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Writing The 3 Little Dudes (and the Big Bad DJ)

Dragon Warrior

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Another Dude Stories Masterpiece made long ago, but hasn't been posted yet. It's one of my favorites. Read on, Dude!!!

[SIZE=3]The 3 little Dudes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]And the Big Bad DJ[/SIZE]

Long ago, when the first bedtime was created, parents told tales of wolves and sly foxes eating animals in little stories. But when the good old 90?s came, so did new stories and here?s just one of them. The story of the 3 Little Dudes and the big bad DJ.

There once was a hood that had 3 little happy Dudes in it. Dude 1, Dude 2, and Jerry. One day, Jerry came up to the 2 dudes and said, ?Yo yo yo! What it is! I think we should build our crib outta straw!?

Dude 1 shook his head. ?No way, Dude. Our crib should be shiggity and so we shall build it out of sticks!?

Dude 2 was surprised. ?What are we in, man! The 1300?s? This is the year 2001 and I say we build our crib outta metal, cement and wood!? The 2 others thought and then said, ?Nah.?

So each one of them homey G?s built homes out of what they thought was good. Suddenly, a DJ approached their turf. ?Well, isn?t it a nice day fo? music? Mkay!? He came up to Dude 2?s doorstep and knocked on the nice, wood door painted perfectly. Dude 2 opened it and the DJ spoke immediately, ?Yo yo from the ghetto! Let me in so I can sell some of my bad Cds and rip you off.?

Dude 2 thought for a moment and then said, ?No.? He shut the door in the DJ?s face and then the DJ shouted, ?I?ll play, and be gay and make your house fall down from bad music!? He played his bad music but nothing happened to the house. The cement walls kept out his terrible beat. The DJ gave in and went next door to Dude 1?s crib.

When Dude 1 opened his stick door, the DJ did his work, ?Yo yo from the ghetto. Let me in so I can sell you some of my bad Cds and rip you off.? Dude 1 thought and then said ?No.? The DJ was getting angry and shouted again.

?I?ll play, and be gay and make your house fall down from bad music!? He played his sickening music and the stick home fell. Dude 1 was on the throne at the time and jumped up from his spot, pulled up his pants and ran into Dude 2?s home.

The DJ knocked politely but rudely on Jerry?s door. Dude 1 and Dude 2 viewed what was happening from a safe spot. Jerry opened the door, spoke with the DJ and let him in. Dude 1 and Dude 2 looked at each other and waited and watched.

The house suddenly collapsed from the bad music and Jerry laid on the ground. The DJ left with a grin and that?s the end.

Moral: Don?t do drugs.
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