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RPG Over enemy lines RPG (sign up)


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18 hours ago..... a chopper was shot down 3 miles over the border, in Guerilla territory. In that chopper was Ambassador to Cuba........ a man vital to the cease fire of South America. He and his crew are now somewhere within the Guerilla borders, in a danse jungle. General Dutch, stationed in a small army camp in southern Peru has ordered a special rescue team to go in, and get the Ambassador. This team is much revered among the American army, they are said to be the finest self assembled team in the world. The plan is that the team is dropped 1 miles away from the border......... they are to skip over the border... find the Guerilla camp...... rescue the Ambassador and all his crew, and then get back over the border before anyone has time to realise what's happened.

Okay, here's what you need:
Name: (the name of your char *slaps head*)
Age: (your age *sighs*)
Rank: (your position in the army...... i will be a Major, and being as I'm the leader, you must all have a lower rank, the ranks below mine are Seargent, Captain, Lieutenant, Marshal ,Corporal, or Private.)
Weapons: There are two standard armaments which I will mention below, and you can also have 2 weapons to suit your personal preferance.)
Special skill : (Sniper, Recon (we need atleast one person to have this), tracking, Bomb arming and C4, field tactics....... or whatever, be creative)
Name: Craig 'Raven' Kensindan
Age: 25
Rank: Major
[B]Standard armaments:[/B] Combat knife and a Glock 9mm
[B]Prefered weapons:[/B] An M-16 with semi and full automatic options. A 150 round magazine with .45 mm bullets tipped with mercury (poisnous), it also has a grenade barrel bwloe the main chamber that holds 6 pipe grenades. Also, a sawn off shotgun, double barrel, made to be held in one hand. Flip action reload, and a wicked spread on the shot.
Special skill: Field tactics (able to asses any situation quickly and decide on the best COA)
Bio: Leader of the rescue team, Craig is a cool layed back guy that takes missions very seriously....... and also enjoys the occasional cigar.
Description: Think Arnie from Predator, and you've got my char.
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Guest QuickSilver
name: 'seifer'
age: 25
rank: second in comand
weapons: desert eagle, combat knife
prefered: m-16
special skill: sneak attacks (stealth)
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Name: Kevin Le
Age: 22
Rank: Captain
Weapons: Glock .40, desert eagle, combat knife.
Prefered: M-16 with grenade launcher, Sniper Rifle
Skill: You name it I can do it.
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Name: Neil "Blank" Levia

Age: 19


Standards: Combat Knife, Glock 9mm
Preferred Weapons: M16 with scope(can be used from near to far) and diamond tipped bullets, a .45 automatic(Syphon Filter), and a combat shotgun(Syphon Filter) with ballistic bullets(Meaning a slight explosion upon hit).

Special skill : Sniping, Hand-to-hand combat, hacking into computers.

Bio: Filled with rage, likes fine weapon, tight with Ken, etc., etc. Read other RPGs I've been in, blah-blah-blah.

Description: Totally white eyes(like Brolli) due to an explosion. Looks like Vegito, only with a red and black striped shirt, black work-out shorts, and a pair of black combat boots. Earrings like Brolli.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]Alrighty..... I'll start it up now. Anyone else who wants to join just hurry up about it. [/B][/QUOTE]

I guess that means me.

Name: Andrew Curtis
Age: 23
Rank: Whatever the next highest from top is.....just make it corporal
Standard: Combat knife and glock 9mm
Prefered: Pump action shotgun with laser sighting and little recoil. Light and durable. His favourite and most prefered weapon is Andrew's chainsaw. He carries it on his back until he needs it.
Special skill: Highly skilled in kung fu and other hand to hand techniques. Great with hacking into computers and other electrical and technological stuff. Sharp shooter.
Bio: Joined army from School. Was friends with Craig and 'Seifer' at school and when he heard of the team he immediatly joined.
Description: Spikey blonde hair and brown eyes. Andrew is very muscler and quite tall. where's a camoflauge(sp) vest and combats along with army boots.
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[color=teal]Name: Li Tokugawa
Age: 28
Rank: Lieutenant
[B]Weapons[/B]: Snifer Rifle, Semi Automatic Pistols
[B]Preferred Weapons[/B]: Sniper Rifle with titanium tipped coating for cutting through armour, night and Infa-red vision sight and silencer
Special Skill: Sniper, Mechanic
Bio: Joined army from a young age trained as special sniper for secret missions also an ace mechanic who can fix just about anything
Desciption: Green eyes, crew cut brown hair, 6'2 and wears green combat uniform[/color]
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