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[color=crimon]If you were in the old one you may use your old character. Jus add new charteristics if you want. ^_^

One year has passed since the Nuclear War obliterated all life left on earth. Several survivors banded together in the south, and traveled westward. There they tryed to start a village and succeded. Treme became the leader, and with the help of Bryan, Kool, Siren, Ken, and several others the village started. Soon other survivors came, and Ken discovered he was an Arch Angel.
Old magics are beginning to manifest in humans, and demons alike...

One year has passed, and the demons themselves are being stirred up to destroy mankind. Thousands are surfacing, enslaving humans, stealing children and sacrificng them. The occult operations draw closer... and the center is the new demon city of Trathro...

With the new threat new heros are needed!

Treme needs to make a decison. War, or some other method needs to be taken. Will our new heros need to go into hell itself?... only time may tell...

What I need is:

Race: (Demon, Angel, Human, Mutant, Android, Undead) [Can be a mix of one race and another]
Job: (Paladin, Normal Fighter, Sniper, Mage, Inventor, Warrior, or other)
Special: (Snipering, Water, Electric, Fire, Wind, Weather, Teleknesis, Holy, Dark or other) [only may have one of the previous, Excluding Holy and Dark. you may be holy electric for example.]
Special Attack: (Name one please) [optional]
Appearance: (optional)
Personaility: (optional)
Bio: (optional)


Name: Ken/Orion (Name is Orion as full Arch Angel)
Age: Mellenia's upon Mellenia's
Race: Angel
Job: Dark Arch Angel (only arch angel :P)
Special: Holy, Weather
Special Attack: Angelic Justice
Weapon: Demon Slayer
Appearance: As Ken, he has a white wings that span 4 feet or so, and large muscles. He wears a white baggy jeans, with no shirt. his hair is silver and long. As Orion his hair goes white and his muscles bulge, and his wings grow to some 10 feet or so in wingspan.
Personality: Very emotional at time, sometimes cuasing the weather to change with his emotions. He lost his Girfriend Skye when she turned evil. (Happened in First Apoc)
Bio: Born In San Antonio, TX. He always felt different and a few days after he came out of the bunker he was in, he discovered he was an Angel.

Let's get Appocalypse goin again...[/color]
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Special:Leadership, *edit 2*Psychic*/edit2*
Special Attacks: pistol sword combo, attacks with his pistol then rushes with his sword
Weapons:His fathers custom made sword, and pistol
Appearence:BrownHair, in a ponytail, warriors clothing((cloak, tunic, pants)), blue-grey eyes
Personallity:Young, silient, serious, caring, reserved
Bio:The son of a military leader, who rose to lead the survivors of the apoaclypse to the town of star'shope, when the demons arose to power he took over an underground movement in the hope of oneday liberating Star's Hope from it's new occupents, He is one of the origonal 7 of legend, who built stars hope from scraps built in the wasteland and turned it into one of the worlds largest city's, with the blessings of Ken, turned it into a nation. *edit 2*Treme has psyich abilities even though he dosn't know it...*/edit2*

*edit* oh I decided to add this in before people went around slicing my sword to little pieces, it is a titanuim diamond tipped one handed long sword, the titanuim is reinforced, but was made in space...so it is harder and stronger then anything we could make on earth, yet lighter, ok all done ^^ */edit*
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Coo. I join the first one.... But I don't think I ever posted in it.

[color=darkblue]Name: Neil/Thunde(Electric Demon form)
Age: 21/Beyond comprehention
Race: Human, Demon
Job: Warrior
Special: Dark Electric

Special Attack: Thunder Cannon(one of many static controlled attacks)
Weapons: A double edged sword(Think Trunks's, only titanium)

Appearance: Think Vegito, with a red and black Fila shirt, black work-out shorts, black sneakers, and golden loop earrings./Brolli, with Vegito's hair, electricty bounces off of him like Metal Gear Rex does when you finally beat it.

Personaility: Filled with rage, after having his family obliterated by the undead.

Bio: Tight with Ken, his good friend from Louisiana. When he was born, a demon inhabited his body, awaiting until Neil's body was strong enough to withstand the Demonic transformation.

6' 2", beefed up, strong, yet FAST/6' 5", beefed up even bigger, WAY STRONGER, and LOTS faster. Blood-red devil wings with a span of 7 feet.[/color]
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Name: Orin

Age: 24

Race: Half Demon and Half Angel

Job: Magi-Knight

Special: Holy and Darkness

Special Attack: Fall to the Halo

Weapons: Sword of Oblivion Appearance: Very Hansom, Blonde hair, light gray eyes

Bio: his mother was captured by the demons and raped through magic he was born with the ideal to destroy Ken/Orion but deep down seeks peace and maybe if god willing love

<< He will began as a bad guy then later become good >>
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damn u ken fer makin us sign up AGAIN -.-' poop head....
Name: Amber
Age: 14
Race: Human and whatever that thing was i was last time...er....kenny boi,m what waz it called?
Job: Paladin (er...was that last time)
Special: Teleknesis
Weapons: Cross Bow
Appearance: Blonde hair, Green/Blue eyes
Bio: brught ot the sight by treme, blah blah blah wanna know? go read the other one from the beginning......
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Since my friend Bryan is grounded from the web I am gonna sign him up o.O, I know his char pretty well and so he will be an npc till he gets ungrounded, oh and Amby you were full human I think, can't member though o.O;;;, and you were a paladin




Job:Treme's Second


Special Move:????


Appearance:Ripped jeans, white muscle shirt, and a bandana

Bio:one of the origional 7 of legend, Treme's second in running Star's hope, during the Star's Hope first war he defended the main city through a long seige till Treme and the remnents of his army lifted the seige and ended the war. Is in love with Amber((last I heard 'ny ways)). family lost during the apocalypse
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ok first is Siren's char...



Race:Human, Muntant hybrid

Job:leader of the paladins

Special:Muntant powers, Holy magics

Special Move:???((leaving this up to the people who play these chars)))

Weapons:Falchion and her hybrid skills

Appearnce: has the looks of a white tiger... she wears black baggy pants and a black no sleeve shirt... she has long tufed ears and has white hair with black tiger stripes... she also 4 black tatoo like stripes on each arm starting from her sholder

Bio: one of the 7, she was discovered shortly after the apocalypse found on one of the many ruins, she joined the group and during the first major battle to secur the lands , she was blessed with the power of the paladin. Siren and Treme have an on and off relationship, often being overshadowed by thier positions.

As to the second part, I have been dealing with a lot of things irl...ranging from nearly haveing to have surgery...to helping friends with thier problems and tough times...so I havn't had much time for Otaku...but here I am, errr anything I left out fill in, I am going to dig up the old sign up and edit the unknownes...o.O;;
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Name: Craig
Age: 24
Race: Human / Android
Job: Sniper / Warrior
Special: Holy Fire
Special attack: Pheonix beam
Weapons: His Dragon Scimitar, and a semi automatic M-16 with Grenade rounds.
Appearence: Think Arnie from Predator....
Personality: Layed back...... but serious at the same time. Not a joker..... but isn't one of the typical family was killed so filled with rage people.
Bio: Expret in preliminary recon........ a green berau from Wales.
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Aw damn Deathknight.....I hate signing up again...

Name: Marth Rigfield

Age: 20

Race: Human/Dragon hybrid(just like last time...)

Job: Close Combat Specialist, Air Reconisance, Leader of Hope's Guard

Special: Fire, Messenger of Hope

Speacial Ability: Dragon's Fire, Hope of Tomorrow

Weapons: Hope's Light(it's a sword....Looks like the master sword) Desert Eagle, Assault Rifle(think M4A1)

Descript: Dragon wings, feral yellow eyes(like cats eyes...except more evil) Spikes on his back....Gohan's SSJ2 hair, except black. Cargo pants, black...And a black shirt.

Bio: Akira,(now Marth)joined the group after stumbling onto thier current outpost. Akira was possesed by a dragon spirit from a young age, and used to turn into a half-mindless hybrid during the night. A mishap with the devil turned Akira into a full dragon, and Akira almost destroyed the city which Treme had built, and almost killed Treme by eating him....But at the last second, Akira's human form regained control, and put Treme down, and flew away. Upon returning to human/dragon form, Akira changed his name to Marth for unknown reasons. He was then given the posistion of Leader of Hope's Guard.
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Guest QuickSilver
name: seifer
age: human/angel
job: paladin
special: lightening chain
speical attack: holy bolt
weapons: small sheild, bast**d sword
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errr first off, to all old members signing up thier old char...make them all a year older, for this is a year later...also I am gonna post a bit about each of the old chars so that new people will know if I make a reference to them...

Treme((played by me)) :A young man who lived a fairly normal life with his father, a military officer, after the nukeing he took what he learned from his father and military school, and the group of survivors he rallyed and eventully they built the town called Star's Hope. He had many plans for the town, expanding it until the first war, the first war between SH and another human nation. He often looks upon those he leads as an older brother would look upon a younger sibling, he does his best to do whats in the best interest for all under his leadership. Over time devolped feelings for Siren, but his position often prevents him from having the time to show those feelings.

Ken((played by Ken aka DeathKnight)) :He had lived a normal life until the nukeing, after surviving he and Treme met up, they were old friends. while traveling across the wastelands in search of other survivers, Ken discovered he was an archangel, often blessing Star's Hope giving it at times what it much needed to survive, and blessing it with green lands. He also bestowed upon Siren the powers and position of Paladin after much discussion with Treme.

Bryan((played by DGoD)) :Bryan was in a bunker out on the edges of the wastelands...he met the group within the city, on a place they decided to rest from the numerous muntants roaming the city, and joined up. As they were building there first buildings Bryan discovered that he was a telepath and teleknietic. Treme taught him how to fight, and in many ways Bryan became Treme's pupil, while also becomeing his peer and second in command.

Siren((played by Stormwing)) :Siren was a hybrid, she was created in a lab, with a twin. Discovered by the group in a sky scraper, she saved them from many a muntant. After many close calls she was bestowed the power of a paldin, and Treme took her up to lead the paladins,Siren being the first and also seeing her potentional. Since then she has many times saved many lives due to her powers and now leads the Royal Paladins.

Amber ((played by SSJ chic)) : Amber was found in the first village SH annexed...Sonn after in battle she became the second paladin, and becme the seond member of the Royal Paladins. She is currently dateing Bryan, even through the chaos of the rising demon kingdoms they have managed to stick together.

Akira\Marth (( played by MM )) : Akira joined the group as they were camping around the new site where they had decided to build thier village, Treme and the others accepted him without a second question, and when he turned into his dragon form, thank to the effort of the group he kept from going beserk and stayed to help them. He became the leader of Hope's Guard.

Kool ((played by Kool_aid 13)) : Kool was a magician who the group stumbled upon while searching for a new home, she joined the group and her magics have proven useful in many situations, She became the leader of the Star's Knights.

Star's Hope: the town that was founded by the 7, it quickly became a center of hope and grew quickly, recieving many blessing thanks to Orion, things such as green lands, water and even a giant tree that became the symbol of the paladins. in the very center lie 7 houses and the "command center"as Treme calls it, sourrounded by a small wall...these were the first buildings built upon by the 7, there homes and a sotre house, which was expanded upon to become the central of the city's miltary and goverment. The rest of the city expands around the center, the oldest parts closest to the center, and the city has many walls, the walls being built whenever the town grew to big for the old ones. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Guardina

Royal Paladins: an elite force of paladins commisioned by Treme to help defend the populace of Guardina from the undead and demons. They were founded by Siren, the first paladin for nearly a milluniem. They have always been quiet small but since the demon uprising they have shrunk in actuall members, though many canidates are now in training.The symbol of the paladins is the tree that stands in Star's Hope, that rivals the old sky scrappers in domminece of the skys.

Star's Knights: The elite of normal humans, larger then the Royal Paladins, led by Kool, commisioned by Travis to do special jobs, such as reaconing the borders, and keeping watch on the lands. They are often seen upon as a bunch of little elite forces sharing one headquarters. Upon there banner is a knight with a star upon is his lance.

Hope's Guard: These are the main force of Guardina. Everyone upon reaching a certin age is required to serve a set amount of time within the Hope's Guard. They are the milita, the infantry and the regular troops, who defned the boreds and interanl lands from everything that seeks to harm it. Led by Akira, commisioned to defend Hope and the people who look to "her"((not a real person o.O;;)) for a better life. The symbol of the guard is the lady hope, embedded on thier banner and each troops shield. and armor.

"NH": The new year dating decided upon by Treme, it stands for New Hope.

First Year War: The first war between humans after the apocalypse...between the kingdoms of Guardina and Porre, Porre seeking to conquer Guardina for it's fertile lands, ambushed Treme while he was on his way with the Royal Paladins to discus a treaty with Porre. Treme and the remaining people begin to move from town to town with Porre, hopeing to reorginize and striike back, Treme and the paladins succeeded in inciting a rebelion, but while he was starting the rebelion Porres army along with the demons the king had summoned layed seige to Star's Hope, Bryan held out, and nearly feel when he recieved reiforcement from the group of the Star's Knight that manged to fight there way in. After succedding in the rebelion and gathering all the straglers and seperated regiments of the Guardina Army, Treme moved to relieve Star's Hope of it's seige...and made it, launching an attack upon the rear of the porre army as they were launching another attack upon Star's Hope. The battle ended in victory for Guardina, who also then annex Porre to thier kingdom.

ok thats it...my first post will be connecting the old game to this one, aka a long a s s journel entry ^^....
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tis no problem MM...ok so your name is Marth now eh?...thats cool...I guees...I kept your charecter alive...as best I could anyways ^^...I hope that filled you in...if you have any question about the first game I will try and answer...so you won't be clueless o.O;;;
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New char=
Name:.... Axel or Ax
Race Human/Dragon=sounds cool. (Human with wings!)
Special= Catastrophe- flies into the air and taps his energy into a bullet and fires at the enemies untill he wears out of energy.
weapons: Titanium shield, PSG1 sniper rifle, Long sword, 2 daggers.
Bio: Raised by dragons, he was found by scientists 10 years later, as they were grafting the dragon wings found with him onto his back.
Appearence: Red T-shirt with a red vest over it. Black baggy Jeans. Wings tucked in his shirt.
Age= True=97 Living= 19
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