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Gaming Game Boy Advance Price Drop!


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[color=indigo]Starting today, the MSRP of a GBA is $79.95! That's $20.00 less than it was! If you have the money, I would definatly think about getting one.
Here's some good games:

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (available on Feb. 11)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Golden Sun
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Super Mario Advance
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

[URL=http://www.nintendo.com/news/news_articles.jsp?articleID=6091]Official annoucement[/URL][/color]
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Guest Imsirion
YES! im gonna get one but, right know im saving my $ and cant decide between ps2 and gamecube. OH THE CHOICES! *passes out*
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That's great! I really wanna get one of them. I mean, they r reviving some of the best games off nes and snes. EGM's latest game of the month was a gba game, Mario Advanced 2. There is another mario game coming out as well, which is supposed toi kick major ***. There r just so many great game that i wud wanna get, but i just don't hav 80 buks. So, it'll be a while.
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[size=1]I own both a GBA and a PS2. If you have less money, get a GBA. There are heaps of games available and the price of software is slightly less than the price of PS2 games. In addition, you get the best first party titles in the world.

And of course, it's portable. :)

But if you want a home, TV-based system, then I'd go for either GameCube or PlayStation 2. All depends on your budget and your taste in games, really.[/size]
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