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RPG The War of the Elements


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Planet earth is starting to decay, the wind stops, and the water becomes stagnant and undrinkable. A war of the elements is to blame. No one really knows what started it, but there is a prophecy. Written aeons ago, this prophecy stated: When the world is in trouble, numerous warriors shall come together, with their combined strength, they will vanquish their foes. There is only one way, through a portal through the ages, into the spirit world made by four magical stones, fire, wind, water, and earth.

There is also ledgend about legndary weapons and armour scattered around the world.

All you need is the following:

Age(op) :
Stature(fat, tall, lanky will do) :
Skill: (listed below)
Element for later use: (listed below)
Weapon: (listed below)
Armour: (listed below)
Description(op) :

I think that should be everything. I am also including a notebook post, new people can look at it, I will update it every 40 posts. (To mods: I wouldn't consider this double posting, I am simply helping new people out.) If youre going to join, please wait until you see the notebook post. Gouf is also in charge (sory folks, this was his idea in part.) Now then, the lists...


Snipe: Weapon: Sniper rifle Armor: clothes Armor of choice(for later): Right gauntlent

Warrior: Weapon: Axe Armor: Leather vest Armor of choice: Breastplate

Knight: Weapon: Broadsword Armor: Chainmail Armor of choice: Helmet

Swordsman: Weapon: Rapier Armor: Gi AOC: shinguards

Gunner: Weapon: Pistol Armor: clothes AOC: Left Guantlent

Thief: Weapon: Daggers Armor: Tunic AOC: Wind Boots


Have fun!

Oh, my stats:

Name: Axel
Stature: Somewhat muscular and medium boned
Skill: Knight
Element: Thunder
Bio: ... I'll think about it, not sure yet

Oh, and there can only be one of each skill, if the amount goes over, I will make new jobs. It would also be good to have one of each element until there are no more. Then you can double them up.
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Age: 11
Stature: Small
Skill: Theif
Element: Air, hint the wind Boots
Weapon: Dagger
Armour: Plain tunic
Bio: Wha?
Description: A small and scruffy girl, Raven hates life, as she was dumped by her parents as a baby. She runs away from all the "Child Care" homes she'd beed thrown in, and steals for a living. She has long black hair and black tunic, with dark blue jeans. Her real name is Mari, but Raven is a nicknname. (She runs--almost flies as fast as a raven, and she's all dark and mysterious, which makes her a good theif.) Raven hates life, but loves her jet black cat, Nightshade. (No, she didn't stel that.
[/COLOR] :angel:
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hey sorry it took me k. working on the site check out the new yu-gi-oh section i put up only got two cards though

name:tom red (as in all my rpgs)
age: crack this is opt
stature:stupid,realy tall taller than josh from last year (inside joke)
skill: swords man
wepon:shoot i can't think ahhh crack pick one for someone
amour: pants happy.
element: water
bio: to long for you just say served unde ra great king

so we only got these element's left
okay once we get all the relic's or whatever you call them the relics well come together and form a person i have someone for it.
so no one's can be it.
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You need to PUBLISH THE SITE!!!!!
and yes josh is twice my height. (inside joke)
and gouf, no illeagal drugs during signups!:laugh:
your weapon is either katana or rapier ( not to be confused with...)
The pants were'nt that funny, edit it to Gi, clothes, or tunic. Remember, I have my ... ACE IN THE HOLE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!:laugh: (another inside joke)
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*smacks himself*

uhhh, you don't get your AOC yet, please edit to clothes, this is a note to everyone, your armor is under Armor. You get the AOC later. I'll start this before there is a loss of intrest.

[size=1][color=darkblue]It is late night, around 11p.m. Axel was coming home after a trip through the stars. Axel decides to take drink at the bar along with a semi-large meal. He starts with water and a salad. The water didn't look drinkable, but he was thirsty from his trip. He took a small sip...

Axel: *spits water out* Yuk! What the hell is that!

Bartender: Don'tcha know? The earth is going to die, it was on the news last night. Have you prayed to God yet to go to heaven?

Axel: You said the earth will die right?

Bartender: Yah, that's right.

Axel: ...and heven is linked to us, right?

Bartender: Yah, think so.

Axel: ...and if Earth goes, heaven goes too, correct?

Bartender: :( :bawl:

Axel: Nevermind, is the food ready yet?

Bartender: Another...:bawl: ... minute...

Suddenly an entorage of people carrying lots of equipment come in and they couldn't help but hear the conversation between Axel and the bar tender. Raven is somewhere else...

Abob: So... what's going to happen to the earth?

Tom: It's going to blow?

Axel: Yeah, something like that.

Tom: Is there a way to stop it? There has to be a way!

Axel: ...I'll keep my ears peeled.

Tom: and we'll do the same. We'll meet you here tomorrow.

Axel: Yo bartender! Is it ready yet?

Bartender: Somethings wrong with the grill, power's going to it, but there's no flame!

Axel: I guess this is related to the big mystery?

Bartender: Maybe.

Axel gets his money back and goes home, to find his food raided by a theif! (cue to Raven!)[/size][/color]
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Can you plz change your skill to something not taken? If there is two of a job it won't work out right. Since Raven hasn't posted, I will.

Axel catches the crook as she starts to make off.

Axel: Hey you! *Draws his sword* put my food down!

Raven: I'm sorry! Here you go. Man, the farm I usually vist is no more, the crops won't grow, it's like all the fertillity was drained from the soil!

Axel: It's all right, sit down make yourself at home.

Raven: Thank you! I-I didn't catch your name.

Axel: I'm Axel, and you are...

Raven: I'm Mari, but you can call me Raven.

Axel and Raven shake hands and Axel goes to bed while Raven has her meal. Before he goes upstairs, he makes sure to turn the security system on.
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:devil: :devil: :devil:

While Axel is in the bar behind him Abob is playing cards with two wealthy businessmen...

Abob "Full house, three aces and 2 kings!!"
businessman1 " I fold "
businessman2 " hey! I have four aces , your cheating us!"
(Axel leaves the bar)

A fight starts. The first businessman pulls a knife and the other punches Abob . Abob picks up the chair and throws it at them. he uses that split second to gather all the cash on the table and he runs out into the street.

Two blocks away he stops running and gets in a black suburban in which he lives. He pops up a compartment in the floor and gets out a smooth sniper rifle he used when he found work as a hit man.Then he thinks about the circumstances . He thinks about the prophecy. Why do i have to have the spirit of darkness? Why do i have to bear the burden? then he thought back to when he was 9... he was walking to his old home in an old water pipe when a mugger tried to steal the money he had worked for so hard . He snapped and IT overcame him ,with a howl of rage he hurled himself upon the mugger and battered his bodt untill it was a pulp. then he finally regained control. He was still afraid of his dark side even now eight years later...

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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(sorry bout not benig here i've am sick and i am not even so pssed to be on the compuerthats why axel was playing for me so i'll start now.but even though axel started this it is mostly my rpg)

tom is walking home "i wounder whats causeing all of this"
am sure axel and i can stop mabey not alone but we'll do it

(sorry can't post more sick)
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:devil: :devil: :devil:

Ten minutes later Abob was rudely awakened by two men in trenchcoats. "come with me he said . the other one added " and dont as questions. Abob sighed you guys are with the mob, dont you care that the world is about to end? of course we care one said, thats why we need you , we ant to elimniate our enmies before kindom come!!

Later at the mob headquarters Abob was told the job. "You want me to do WHAT!!" he said disbelivingly. Im not crazy enough to assinate the President of the US. " Forget it im not that stupid "
He turned to leave but a mobster with a uzi blocked his way. Then two others grabbed him and dragged him to a basement cellar and locked him in. " this is NOT how i am going to spend my final days , waiting for the world to end in a cellar. so he began to think...

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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I have had some trouble with the cookies for here, I think I got it now... Also let me state this again,[size=9][b][color=crimson] If you do not have the armor and weapons described in the first post, you are not an active member of this RPG![/size][/color]

[color=darkblue][size=1] Axel wakes up and turns on his TV.
News: ...and our latest story, a relic has been found. It is said to have mystic powers and it looks like a round brown rock with strange writing all over it...

Raven: *Runs upstairs* Did you hear that on the news just now?

Axel: Did you sleep in my house?

Raven: Yes I did, but-

Axel: Yeah I saw it, those archeaologists found a stupid rock, that's all.

Raven: Did you see the writing on it? It's in elvyn language.

Axel: well...?

Raven: It said Earth: one of the four... then something was scatched out!

Axel: One of the four... earth...

Raven: Axel! The four elements! The earth is rotting out, the water is gross, the wind stopped moving, and fire is un-makable!

Axel: So someone has to find them. Hey, I said that if I found something I'd be at the bar, I'm sure those guys are regulars!

Raven: Well lets go![/color][/b][/size]
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:devil: :devil: :devil:

Do you mean Me???( armor ,weapon,etc??)


Abob was sitting in the cellar trying to break his chains when his head was hit with a splitting pain. The he had a vision... a man was standing next to a weird rock, and there he was ! then he and the other man started talking like they knew each other.. and then it was gone. Abob was jerked back to reality by a guard dragging him upstairs to see the boss again..

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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Ok lets continue with the story...

Abob was being dragged up the stone steps , getting many painfull bruises. He was desperately looking for a way to escape. Then he saw it . there was a window that fell down to a dumpster. he tried to pull free but he couldnt get away from the guard.. He lost all his self control and out of the depths of his spirit the dark power rose. He used it against the gaurd and the gaurd fell down sceraming in agony. then he jumped out the window to safety...

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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[COLOR=purple]Would it be too late to join?[/COLOR]

Stature:Tall, thin, perfect stomach, breasts, legs, and butt
Element for later use:Gee I wonder, Wind/Air
Weapon: Daggers, knives
Bio:Cautious, fast, quick to anger and quick to kill enemies
Description:White hair, green eyes.
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