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RPG Super Shibby Bros. 3

Dragon Warrior

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Hopefully this doesn't become a spamfest. -.-
Dark Matter is back with his evil plans. There's no telling what he may be able to do with his new secret weapon; GigaMech. Gigamech was his new creation that shall help him rule Gameworld forever!!! Or at least 'til he gets old and retires.

Remember, this is a comedy. And just because it's a comedy doesn't mean you can spam the place up with useless jokes (some I recall somebody posting in "The Good, The Bad, and The Shibby"). Sorry if this sounds strict, but as the saying goes, "Nobody likes spam."

Now, when selecting your chara, no picking off the wall characters hardly no one has heard of. Pick a famous character such as Mario and Sonic. This means I can't be Dart for Legend of Dragoon is not very famous to many. Here's the stats you should have. Once I say were done with people joining, no one else may join. I'm too soft when it comes to that O.o

Chara: Link
Game: Zelda Saga
Weapon: Wooden Sword (nothing too powerful or fancy)
Armor: Tunic (Regular clothing for now)
Defense (shields and junk): Wooden Shield (nothing powerful. Were level ones here)
Level: 1 (were all level 1 for now unless i say differently. Do not go higher than level 1. If you place your stats in your sig, change your level in the sig when the game says your chara levels up)

That's all. Start joinin' and we'll begin soon! :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
[B]We need more people. Britty... that means you *points to her* [/B][/QUOTE]

*appears out of nowhere* Wtf? uhhh? *sees Gavin pointing at her* *blinks* uh...? O.o;;; *confused*

Aight, aight. I'll join. I'll think of a good character to use and I'll edit later.
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*helps point* :D :p

might aswell. .erm. .who to be? er. .

I know! the car off WRC!!! no wait. .that wont work. .

[edit] Aha! I'll be Fox!

Game: Lylat wars

Weapon: his groovy laser pistol type thingy . .

Armour: standard pilot gear

Defence: his reflective shield off supersmash bro.
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Ok, i am tired of waiting for Britty and so i will post her stats for her (I did tell her the Chara info in the first place)

Chara: Samus Aran
Game: Metroid
Weapon: Ice Beam
Armor: Space siut
Defence: Roll (turn into ball like in SSB)
Level: 1
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