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Gaming I Need Help On Zelda Links Awakening!


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I need help,

when i in the tail cave(i forget it name but it a level one dungeon)

I Have Beat The 3 Penguin And I got The(Hish!! I Forgot It Name i but when i beat the 3 penguin by use my sword to has same it picture card Heart,.....)There are threasure come.i got that ........

When igot that....I must go in the door yes?It say ''turn aside with the spined one with the shield".That all but i test it ,it could not open.

can Someone Help Me!!!!
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[color=deeppink]That means to use your shield to block the attacks that come from the spikey things (do forgive me, I don't know the names of the enemies). After you have flipped them with your shield, slash them with your sword and that should kill them.

If they get back up, you'll have to flip them again.

After you've destroyed them all, a hidden stairway will appear.

Good luck :)[/color]
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Hmm... i think you have the same probelm when i first started to play Link's Awakening. Alright after you defeat the four "cards" monsters, oyu need to go to the place where you will find that it lead no where, it is at the top left hand corner of the dugeon. You need to push one of the slab to open the hidden door at the corner, defeat the monster there and there appear a stair leading down. Climb down the stairs and then you will find that it lead you to the first secret item - Roc's Feather. Wish you good luck in your game!!! For more informations, you may go print the walkthrough at [url]www.gamefaqs.com.[/url] And also apologise to the moderators of theOtaku Board, i did not mean to spam, just trying to guide the person. Anyway i did not get any gain though.
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