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RPG Sticks: Malletman


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[b]OK, I've decided to make a new issue of my comic, everyweek. And I'll remake into Paint too, so all you people can see them too.
Anyway, it's based on stickmen, in another 'verse of the great multiverses. This 'verse is 2D and stickyish...anyway...
Without further ado, Sticks: Malletman, Issue #1![/b]
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[b]OK, SG makes some sweet animations, so I thought I'd try making one...I ended up making a drawing with layers on top of layers, so SG helped me out heaps, and because of my original mistake, it kinda moves all over the place, but hey,...it's a first!

[size=1]THANKS, SG[/size][/b]

PS: I didn't choose the oversized-novelty file name
*looks at SG*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AJ2K1 4 Life [/i]
[B][b]OK, introducing a one-off character,...the Pro Assassin...
Oh, and this issue's idea came from Nerdsy :)
[color=red]ISSUE #5![/b][/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]Ah yes, my genous is recognized... (Genious is misspelled on purpose)

Hoo boy, that's a good one. Although... All though... Blast, I can't remember how to spell though... the Assassin might get confusing... Just so everyone knows, he's attacking the dead bodies.... [/COLOR]
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