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Digital Problems(PLAY)


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i have finaly came to the conclusion
(sence the sign up was at the bottem of the page) that its time to start----------
in the digital world the 4 gaurdians have gone bad very bad they are bringing termoil in the digital world..

meanwhile on earth the few kids chossen are having dreams they dont know what they mean or what these "digital monster" are that are leading them through their dreams..and the weather is strange its snowing in the summer real hot in the winter and its driving the kids bonkers..now they are about to get sucked into the worst situation..


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i am sick of this!
I wish we would have a little bit of normal weather around here!
Note I forgot to tell u who i am. I am Nick Jonson. I live in SLC,Utah.
I errr! The only way i will forget about this is going to bed!
In his dreams Nick notices weird worlds woth big bugs and mamoths and monsters. And in the midst of all this a little bug looking thing is calling his name. Nick jolts up from sleep and runs to the TV to see the new show called Digimon. As he begins to watch the show he sees lands just like in his dream! :worried:
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as ros was sitting by the window she was talking to herself again

"i wonder what i am going to do the tornado is coming closer and we dont have a basement or celler.*sigh*we cant travel everyone is out there we would not get anywhere. and what are these dreams i am having they are just like that tv show that just started yesterday i had a dream about that place be fore the show started i wonder why"

ros sits there staring at the twister of wood water and carparts
it was almost beutifull(sp) yet a deadly thing

just as she was about to leave the house the tv atomaticly turned on right on to digimon the new show

ros sat staring at the tv confuesed as a rabit would be if the carrot he was eating had turned in to a pumpkin be fore he was finished

"what the... whats going on"
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sabir tilted her head slightly, and looked out over the cold weather.......[/i]

Sabir: This is so weird......

Rena: Can I go play Sabir?! Huh?

Sabir: *sigh* No, you'll catch your death of cold..........but now that I think about it.......that's not a bad idea...[/COLOR]
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*clunk!* a startled siren scrambled out of her sleeping bag and looked up at her bunk

sirens sister(tacca): uggh... siren?

siren: owwie

tacca: you fell out again diden't you... silly girl.. you may be 3 years older that me buyt you act 3 years younger!! falling out of a bunk... humph!
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siren: well someone got a bedbug up her azz...

she climbed out and got dressed tiptoeing down the stairs siren hoped for a quick getaway

father: and where do you think you're going?

siren: *sigh* out...

father: you've been out everynight sense your b-day...it there somthing going on i should know about? some guy i don't-

siren: for the love of god and all things holy would you please shut your yapper!(:D)

father: that is no way to-

siren: ARRGH!!

she turned and walked through the door, got her dads moterbike and left for the beach

siren: [I] he woulden't understand...noone will...these dreams plage me while i'm awake as well...[/I]

she came to the bridge across the river and stoped the bike...climbing onto the rail she held onto the cables and leaned out

siren: [I] it would be so easy to jump and end all my problems... but i'm not a coward... it will end with death but not like this...[/I]
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ros stands ther looking at the tv it was unpluged just as the tornado hit........she was sucked into the tv as it spins into a big blob of dirt

ros lands in a tree

voice: get out of there right now rrrrrr

ros: by the sound of that its mad
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are we going to the DW now?


suddenly the sound of foot steps and drunkin laughter broke into her thoughts then therewas pressure on her back and she was falling towards the river and then itopened up and swallowed her then... nothing... blackness
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siren groned and sat up

siren: uggh...where am i... it feels like wisconsin...(aka hell)

she stood up and opened her eyes...

siren: trees!! there are no trees where i live!where am i.... hello!?

there was no awnser so she started walking... in not long there was a crashing noise and trees began to fall

siren: noooo help!!!!

she ran then triped and it got closer and closer finally the tree nearest her her fell and she woke up...

tacca: hey siren wake up!! wake up!!

siren: AHH!!

tacca: shh... you've been dreaming... very loudly... now can i please go to sleep?

siren: oh yeah sorry...

she climbed out and got dressed tiptoeing down the stairs siren hoped for a quick getaway

father: and where do you think you're going?

siren: *sigh* out...

father: you've been out everynight sense your b-day...it there somthing going on i should know about? some guy i don't-

siren: shut up!

father: that is no way to-

siren: ARRGH!!

she turned and walked through the door, got her dads moterbike and left for the beach...she stoped once over the bridge...

siren: deja-vu!

this time she passed the bridge and finshed the trip to the beach...lying in the sand she recalled her dream

siren: it was all so real... thoes trips to other places are getting more frequent... and more real...


and that ends todays trip through the twilight zone! du du du du du du du du du du du du duuuuuuuu!!!! lol...
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AHHH! Waht is going on here? Come to me Come to me!
HUH? What?
OK I will touches the tv where he is sucked into the tv where he sees a little bug standing on his stomach!
Ahh are u the one that was calling me?
No i am your partner Worrmon and this is your D Power. And your crest Kindness I don't know what it does though.
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ros looks up and sees a huge fire bird

ros: WHA....... BIRDRAMON

birdramon:??you know who i am

ros: i have seen you on tv

birdramon: whats is a tv?

ros: ohh ya i am soo sorry for for landing in you um*looks around* nest......sorry *leaps out of the tree*

birdramon: fine then your forgiven well i should not have gotten so mad sence you just poped out of no where and landed here you dont have wings it would be kinda hard not to land where you did

ros: like i said sorry

ros walks around confussed but recognising everything

voice: rooooosssss roooosssss where are youuuuuuuu

ros turns around and sees a shadow in the bushes with glowing eyes

ros: i am ros what do you want

voice: rooossss i am so glad you made it i am no longer alone anymore i now have a friend and a tamer come closer to me i wanna good look at you
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ros walks closer to the talking figure and he steps out of the bushes into the light

ros: wow who are you
??: my name is veemon nice to meet ya
ros: veemon huh cool so you said i was your tamer??
veemon:yep thats right look in your leaft pocket

she looks down and pulls something out and its a wierd shaped things with a slit on one side a few cards were in her pocket with the device

vee: thoses are slash cards and that is you..
ros:digivice right
vee:well ya but its called a d-power
ros:ohh cool
vee:ya indeed you slash those cards through there and it gives me power..it depends on what card you use

ros: ohhh i have some cards liekthese they had some at home i never learned how to play the came for it was only out for 2 days but i baught about 39 packs i have many of these cards

vee:wow then you can give me more power

ros: so what do i do with it
vee:keep it in your pocket untill we end up in a battle
ros: BATTLE:eek:
vee:ya some digimon here dont like newcommers
ros:so we have to fight them
vee:yes you are correct
ros:why do i have a bad feeling about this.......
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Now Nick I need to teach you a few things about the D Power. First, The DPower has a slot n it's side right?
Well that is where you swipe slash cards during battle to make me stronger or faster or you get the picture.
Ohh yeah I almost forgot Genni wants to see you.
Who's that? Do you know the way to his house?
The guardian of the Digital world and Yes.
Let's Go!
When Nick and Worrmon get there he sees a lake with no house anywhere in sight.
Hey Worrmon, Where does????
The maical stairs appear and show Genni's house.
Ok Worrmon lets go!
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siren walks in and to her immense annoyment (???) her parents where still there

mother: oh siren...we're just leaveing (siren:whew) to curch... we where hoping that you'd change your mind and come with us...

siren: which part of: i will never go to curch again... do you not understand?


siren: sorry mother...i diden't mean to be harsh...

mother: :love: my little girl... so polite

siren: *snorts*:laugh:

siren turns and walks to the tv... she hears the door close and trys to turn on the tv...nothing...she trys again...nothing...

siren: stupid tv...

she kicks the side but her foot goes into the tv as if it where made of water

siren: that coulden't be gooooooood!!!

suddenly she was sucked in then blackness
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ros and veemon swalk along the narrow path towords a city she can see it on the horizin but it does not seem to be getting any closer

ros: why is the city..*gets inturupted*

a flymon flys out and shoots his brown stingers at the two walking

flymon: you dont belong in this forest its my forest now you are going to pay

with out saying anything ros grabs a card

ros: digi modify digi egg of *reads card* courage activate

veemon : veemon armor digivolve tooo

flamedramon: flamedramon the fire of courage

ros: wow so thats what you ment in the cards help you get more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flamedramon: yes ...flymon your going to roast

flymon:is that soo..BROWN STINGER

flamedramon: oh brother *dodges attack easlily* FIRE ROCKET

he forms fire balls in his *err* claws and shoots them at flymon buning him to a pulp flymon hits the ground with that flaedramon goes back into veemon

flymon: ok ok you win i will let you go through just dont hurt me anymore

veemon:we would not have hurt you if you hadent attacked us

flymon:i am sorry

ros and veemon continue walking
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She felt inside her pocket, and pulled out some really thick heavy cards, and a D-power. She clipped the D-power to her waist....after looking at it from all angles, and slipped the cards back in her pocket. Then she picked up Plumairamon and laghed.[/i]

Sabir: You're sooo cute!

Plumariamon: :D BTW, that D-power is important.......it reacts with the cards and give me power to fight.....

Sabir: But what danger could possibly...


Monzemon: RAR!!!

Sabir: :eek: Plumariamon do something!

Plumariamon: SILVER NOOSE!

Monzemon: :therock: *swat*

Sabir: Ugh......ummm.......cards......D-power........slot...*snaps fingers*

[i]Plumariamon gets whacked around while Sabir fumbles with the cards.......then she finally finds there right one and holds it up.[/i]

Sabir: DIGIMODIFY! Digievolution Activate!

Plumariamon: ......woah....

[i]A digital field surrounds her and a huge wind blows...[/i]

Plumariamon: Plumariamon digivolve to.........KYSTRAMON!!!!!!!!

[i]A lovely Fairae Digimon appeared from Plumariamon and smiled at Sabir happily.......her whole body was a light baby blue....and her eyes were still the same jade green......light silver butterfly wings fluttered lightly......and her whole body was surrounded by green light...[/i]

Sabir: WOW!!

Monzemon: Um.......[/COLOR]
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In Genni's house
"Hey is some guy called Genni here?"
"Yes come in the door."
"OK this bug thing said u wanted to see me what do u want i am missing digimon so hurry it up."
Does anime sweat drop
"U are in the digital world!"
"Holy crap!"
"Yes and what i wanted to talk about was worrmon. the only way to reach ultimate level is by ahve your and ros's crest combined. but the only problem is that she has lost her crest because it was stolen by the evil MegaSeadramon. The only way to get it back is by u and Worrmon going after him."
"Wait back up I have to get some guy called ros's crest just so I can digivolve. No way ths guy can find it himself Worrmon and I will digvolve our own!"
"Fine but...."
"Shut up old man and listen I am not going to be on either side good or evil so don't try to contact me OK?"
"Suit yourself"
"Come on Worrmon lets go figure out how to use the D-Power and crest to make u digivolve."
"I always knew it would come to this."
"A rengade digidestine."
"I have complexed a digimon perfet for your need."
"So i lose Worrmon."
"Yes and he will be going to a boy called Josh."
"Fine woth me!"
"Come out."
"What i get rid of the bug only to get a puppy?"
"No actually this is his in-training form."
"He is the most powerful champion ever made."
"God no u are trying to tell me tht this little puppy is the most powerful digimon ever?"
"Yes and heres the D-Power and crest that belong to puppymon"
"Fine *takes them* Let's go Puppymon."

I will write Josh's story:)
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ros stops and smells the air
"ewww oh my god what the heck is that smell it smells like"*gets inturupeted by veemon*

"raremon...he always smells like the inside of a garbadge can"

" veemon will we have to fight it" ros askes
" ros i am not sure it all depends on if HE attcks us" veemon says looking over his sholder

"wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr" a loud growl fills the entire area

"i guess we will..look over there in those bushes" veemon points at the about to attack walking dump

"FINE....digi modify.....*looks at card* digiegg of friendship activate" ros says slashing the card

"veemon digivolve tooooooooooo" veemon says starting to glow

"wow you look so cool i like this form better then the other one" ros yells to raidramon

"thanks i am glad you like it cause i am going to give you the best show in town" raidramon answers

"you have no chance aganst me" raremon yells at the two of them

just as raremon says this a blob of black and purple data stuff flys into the back of raremon
"ahhhh the pain ahhhhhh wow what is this power"

raremon glows and when the glow dies down its a small blob of pink stuff in a garbadgecan with a bazooka looking weapon

"ohh no hes digivolved" raidramon says jumping away from a blast from the bazooka.......

"raidramon let me get on" ros says running up to raidramon
"sure hop on" he says agreeing

" digimodify.....hyper speed activate....now lets get out of here"
ros says slashing the card through and putting her stuff in her pocket...

"i agree lets go" raidramon says while fliping over and running the other way
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[COLOR=seagreen]Sabir: Wow......Kystramon..........she?s beautiful........

Monzemon: HEARTS ATTACK!!! :devil:

Kystramon: You will not harm Sabir! *throws arms forward* RUNE SILENCE!!!!!!! :flaming:

[i]Runes of all colors blew through the air, dancing in a ribbon around Kystramon......then there was no sound for two minutes, not even when Sabir was shouting. Suddenly, Monzemon changed into data, which Kystramon immediatly uploaded......then everything was still. Kystramon turned to Sabir, who was shocked, then reverted to Plumariamon again.[/i]

Sabir: That was......cool! :excited:

Plumariamon: I had to help you....:)

Sabir: You didn?t really, but it was very nice of you.

Plumariamon: :angel: Let?s get something to eat.

Sabir: Any good restaurants?

Plumaria: Um..........I don?t know what those are....

Sabir: *anime fall* Oh, well, in that case, let?s just go for a walk around. So tell me about yourself.

Plumaria: I?m a pretty flower! I grow alot near the sunshine, and when I?m happy, I get bigger and stronger. :D And that ?s when I can use Solarbeam.

Sabir: Is that your most powerful attack?

Plumaria: In this form, yeah.

Sabir: So tell me about this crest that I have on this card.......

[i]Plumariamon examined the crest: ?, it was a bluey purple and was outlined in Silver.[/i]

Plumaira: That?s the crest of Compassion. And it?s like....really rare.

Sabir: Tight!

Plumaira: Tight?

Sabir: Oh, that means......cool! Nice! Yeah........get it?

Plumaira: Er.....yeah, I guess so.

Sabir: :D

[i]She smiled at Plumariamon, and in a second, the little Flower Digimon was on her shoulder, singing her Lifetime song.....[/i]

Plumaira: Old Flowers, I knew of long ago,
Kind faces of friends I have seen,
What?s around the riverbend, I do not know,
It?s a land where my heart has never been.........

The tears I have shed here are all but gone
Through waters which flow without end
And I must grow, ever seeking the one,
Waiting there, around some far riverbend.....

Sabir: *sigh* You have a lovely singing voice.

Plumaria: :blush: Oh please. [can a flower blush?]

Sabir: No really! You do. Let?s sing it again, I?ll do harmony......

Plumaria: Okay![/COLOR]
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(someone save me ...garbadgemon is on our tail and the speed cards are not working anymore........ and someone gave him wings...((our newest human bad guy)) and he is so fast i cant get rid of him and raidramons losing power fast..... SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE)

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This is the beging of Josh;) Josh is like the opposite of Nick I will explain Nick's attitude change later.
"Yes Mom!"
"OK Josh u can watch TV but the only show you can watch is that new show watcamacallit!"
Josh turns on the TV and starts to watch the show. Later during a commerical
"Listen I don't have time to explain just touch the TV ok?"
"Uh um ok."
Josh touches the TV and sees a vortex form and suck him in.
When Josh's vision omes back he notices a smalll bug on his stomach."
Sorry u ahd to have a hard landing but to make a long story short u have to help me find my friend veemon's tammor's crest!"
"Here is your D..."
"D-Power and Crest of Kindness."
"And the slot on the D-Power is where i swipe cards to make u more powerful."

Nick's story
"Puppymon what was that?"
"A digimon going realy fast"
"And look up there is another one."
"This is weird can u do that too Puppymon?"
"Yeah so what's it to ya dork?"
"Why u little..."
"Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me"
"Since when did u get an attitude?"
"Since I started hanging out with u"
"OK fine lets jst go defeat those two digimon!"
All of a suden three packs of digimon cards appear infront of Nick
"Sweat! Digimodify digegg of friendship acitvate!"
"Puppymon digivolved to Dalmationmon!"
"OK Digimodify speed activate!"
"Let's go Dalmationmon!"
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sabir and Plumariamon.........found no food whatsover. But they did find a restaurant....run by Digitommamon. [digi-for short][/i]

Digi: Welcome...got money?

Plumariamon : We can dance and sing!

Sabir: And....I can pole dance...:o Never mind.

Plumariamon: What's that?

Sabir: -_- Nevermind...[/COLOR]
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