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RPG Over Enemy Lines (showtime!)


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On a small army camp, on the coast, somewhere in South America, a helicopter touches down. Several marines and army crew rush about at their own biddings. The helicopter hits the helipad....... and swirls up the dust and small stones from beneath it. A man in a flourescant orange jacket ran over, cluthing a pair of headphones to his head with his left hand. He wrenches the doors to the helicopter open..... and inside are the team. Steven, Zero, Ken, Ash, Neil, Seifer, and the leader Craig. Steven and Zero sat next to the opened door, staring outwards, the wind and force of propellors blowing their hair back. They jump out, wearing their casual clothes. Ken and Ash then jump out, followed by Seifer and Neil. Craig sits there, his feeet up on the seat opposite. He pulls a cigar out of his pocket and puts it in his mouth. He lights it, and takes a large drag. He grabs his bags and tosses them off the helicopter. An army official immediately grabs his bags and carries them off to the humvie, where his team are waiting. Craig climbs in the back...... and the Humvie drives off. It goes into the water and follows it for about 50 yards. It then pulls back onto the camp and stops outside a small building. Craig gets off....... removes his sunglasses, and takes another drag of his cigar.

Craig: ......... Wait here

Craig folds his sunglasses, puts them in his shirt pocket, and makes his way up the steps to the door. A sentry guarding the door salutes him, and Craig does the same. The sentry opens the door for Craig, and he slowly steps in. An old man in his camouflage attire and a baseball cap of the same khacki design stood infront of a map on a table.

Craig:*salutes* General.....

General: Welcome Major. Come over here.

Craig slowly approached the table, and took another drag of his cigar. He stared down at the map, which had several points chartered on it.

General: Let me get right to the point Major. 18 hours ago the Cuban ambassador's chopper came down here. *points to a marked area on the map*

Craig: Does the ambassador like flying on the wrong side of the border?

General: Well, apparently the chopper went out of control.... and he landed there....... or atleast that's what the locals are pitching us. But we're sure that it was shot down by Guerilla's in order to break the cease fire. That man is essential to keep the peace in South America.

Craig: So why can't your men do it?

General: Because some damn fool accused you of being the best.

Craig: Hmph....... *takes another drag*

General: It's a one day mission Major. We drop you one mile from the border, you skip over the border, get the ambassador, and skip back over the border before those Geurilla bastards have a change to blow their noses. Get your team ready, you leave ASAP. *salutes*

Craig: *takes another drag* *salutes*

Craig walks out of the building. The team watches from down below. Suddenly the General wlka back out.

General: Oh, and before I forget.... this man is coming with you.

A man almost as big as Craig walks out.

Dylan: How's it goin' Raven.

Craig: Dylan??? I thought the CIA had you pushing pencils.......

Dylan: Yeah well now I'm in with you.

Craig turns to the general, and takes another drag.

Craig: My team works alone........ you know this.

General: Well this time you'll have yo make an exception. Dylan will lead the group.

Craig: *takes another drag* No deal. My team takes orders from me and me alone.

From below the rest of the team looks on.

Seifer: I wonder what their talking about.........

Neil: I'll bet we got that agent guy coming with us........

Craig walks down the stairs, followed by Dylan. Craig walks upto the team.

Craig: Okay guys...... this guys comind with us. We leave immediately..... gather your things, and get to the chopper by 08:30 hours.
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Ash walks over to his quarters which he shares with Ken. He checks around for the things he requested. He spots his bottle of bud and his handguns.

Ash: Thought i lost you for a moment then guys.

He puts the guns inside his belt and covers them with his jacket. He opens the bottle and lies on his bed looking at the ceiling. Ken walks in shortly after.

Ken: Hey Ash. Hyped about the mission.

Ash: Not reall, i just think it;s gonna be a in and out job.

Ken: Yeah you've said that before and look what's happened.

Ash: Oh yeah *rememebrs things that have gone wrong for the team before* Oh wel guess we'll just have to wait and see. Beer?

Ken: Yeah thanks. The two enjoy a relaxing beer before the mission starts in the morning
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I'm sure I said the mission starts ASAP........ but what the hell.....
Craig walked into his dorm.... Neil was already sitting on his bed.

Neil: Sup boss?

Craig: I don't like this Blank........ we got some CIA agent leadin' the group.

Neil: I thought you and him went back?

Craig: Yeah, but I trusted him then........ now the CIA's got him pushing pencils.... he ain't no soldier anymore.

Craig took a drag of his cigar...... he held one out

Craig: Want one?

Neil: Don't suppose you got any cig's Raven?

Craig pulls a pack out of his jeans. He throws them at Neil.... he catches them.

Craig: Their yours....

Neil:*lights on and takes a drag* Thanks

Craig: No prob.....

Neil holds up a bottle of beer.

Neil: Drink?

Craig: Sure.....

Neil hands Craig the bottle....... and he takes a large swig. Craig lies back on his bed. He takes a drag of his cigar........ and starts making smoke rings above him.
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer then walks into the dorm where craig and neil were.

seifer: didnt your mama ever say smoking can kill

craig: shut up, you also smoke

seifer: yeah but not cigars, man they are going to kill you before the enemy gets the chance. now pass a cig neil

neil throws seifer a cigerrette and seifer lights it up

seifer: now this is good
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Craig: But Seifer....... Cigar's are more healthy for you then cigs........ thats why they cost more.

Craig takes a drag, and puffs the smoke right in Seifer's face. He then takes a swig off his beer.

Neil: How many Guerilla's do you think there'll be?

Craig: *shakes head* 30 maybe........
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The door to the room flies open and Andrew stands there looking at them. He throws his bag down and takes the cigar out of his mouth.

Andrew: You're late major. I've been waiting here for hours for you guys to arrive.

Craig: Yeah well........choppers were crap quality.

Andrew: I thought you rode with style.

Craig: Budget cuts.

Andrew: Ha.........

He picks up his bag and walks out.

Andrew: Wasn't an ASAP mwntioned?
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[COLOR=TEAL][I]Li sits on his bunk putting his rifle together on occasion taking a swig of his whiskey[/I]

Li: ahh nothing like Irish whiskey to keep you goin :)

Craig: Yo Li you ok

[I]Li looks up and takes another swig[/I]

Li: yeah is everone else I heard we've got some ******* from washington leading this little expedition

Craig: Yeah he's CIA

Li: Yeah Centrel of International Asslickers :)

Craig: :laugh:

Li: they got him pushing pens didn't they

Craig: Yeah Dylan was a good soldier before but I don't tust him now that he's working for the CIA there's somethin differant about him

Li: Yeah most of these CIA guys have secret agendas that we aren't told about just like Rino

Craig: Rino ??

Li: my ex partner he ended up in CIA and when he got transferred back to us for a mission his secret objective was to kill the guy we were to bring back [I]alive[/I] all my team except him and me got killed but on the way back I put a bullet in his skull [I]swigs his whiskey[/I]

Craig: Jesus :eek:

[I]The General walks into the room with Dylan and starts talking[/I]

General: ok guys get ready to head out your team is on the heli-pad waiting

Li: [i]snaps rifle together[/I] OK lets go

General: Major you ready

Craig: Yeah [/COLOR]
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[I]Li gets into the chopper with the others as Craig is stii=ll talking to the Dylan and the General[/I]

Li: this is bad guys

Andrew: what do you mean

Li: we got us some pencil pusher from congress takin command and it doesn't look like Craigs takin it well

Andrew: Jesus I thought it was just us

Li: Nahh they want us to get in and out with the ambassador as fast as we can

[I]Just as Li finishes his sentence Craig and Dylan get into the chopper[/I]

Craig: Listen up we have a commanding officer with us and he'll be taking charge of our mission do you get me

All: Sir yes Sir

Dylan: Thank you Major no I expect you all know the mission we are to get in and out with the ambassador with little time taken e ship out now

[I]The chopper takes off with a mighty roar and begins it journey[/I][/COLOR]
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Guest QuickSilver
craig lopked over at seifer who had his head down.

craig: nervous

seifer: hell no, i need a cig

craig: why didnt you say

craig pulls a cig out of his pocket and hands it to seifer.

seifer: got a light

craig: haha*lights his cigerrette*
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The chopper takes off....... and soon the gand are travveling over the waters blue. Craig suddenly turns to Dylan.

Craig: Okay Dylan........ now........ we're gonna do things just a little differently to how the general wants it. I'm in charge now.

Dylan: I don't think so Major.

Craig: I know so *****!!! Ask my team...... who are they gonna follow into this mission?

Suddenly, the faces of the entire team lights up. They know Craig has taken charge now.

Dylan: You'll be discharged for this!!!

Craig: Not necessarily. See Dylan...... no-one said [B]you[/B] have to come out of this mission alive. My team are the best in the world....... we can make it look like you were killed in action. Now, is your leadership more important to you than your life?

Dylan:*gulp* I suppose not.

Craig: Good. Trust me, things will work out better this way.
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Lookie who finally posted! :D
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
[i]Neil suddenly cracked his M-16 upwards, the cold steel barrel mere millimeters away from Dylan's forehead. With a smirk, Neil's voice lowly rang out in the caven of the chopper.[/i]

Neil: Dlyan.. Do you know how far away this next round is from your shrunken brain?
Dylan: N-n-n-no.. Ho-how fa-fa-far?
Neil: Two feet, six point five three seven inches, and thirteen cenimeters.....approximatly. Meaning it could totally rearrange your face in about Point six six six two four seven seven seconds.
Dylan: *bigass gulp*

[i]Neil lowers his M-16 back down to his side, looking deeply upon Dylan. His totally white eyes showed the words he didn't speak: "I'll be the one to kill you, Paper Boy..".

Lighting up a cigarette, Neil took a big wiff, letting it bellow into the CIA worker's face. Dylan coughed vigoriously, waving the smoke out from his nostrils.[/i]

Dylan: *cough, cough, COUGH-COUGH-COUGH*
Craig: Neil, don't blow smoke in his face like that......... do it like this: *gets right up in his face, and exhales a huge puff of smoke* See?

[i]Neil and Craig exchanged high-fives, before continueing to madly. Dylan finally lost it, growling like a mad child. His face turned red, his veins popped out, as he lost himself.

In a very thick movement, he drew his 9mm on Craig, aiming it for his heart.[/i]


[i]Craig looked calmly at the gun, then at Dylan. Laughing quickly, Craig kept his face aimed at the pistol, his eyes moving up to Dylan's buldging eyes. Craig put one finger on the slide, pushed it back, and off of it's track.[/i]

Craig: Oh I'm sorry.. You see, you have to lock those on..

[i]Andrew snickered at Dylan, before pushing him bodily back into his seat.[/i]

Andrew: Now just chill, Paper Pusher, before I kick your face in. *sits down again*
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[color=teal]Li: hey boss you mind if I take the honors of wasting this ***-licker

[I]As Li is saying these words he in a flash has his sniper rifle barrel pointed at point blank range into Dylan's forehead[/I]

Li: I will pull this trigger I've done it before ain't that right Raven

Craig: yup

Dylan: ok ok

[i]Dylan starts crying like a little girl and finally he agrees that Raven will lead the team[/I][/COLOR]
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Red XIII, look back at Craig's post.

[i]In Craig's post:[/i]

[b]Dylan:*gulp* I suppose not.

Craig: Good. Trust me, things will work out better this way.[/b][/quote]

That means that Dylan realized that his *** coulda been shot at the next second if he didn't step aside.... So he stepped aside.. Meaning it's already been resolved..
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Sorry it took me so long.
Kevin: Well I'm looking for to the 30 guerillas.

Craig: I believe we're all looking for to some action.

Neil: Only 30?

Kevin: Not much an in and out job.

Dylan: Think so they're armed with heavy weapons.

Li: Your point being?

Seifer: With all those weapons like they can do anything to us.

Craig: You got that....

*before he can finish the cropper was hit by an RPG*
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[color=teal]Li: oh holy ****

[i]The squad looks out through the hole to see the chopper ain't far from the ground[/I]

Raven: OK guys we jump in 3......2......1......now

[I]The squad leaps out the chopper and lands in a large ree where they begin to scout around to see what hit 'em[/I]

Li: I'll check around with my heat sensitive sight

[I]Li replaces his ld sight and begins to check around[/I]

Li: got 'im

Raven: where

Li: 'bout 50 metres ahead will i waste 'im

Raven: Yeah that'll be 1 less we gotta deal with

[I]Li pulls the trigger and a faint sound of a body drop is heard[/i]

Li: ha ya'll know i never miss :D

Neil: well their was that one time... :)

Li: Oh shut up Neil.:smirk:[/COLOR]
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Andrew: So now what?

Kevin: My guess is we're about 2 miles away from where we're suppose to be.

Dylan: Just great!

Craig: Be quiet.

Neil: So let walk.

Craig: Yes lets go.

Li: Well keep in mind that we're in enemy ground.

Kevin: Good chance that they have send a team here to stop us.

Craig: Thats for sure.

Neil: It's no long an in and out job.
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