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Stupid Things You Do


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So far I am 700 eggs in with another 300 to go before the odds say I should get my shiny pokemon. I have a 33% chance a crutial stat will get hit, rendering it unusable for battles, and I have to walk three miles to get the 4xO-Power bonus to speed up hatching. All this for an animation and a color swap.


Games make us want to do stupid things sometimes. The things you have to do aren't even fun or chalenging, but you do it anyways even though you know its pretty meaningless.


I payed for skins on LoL, got every heart piece in every zelda game (on basicly every play through), got every armor piece on Halo 3 (and unlocked all its achievements), I beat every optional boss in FFX, XII, XIII and now in XIII-2, I would reset the Fire Emblem Awakening save just to read all the different marriage texts, I collect every outfit in any game with a character creator so I can pick my favorite, and I overlevel every RPG character until fighting isn't even fun anymore.


What stupid stuff do you do in games?

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I used to play MMORPG Tibia with class mates when I was 14. They'd powerplay until at least level 60 or something, within days. I'd play steadily until level 12-18 and then I'd start trolling because my attention span for a storyless 2D game is apparently that long. 


Oh, and I used to boot up Golden Sun, just to hear the menu theme. The game was freaking awesome, but so was the menu theme.

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