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from the maker of the Tails banner


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hee hee.. here U go [url]http://www.gizba.com/x/phenomrules/SonicBanner2.gif[/url]

and this one


To make a banner U need either Paint Shop Pro 7 which U can download [url=http://www.jasc.com]here at jasc.com[/url], or Adobe Photoshop 6, and U can get it from [url=http://www.adobe.com]here at adobe.com[/url]. beware, those aren't complete versions and they only run for 60 days. to keep it longer though U just set the clock on your computer back. :p

Also, I'm taking requests whenever im on the comp, so gimme a li'l ringy-dingy on AIM or whatever if you want one.
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Those banners are fairly easy to create... not much to them.... two or one picture used twice, turned, opac change, BG editing and boom done.... the text on sonic is bad though.... very hard to see..... same with Knucles....

I have the full version of Photohop 6 and 5.5, I use both cause they both have pros and cons....
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they weren't turned pictures. i got them from here


just change the "tails" part on that to either knuckles, sonic, or amy. U could leave it the same and just find some tails pictures.

And thanks for the feedback guys. :)
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