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[b]Look at the Combat Details :tasty:[/b]

[i]Those of you who have already beaten FFX, have mastered its radically different combat system, and are eagerly waiting to see what Square has in store for its next game, will be happy to know that Square has released details about the kind of combat we can look forward to seeing in their upcoming online venture, Final Fantasy XI.

Firstly, those of you who were totally enamored with the Job Systems from games like Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics will be overjoyed that the Job System will be making its return in Final Fantasy XI. While, in true Squaresoft fashion, not all jobs will be available at the beginning, players will be able to start off in one of six jobs: Warrior, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, and Monk. Long time fans of the series will quickly recognize these as the original class choices from Square?s very first Final Fantasy game.

While we have not received news of the other Job classes, we do know a little about each of the starter classes. Warriors are the heavy-hitting knights we have all come to know and love, and they have a special ability called Mighty Strike, which allows them to execute continuous critical attacks. Monks, as usual, are the standard experts of combat with their bodies, and do not equip heavy equipment. They have Hundred Punches as their special ability, a quick and powerful attack. White Mages and Black Mages, as usual, focus on healing and attack spells, respectively. While they have powerful magic, this is compromised by the fact that they have weak physical properties. White Mages have the use of Bless from God, an ability that heals all of their allies within a certain range, while Black Mages? Magic Swirl allows them to cast spells without using MP. Red Mages can cast low level White and Black magic spells, but cannot use more powerful spells from either White or Black classes; however, their Continuous Magic ability, which is just what it sounds like, more than makes up for this. Finally, Thieves have extremely high evasion and the ability to steal during battle, while their Complete Evasion makes them unable to be hit by physical attacks.

Actual combat can be greatly simplified, as Square has announced plans to include an ?Auto Attack? option, which will allow the player to constantly attack an enemy until it is killed or the player performs another action. We also have received news that the game will include several points in its magic combat system that recall memories of older, DnD based RPGs such as Baldur?s Gate. Examples are the facts that each magic spell takes a particular time to charge and prepare, and that magic spell becomes worthless if the character is interrupted while preparing the spell by moving or being attacked; also, magic in this game will reportedly have a range, and cannot be cast on targets outside of that range.

Look for more Final Fantasy XI coverage as Square continues to release information about this highly anticipated game.[/i]
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[color=indigo]Sounds like it's going to be a really cool game! I think it's cool that they brought back the Job System!

If I get it, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a White Mage.

It was a Black Belt that you could choose in the first Final Fantasy, not a Monk, though.[/color]
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