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Carren Heart

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A virus has spend along the planet earth the year 2012, this alien virus simulates everything people, computers and even simple things like rocks and wall. Even at times the very air we breathe. No one seems to realize the danger of this alien virus as nothing is ever left after its wake only mysterious abandon towns. With a collective intelligence at its disposal the virus seems unstoppable the question is can man survive its finial trial or will this unknown force strikes remain unnoticed for to long.

You can be a [U]normal person[/U] (citizen (max of 6) or military personal (max of 4 more)

Code Name: Shy Hawk
Age: 24
Weapon: M-16 (5 extra clips) berretta (2 extra clips)
Armor: Kevlar vest
Skills of Note: Military opps and marksmanship

Bio: Sky Hawk is the leader of the an elite military team (4 other persons (need people for my team) has lead a good life and has recently married his second in command (someone can play if you wish) he is leader because of he's cool, clam and collative. his elite team are all good friends and unless its calls for it always listen to orders, well as far as the higher parts can tell. Sky hawk generally does not care if one of his team speaks up to him he trust and understands them all.
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Code Name: Deus (what other 'code name' do I ever give?)
Weapons: the usual: M40A1 Sniper Rifle (9 extra bullets), Stealth Pistol (6 clips, 10 rounds each)
Armor: Kevlar vest
Skills of Note: Sniper, Stealth
Bio: Deus joined the military at an early age, and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the elite. He has served under sky hawk for nearly a year, and trusts Sky Hawk like no one else, though saying that, if Deus has a problem with an order or a comment, regardless of who it came from, he will say so.
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Code Name:Jennie Lovette
Wepons:Sniper Rifle
Armor: Keldar Vest
Bio: Jennie joined the milatary 10 years ago and due to her smarts in combat she was quickly promoted to Sky Hawks group. As time past she shot up in the ranks and fell in love woth Sky Hawk. By the time they were married she was second in command.
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Code Name: Aster Flower

Age: 17

Weapon: Slingblade 9mm

Armor: Armor?

Skills of Note: Martial Arts, Marksmanship, and stealth.

Bio: Born in a rual Chinese Village, Aster has been trained by members of the Black Dragon [Ooloong] cult to become one of the greatest stealtmasters to ever be born.......unfortunatly she lacks a certain ammount of control for hand to hand combat....[/COLOR]
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Name: Setsuna Legato
Age: 19
Weapon: AK-47, 2 hidden 9mm
Armor: None
Skills of Note: Stealth

Bio: Setsuna is a young orphan, who lost his family, and town to the Alien virus. He was away at the time, and seeks revenge for his lost relatives. Setsuna will do anything to wipe out this virus, and will take orders without argument.
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ok I guess I will be in...

Name:Treme Sivart
Weapon:Sword, none
Skills of Note: Electronics, minor swordplay, minor tactical opps((hobby))
Bio:a young teen, who grew up in a small city. He has learned numerous technolgical related skills, and his father made him take martial arts to balance out the time he spent on the computer.
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Guest QuickSilver
name: seifer
age: 18
weapons: long stick, nunchucks
armour: martial arts robe
skills: every known martial arts
bio: trained by his farther who was a master at the martial arts he looks like bruce lee
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I reckon I might give this one a try....

name: Sean Keyes
age: 27
weapons: Colt Python, brass knucks
armour: Bullet Proof vest
skills: Street fighting, boxing and limited martial arts

Bio: Sean lived in an abusive household. Both of his parents were alcholics and oftentimes came to blows with one another. As a child, he used to crawl under his bead and close his eyes crying until he fell asleep, as crashing furniture thundered outside his bedroom door.

For years, he raised himself on the streets and joined a gang. One day he returned to his home to find his mother with a slug in her chest and his father with his brains blown out. Since then, he has cleaned up his act and become a police officer. Talk of the virus spreads across the land, leaving everyone in a panic. Sean refuses to fall asleep in fear any longer...hiding under his bed just won't cut it.
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