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Here's the deal. Scientist's have figured out that there are more than 1 universes. 125 to be exact. A group of researchers were testing a suit that let's you pass between them, but their subject(ME) got disconnected in space. Scientists have dispached some agents to return with their test Subject.

Here's mine:

Name: Tobias
Age: 15
Race: Quitlan
Description: Flaming red hair, 6"1, Blue eyes, Denim Cargo Pants, a white with Black Flames tank-top with a Denim coat over it.
Bio: Tobias was raised on the streets. He is an orphan. His parents died when he was 2. He joined Project Alpha because he needed a job and money. He is faster than everything you can imagine.
Weapons: 3 pistols, a Tazer, a watch Lazer, and an assortment of Guns and swords.
Giga: Shadow Force
Gender: Male
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