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Meteo City (Hybrid Vigor 2) Sign-UPS


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[i]6 Years have passed since the great battle in Neo-Chicago. During the moment of the final explosion many humans and hybirds lost their lives forcing a stalemate, and eventually, a peace treaty. Hybrids have begun to loose their animal features and are regaining their human sides. Yet, they still possess their previous abilities.

Neo-Chicago has been rebuilt and renamed Meteo City, a vast, thriving metropolitan area with a busy inner-section and rural outer-section. Things are starting to get back to normal...

But what is about to happen is not normal at all...some Hybrids who still have a grudge against the humans have began to form a type of occult with a weapon, a drug that lets a Hybrids instincts completely control the person's abilities, wrecking havoc in the city. Previously, two people were imbued with the power to help end the war against hybrid and human but that power was no longer neccesary and it lies dormant in two of Meteo City's citizens. [/i]

Old participants don't have to join again...just continue the story with your characters and eventually, place them in the city. If others wanna join as Meteo Citiy's residents just state your info like I'm about to do...

-Name: Rico Tranzrig

-Age: 24

-Human or Hybrid: Hybrid

-If Hybrid, Elemental Abilities: Wind and Fire

-Occupation: Meteo City police officer

-Equipment: Assault Rifle, Martial Arts, Combat Knife

-Description: Originally Trell Augusits, he assumes the new name of Rico Tranzrig after fleeing from the explosion 6 years ago and waking up without any memory of what happened in a small village nearby. Not knowing his potentials he joins up with Valik, now Tasha Adelle, to Meteo City and enlists in the police force currently focused on stopping the Hybrid Occult from destroying the peace.

-Quote: "I'm more human now than ever, but will the lost find the light?"
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oh ok hmm lemme make a char then




Elemental Ablities:Earth and Wind

Occupation:Meteo City Police Officer

Equipment:Sword,Martial Arts,Shotgun

Description:Sage is new on the force and knows very little about his past sense the explosion he has been living in a small town with a family that he calls his own

hmm well how bout that
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Name-Charlie Fortune
Equipment-Cristal Shard, Rocket Launcher

Description-After the war ending explosion, and the cristal's power dissapearing, Charlie began wandering the world, sad and bored. He took a side trip to Celes and got a shard of the Cristal. While he was there, he was told that New-Chicago was rebuilded and renamed to Meteo City, so now he's going there, hoping to meet his old friends.

Quote-"Ph33r d4 r0(k3t!"

I wonder if anyone else is joining. BTW did any1 like my character's drawing style.
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Since my friend (Valik) is out of town IRL, I'm taking the liberty and adding her to the story...

Name: Tasha Adelle

Age: 23


Abilities: Water and Earth

Occupation: Meteo city Police officer

Equipment: RazorSharp Fan, Handgun, Psychic abilities.

Description: After the destruction of Neo-Chicago, she wakes up with Rico also not knowing about the past and her special abilities. They once again become good friends and live in a small town for six years, planting food and trying to survive. They relocate to Meteo City after it's re-founding and enlist in the Meteo City Police department. Little does she know that hidden within both of them is the dormant power of the Cristal, capable of restoring peace should the need arise.

Quote: "Will I ever find the pieces to the past?"
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]You know that I'm in. And I still hate all of you god D@mn freaks. [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes, we all know you hate the hybirds. I'll just re-post my character...

Name: Raynor Dune

Age: 21


Occupation: Army-Speical Devision

Equipment: Two high powered pistols, martial arts and a small machine gun.

Description: After the battle Neo-Chicago, Flash flew Raynor to the military headquarters of the area. Raynor stayed at the headquarters for a year, teaching new recruits at the acadamy. After that he was sent on numerous anti-terriost (humans) missions. After a lenthy operation near Meteo City, Raynor decided to visit the city...

Quote: "Here we go again..."
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Cool, anyone else?

For people who are thinking of joining: The character doesn't really have to be involved in the direct storyline now that there's really no war yet...new people can just be regular residents of the city if they want to. Then we'll just bring you into the main story stream later on when the fighting starts or whenever. Remember this futuristic city has practically everything...Clubs, stores, police station, airport...you name it, it's there.
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Does anyone want me to make a drawing for your character? I'm a decent drawer and I'm going to get a scanner soon ('bout time!:) ). Just give me a description of your character and how they dress (or else I'll put them with a HV shirt and baggy jeans:D ).
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i'll join k

Name: glenn
occupation: solider
Equipment:Sword, assult rifle, shield, pistol
Description: A solider and knows very little about his past sense the explosion he has been living in a small town which he protects with is squad of elite soliders

[QUOTE]Glenn is trying to learn the way of a leaders and is trying to uncover the secrets of the Hybrids
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heres my chars appearance......
hair style: like ssj1 future trunks
clothes like gohan when he killed cell(not ripped tho)
boots like gokus
big @$$ sword like cloud strife (put in scabbard)
machine gun (holding while firing)
thing wrapped around his hair like bardocks
body like adult gohan

plz draw all that
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Equipment-Assault rifle,Martial Arts,Gunblade

Description-Spikey blonde hair and blue eyes.(much like av)Is calm and mild tempered.Can be feirce and brutual.Is a former soldier but now is a mercenary.
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