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RPG Digimon: The New ones cometh <sign up>


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New digimon story, ok I know there have been heaps, but I wouldn't mind starting my own :cross:
[I]At the moment there are only two existing digidestined, they are the only people in the real world that know of the digital world. A massive darkness is rising against them, leaving them helpless. But some new children are coming to their school. .maybe their arrival is a significant occurance. .Only time will tell [/I]

Ok heres the go, you can play as one of the existing digidestined at the highschool in Canada, or one of the new kids moving over from somewhere in the world. Only one digimon per person, no overly powerful digimon. .

Name: Liam
Age: 15
Crest: Honesty
Digimon: Graalmon
New/Existing: Newbie
Bio: Liam moved to Canada from Australia because of his fathers work. Liam deeply misses his friends from his hometown, and regrets coming, maybe he might change his mind. .
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Bio: Nick was born in the U.S. but he was kiddnapped at age 8 and forgot all about the U.S. and came to love canada. His captors had internet acses(sp) so he was always on the internet where he found a website he could watch digimon. As he came to love digimon he also began to mature until age 15 when he started his digimon jorney. He found puppymon and his dpower and met the othe digidestine and began his digital adventure.
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name:ros F
age: 16
digimon: veemon ( i cant help it)
crest: respect
bio: was held back in 7th grade for fooling around for a whole year...now is into school...10th grade now lives by her self (parents all killed in car accident when she was in 5th grade lived in foster homes till she was 16 then moved out and enrolled in this new school)drives her oun 66 corvett (sp)good grades and is calm in horrable situations and kind to all
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Name: Ayana
Age: 15
Crest: Friendship
Digimon: Gabumon (I found him to be cool)
New/Existing: New
Bio: A young teenager from South-Central LA who is streetwise and proves it every chance she can. Her mouth gets her in trouble, but she's a good friend to have around, most of the time (horrible temper).
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I'm signing up (if anyone doesn't want me to, I have two words: Bite me! :D Thank you and have a nice day)

Name: Sere Tuscumbia(wow, I need a new name . . .)
Age: 15
Crest: Serenity(Eye of Horus(crap! Doesn't the Eye of Horus mean 'life' or somethin'?))
Digimon: Buttermon
N/E: New
Bio: Sere transferred from N.Y.C. to Canada when her parents were murdered mysteriously(Oooo . . . plot thickens . . .) However nice and peaceful Sere may seem, she has a few darker secrets that hide beneath the surface. And what about that strange tattoo on her arm?
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