I'll keep eyes and ears out on my end. Give me a holler if you guys need me," Chiniiro said before walking ahead of the group. He intended to put his squad on alert in the worse case situation, but he'd rather handle things personally if they got out of hand.

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