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RPG Gundam: Revolution (sign up)


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[i]The year.. is SE (secundum exitium; After Destruction) 435. More than 400 years ago, a terrible calamity shocked the world, and destroyed many of the colonies in outer space... The massive city-like structures in space crashed down to Earth cleansing more than half of the planet's surface of all life... People ran from the firestorms that followed. Running to a safe haven, seeking refuge; Sadly, they found none. The world was in chaos, and remained like this for nearly 20 years. Nearly no records of the event survived, and much of Earth's history was lost. The next generation grew up not knowing much of the history of the earth, or the human race. Eventually, as they grew into Philosophers, and Historians, Scientists and Archaeologists, they began to uncover the mysteries of their planet... Soon enough, Earth had bee much restored to it's previous state, with the exception of one major detail, that nearly no-one knew of... The Mobile suits, massive mechs, piloted by humans. Ever since the great destruction, All of Earths Mobile suits has vanished... Not even their remains or derelict chassis could be found, and thus, they were forgotten.

But not by all.

Bound by fate, and destined to fight together in the battle to end all battles, a handful of skilled Mech pilots have assembled, to pilot their Gundams for the fate of the Earth. Assembling from all corners of the globe, the pilots fight each in their own respective Mobile Suits... Yet, as they prepare themselves for battle, an enemy unknown lurks far away, beginning their attack.

[b]Outpost Delta, Mars orbit.[/b]

The several chief operators of the station rush to the main ops room, most still in their pajamas, dressing gowns flung clumsly over their backs. The door for the main room slides open, and inside they find chaos. Klaxons wailing, sirens going off everywhere. Many screens are flashing red, and all of the Operators are in a frenzy... The door behind the cheif operators slides open once more, and a stern, bulky man walks in, with a grim, angered look on his face... He is Captain, commander of Delta Outpost.[/i]

Captain: Just what in the hell is going on?

Operator: Sir, there's an unidentified mass of objects heading this way.

Captain: Not transport ships, I take it.

Operator: No, sir.

Captain: Well, what are they?

Operator: We... Don't know, sir.

Chief Op. #1: Move out of the way, rookie!

[i]The Chief operator pushes the young Ops Technician out of his seat, and takes his place. He puts on some earphones, and taps in keys rapidly... Screens all around him flash up with Proxy Warnings, and Hull status reports... Then, the image of the approaching force slowly appears on screen, still being unscrambled... The lines and static are still blatant on screen.[/i]

Captain: Why is there so much interference?

Cheif Op. #1: I don't know, Captain.. It's like something's blocking it...

Captain: What?! Impossible! Unless...

Chief Op. #2: Pirates of somekind, Captain? They could be using somekind of Radar Jamming--

[i]The Second Chief operators voice is cut off by a massive explosion, that shakes the station.. everyone grips on, as the station is rocked by a cascade of beam energy, the type only emitted from the most powerful of beam weapons. The hull status screens show the hull slowly beginning to deteriorate, roughly a 1% every ten seconds... Captain rushes to the Commanders monitor and chair, and sits down, assessing the situation...[/i]

Captain: ...Pirates don't have beam weapons with such range... No-one does... Surely not [i]mobile[/i] Beam weapons?! How?! How would they get the cooling power--any power, at that!

[i]The station is rocked again, by another explosion... The Solar panels of the outpost are being targeted, and slowly destroyed...[/i]

Operator: We're down to 80% hull integrity, sir.

Captain: Launch the shield relays. Arm all weapons. Fire at will.

Operator: Aye, sir.

[i]The Operator gives the order, and the outpost gets into it's battlestations... The small Shield Modules launch out, and form a protective layer around the structure of the outpost... Meanwhile, all of the Outposts turrets begin to protude from the generally smooth surface of the station... the all aim towards the mass of ships flying towards them, and fire... The shield relays shut down momentarily, as the beams pass. When the beams are about to hit the opposing forces, the enemy ships suddenly disperse, all heading in what appears to be a strategic formation towards the outpost... The ships come into clearer view, and the Captain stands up, looking in semi-awe at the screen... Suddenly, the face of a man appears on the screen, face shrouded in darkness...[/i]

????: Hello, Captain. Long time no see, eh? Pity this was such a short meeting. I'll see you on the other side.

Captain: No, wait!

[i]But the man has already disappeared, leaving only the images of the ships getting closer and closer on screen... The captain orders a magnification, and the operators work at lightning fast speed to display... The Captain reels in horror at what he sees... Massive, black, gothic-looking ships, each with a sort of dirty-bronze sort of cornering. But the ships themselves were not to be feared. It was their cargo that spelt inpendable doom. Huge frieght boxes, four of them on each ship, all housing an army of monumental proportions... The first two ships released their boxes, which fell back slightly, and then were ripped open, by hundreds of demonic Mobile dolls. The dolls, lifeless, fully robotic Mobile suits, all rushed towards the station, at breakneck speeds.. They appeared on screen in a few seconds, and then vanished from sight... Captain put one hand up to his forehead...[/i]

Captain: May God have mercy on us all...

[I]A firestorm ripped through the outpost, and in a few seconds, the entire station had been pierced with the harsh beams from the Mobile dolls' rifles... A massive explosion incurred, shattering the calm, untouched vastness of space... Ripples of spacial displacement flew in all directions, sending debris across the system... The Mobile dolls return to fly alongside the massive cargo ships, all heading towards one common target... Earth...[/I]


Alright, here's the part you all have been waiting for, The Sign-up sheet! Don't worry, you don't need to know hardly anything about Gundams. It would help if you knew some essential things, though.


Gundam Name:
Model Number (optional):
Armament (standard weapons):
System: (The suits operating system. Can be Zero, Trace or whatever, make something up if you want. Don't limit yourself!)

Finally, the Gundams in the Revolution universe are far superior than Gundams in the other universes, because they have a very special power. The power to--dare I say--'Evolve'. This new 'Evolution' system allows the Gundam to progress, and get stronger, as its pilot does much the same. This allows for the Gundam to 'evolve' in certain fields. They are;

[b]Attack[/b]--The damage the Gundam can inflict with punches/kicks, physical combat, etc.
[b]Defence[/b]--How much endurance and strength the Gundam has against enemy attacks.
[b]Close-Range[/b]--How well the Gundam can attack/defend with Close range weapons, etc.
[b]Long-Range[/b]--How well the Gundam can use long range weaponary, attack, aim, etc.
[b]Speed[/b]--How fast and agile the Gundam is, in terms of speed and reaction.

You'll have 1000 points to spread over these 5 areas. Leveling
them up will take training, or victory in combat.. Good luck, pilots..


And I, shall post my Sign-up.

Name: Flash Murakumo
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 65kg
Bio/History: Flash was born in Neo-Leningrad in SE 416. He was raised by his Russian mother, Kalinka, and English father, Robert. At the age of 5 he started showing an interest in Tactical Warfare, and the concept of Atomic Theory... At the age of 8, he became addicted to Japanese anime, amazed by the massive Mecha robots, with lazer guns, and huge missile launchers. By the age of 13 he had already designed a Mech, which by all standards would work, provided he had the materials; which he didn't. On an outing with his father when he was 16, they discovered an old military bunker buried deep in the snow... After unearthing it, they got in, and discovered the legendary Cossack Gundam, rather damaged, and surrounded by snow, and many skeletons... After working through some of the battered and damaged electronic systems, Flash managed to get Cossack operational... It worked--Only just, though. After 3 years of redesigning, rebuilding and revamping, Cossack Gundam was rebuilt, and totally operational. Little does Flash know what the fate of himself, and Cossack Gundam has in store for them, and the rest of the earth...
Description: Medium length, spikey grey hair, pulled back in a spikey ponytail. wears a red bandanna, and his hair spikes up over the top. Wears a black tanktop shirt, black pants, black combat boots, covered by an old grey Soviet military jacket. Sometimes wears fingerless gloves. Also, his right eye is blue, yet his left eye is a startling red..
Homeland: Neo-Leningrad, Russia

Gundam Name: Cossack
Model Number: SVTMS01
Description: See picture.
Armament: Also on picture.
System: XT1 (Xero Trace One-A combination of both Zero and Mobile Trace systems.. Very good in battle, but very stressful on most pilots...)

Let's begin... Oh, and this post verges on 10000 characters! My longest post ever! Yay for me!! ..I mean, uhh, yeah, sign up.
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[COLOR=TEAL]Name: Li Tokugawa
Age: 18
Height: 6'3
Weight: 56kg
Bio: was born on Colony Delta Q in 417 SE. His father was a robotics engineer for a semi-wealthy company called Kaiba Corp. From an early age about 4 Li became very interested in his fathers work and was brought to the lab a lot. One day when he was 10 he was going through the company files and found a small record badly damaged of a robot. He went with his father to check it out and found an very old Gundam. Even though the Gundam was physically and electronicly a wreck Li and his father brought it back to the underground lab where his father worked on new invention and slowly repair and rebuild the Gundam. However one day his fathers company found out about the Gundam and his father was assasinated. Li after 7 years of long hard work and wanting revenge piloted Apophas Gundam and destroyed Kaiba Corp.
Description: He is well build has black short hair and cold icy colored blue eyes. He wairs on old desert combat uniform with the gundams name on it. He sometimes wears a pair of black sunglasses like Arnies in Terminator II.
Homeland: Colony Delta Q

Gundam Name: Apophas (pronounced like Apofas)
Model Number : JX3T56
Discription: Looks exactly like a Jaffa warrior from stargate only much bigger and buffer and his suit mask is the eagle and it's up.
The suit itself is Gold and Black
Armament: Holds a Golden Jaffa staff in his right only it now fires beam pulse blasts and a beam two Kopesh (same as Sand-Rock)swords on his back also has a detachable shield on the back of his suit.
System: XT1 (see final flashe's post)

Attack: 175
Defence: 200
Close Range: 200
Long Range: 225
Speed: 200[/color]
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[color=blue]Name:Kevin Rahshada(Goes by Kev)
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175lbs
Bio: When he was a young boy, Kevin came across an old diary which told a short story of mechs called gundams. While growing up he studied at, Atrius, the most prestigious science academy in the solar system. He had been an orphan, and alone all his life not trusting, dedicated to only his creations and his dream of one day finding a gundam. On his 17th birthday his dream came true. Kev, was alone looking for his tool bot, when he tripped and landed on something hard, a gundam. Piece by piece, he transported it to the place where he did his more questionable experiments (or maybe illegal would be more appropriate), and after three years of hard work, Mist, was completly rebuilt. He only practices with it at night, and aches for the time when he can share his secret with a true friend.

Description: He is a young blackman, his intelligence shows in his demeanor. In great shape (due to all the gundam part carrying), he's mostly seen in either regular clothes with a lab coat, or a mechanic-like jumpsuit. He has black hair, cut close, and dark brown eyes.

Homeland: Birthplace unknown, but he resides on Earth.

Gundam Name: Mist

Discription: Suit is all gray and white. It has a head similar to deathscythe, and his body is a cross between altron custom and deathscythe. His design is clearly made for durability.

Armament: He has long claws that are extendable from his knuckles, which heat with thermal energy when fighting. There are katana-like blades that protude up from his elbows. There is a retractable pin-like laser rifle in it's left and right forearm. Small head gatlings Mist has long range capabilities, but is more effective in close range combat.

System: Zero system

Attack: 250
Defence: 200
Close Range:250
Long Range: 100
Speed: 200[/color]
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Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Bio:was born on Colony Delta Q in 417 SE he studyed allmost every scince fild he knows alot abot everyting and can fix anyting macanical he had family in Outpost Delta, Mars orbit but has not spocen to them for years and is lcoking for revenge after the attack
Gundam Name: wing zero 2
Discription: lockes like the wing zero gundam
Armament: beam gun, beam saber, and verios samll guns trouout gundam
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Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 15
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 250lbs
Bio/History: Craig was always a bit of a nerd, despite his large, muscular appearence. Whatever spare time he had was spent on his computer. One day, while browsing the archive's of his school's files... he came across the plans for a large robot vehicle. He later learned that this robot was known as Heavy Arms. He found another, known as Wing Zero. Craig, who had a very wealthy family... had a large cargo hanger built for him. He, and a team of his father's best mechanics, worked for years, and blended the two designs together. Eventually thay finished the Gundam, a nice mixture of Heavy Arms and Wing Zero. However, the mechanics fixed it so it was technically "inactive". One of the major chips in the Gundam which controlled the Gundam's arms. Craig....... for some reason was overcome with greed and power... he wanted this Gundam, he wanted it to work, he wanted to pilot it! He killed the mechanics in Cold Blood, and fled the planet straight away, in his new Mobile suit.
Description: Brown spiked hair, hazel eyes, a muscle Vest, blue ripped jeans, and a trenchcoat.
Homeland: Born in the South of Wales, but was raised in Tokanawa, Japan.

Gundam Name: Black Ice
Model Number (optional): MMT-666Z1
Description: Mix Heavy Arms and Wing Zero together, make it black, and you got my Gundam.
Armament (standard weapons): Cluster Cannon, 2x Minigun's in shoulder, Beam Saber with sheild, 2x small Vulcan cannons.
System: Trace system
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Name: Adrien "Outlaw" Wood
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162
Bio/History: A well know pirate, considered to be the most dangerous man alive because of his blatent disreganrd for the safety of others. However, to those that know him, he is a very kind sole, and more of a modern Robin Hood than a pirate.
Description: While in his MS, where he is most of the time, he wheres a black space pilots suit. He has long black hair ans a very strong build. He also has a patch over his left eye, adding to his pirate like image.
Homeland: Undisclosed

Gundam Name: Nightengale
Description: Identical to the origonal Nightengale, only black instead of red.
Armament (standard weapons): Mega Cannon, two Beam saber, 6 sheild discs, dual vulcan cannons.
System: Lock, reaction time a little less than Zero, but accuracy greatly increased.

Attack -- 150
Defence -- 250
Close-Range -- 150
Long-Range -- 300
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