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Uesugi Tomosada emerged from his tent into the early morning light.

"Taisho! Your father's camp was attacked! He has deployed your brother with an entire army!" said one of Tomosada's Quarter Masters.

"How did this news come to you?" questioned Tomosada.

"A messenger has arrived in the camp." he replied.

"Send him to my tent at once."

"Yes, Taisho."

Tomosada was a fairly large man. He was a very famous general among his clan and the news that his 16-year-old brother had been dispatched with full command of an entire army puzzled him. He had not been givin any such command tasks until he was nearly 25. Why did his father trust his brother with such a responsibilty?

"You summoned me, Taisho?" asked the messenger.

"Sit." Tomosada said abruptly. "The word is that you have a message for me." Tomosada said inquiringly.

"Yes, Taisho. Your father's camp in Shinano was attacked two weeks ago by Takeda forces from Kia. He dispatched your younger brother, Uesugi Kenshin with a full military strike force to invade Takeda Nobutora at Ida."

"Why Kenshin? Why didn't he send for me, or send Yamayoshi Hirochika?" Tomosada inquired.

"Lord Yamayoshi was killed in battle with a Hojo invasion force. And he believed you to be too preoccupied with the Ikko-Ikki threat here in Kaga to be brought all the way down to Ida."

"So he had my brother leave Mutzu and head all the way through Echigo, Etchu, and Shinano to invade Kia and push through to Ida?" Tomosada was obviously very troubled now.

"No, Taisho. He sent the army on boats to Ida." the messenger replied lowly.

"He has never put any army on boats before!" Tomosada was losing his temper.

"I don't know why he chose to do what he did, Taisho. Really I don't." the messenger was getting frantic.

"Go. Tell my father that I [i]am[/i] too preoccupied to help."

"Buddah's compassion go with you."


Now, if anyone likes this story I'll be glad to continue it. Note that while a few of the characters and positions of those that are real may be fictional, all the places/ranks/clans are all real.

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[i]In the woodlands of Shinano.[/i]

"Diamyo! There is an emmisary approaching!" called a soldier in a watch tower.

"What did he say?" A short, gruff man said to someone sitting across the table from him.

"He said an emmisary is approaching, Leige Lord." replied the man.

"Impossible. This camp site is secret is it not?" Asked the short and gruff one.

"No one outside of our great clan knows of it, Majesty." the man across the table replied.

"Have the emmisary stopped. Then, I want him brought to me." the gruff man said to his subbordinant across the table.

"Yes, Lord Uesugi."

Lord Uesugi(by full name: Uesugi Tomooki)was fairly short, unlike both his sons. He was, as mentioned, very gruff and mean in overall appearance. Yet, he showed signs of age, experience, and wisdom.

"He is here, Lord Uesugi." said a soldier at the entrance to the tent.

"Send him in."

"Yes, Lord."

"Ah, the Great Lord of the Uesugi Clan!" exclaimed the emmisary.

"How did you find my camp?" Uesugi Tomooki asked gruffly.

"In this time of great trouble throughout the land one's sword may be all he can trust. Surely the sword of a friend can be useful in these times. Better than that, the sword of a enemy-gone-friend." the emmisary replied robotically.

"Listen. You are in my secret camp. I want to know how you found my secret camp." Lord Uesugi leaned in as he spoke.

"Lord Shimazu sent me with this peace treaty. He would like for you to ally yourself with him. He sends his best regards about your son's having come of age." replied the emmisary frantically.

"How did you find my camp?!" Lord Uesugi screamed.

"I payed a small peasnt boy one pound of koku to tell me!" he replied in recoil.

"Very well. Tell your Lord I accept his treaty. I expect to hear back from him as soonas possible. However, should he forsake his honor and attack me, let it be known, I will retaliate." He said as he rose away from the crouching emmisary. "You are free to go." he added.

"Thank you, Great Lord!" he said. Then he promptly exited the tent and left quickly on his horse.

"Come here." he gestured to a subbordinate.

"Yes, Lord?" he questioned.

"Have our archers kill him. Then send his head in a basket back to Lord Shimazu." Uesugi Tomooki said.

"Yes, Great Lord." the subbordinate said.
Basically what I'm trying to do right now is get you introduced to the main characters. I promsie the actualy plot of the story will pick up after that.

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"Send for General Amakazu." Uesugi Kenshin said with sternness.

"Yes, Taisho." answer his escort. And with haste, his escort made his way below deck.

"You summoned me, Taisho?" humbly asked a tall, yet bulky man in light armor.

"General Amazaku: In the skirmish we had with Hojo forces before leaving Mutzu's shores you ordered a retreat of the unit under your command. I wish to know why." Kenshin said with a condemning tone.

"Well, sir, we were hopelessly beaten." he said timidly.

"Then why did we have an overwhelming victory?" Kenshin said, moving closer to the Amazaku. Who was obvioulsy frightened yet, not reliquishing any ground to his superior.

"My unit was the first into battle. Please, Taisho, you must understand--"

"I must understand nothing, General." he said, now easing away and lowering his tone.

"We won, sir, because you sent in heavy calvary that overwhelmed their No-Dachi Samurai. But my Yari Samurai were hopelessly out-classed in close quarter combat." he said, now with renewed confidence.

"So, you ordered a retreat, in spite of the fact that I sent aid?" he said questioningly.

"Yes, sir. I ordered it because my men were worn and still being beaten. Casualties would have been much higher had I not ordered it." he said.

"You have lost face, you know that, don't you?" Kenshin asked, almost retorically.

"Yes, Taisho." he said, now with any confidence at all.

"Then why do you stand before me?"

"I have not committed seppuku yet, Taisho."

"You have lost your honor, yet you have willingly chosen to walk about alive?"

"Yes, Taisho. I need a witness, Greatness."

"Then ask for one. Some would call you coward."

"Some would die if they spoke."

"Get off of my deck. I don't want to see you again. You have forsaken your honor. Thus, you have forsaken the Uesugi Clan." Kenshin said.

"Yes, Great Taisho." he said lowly as he walked away. Then a shorter man with an unsheathed katana joined along-side of him.

Then Kenshin though quietly to himself, "I hope father is happy..."
Now, i only have one more character to introduce before I kick everything into motion.

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"Lord Takeda! Your son, sir." a man dressed in a robe said as he bowed.

"Shingen..." Lord Takeda said as he overlooked his battle-dressed son. "You have grown into a fine young man, son. You will bring great honor to our clan."

"Will I be sent to engage Uesugi Kenshin at Ida?" the boy asked.

"No. Not right away. You will be sent to engage Tomooki at Kia. It will be me who engages Kenshin at Ida."

Takeda Shingen looked at his father, Takeda Nobutora with an angry glare. They were both big men. Roughly 5 foot and 8 inches, both of them. Shingen was built like a rock. He had long awaited his coming-of-age and had long awaited his chance to best Uesugi Kenshin in battle. The two had disliked one another since childhood. "Why can't I fight him? You think me weak?" Shingen asked.

"No, son. But I know that Kenshin is a tender spot for you. I would like to have some experience before you fight him."

"Yes, Diamyo."

With that, Shingen left the room, leaving Nobutora in quiet reflection. He thought of how great his son would become. And he knew that he himself would not survive the battle with Kenshin. He and his armies would be cut down like wheat. May Buddah's compassion go with them.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by demimonkoumon [/i]
[B]Great!!! Wonderful!!! But why do they say Taisho or Diamyo after "yes"??? [/B][/QUOTE]
Well...a Taisho is an army general. So they say 'Taisho' in place of 'General'. And as for Diamyo: that is the name of the leader of any one of the great clans in fuedal-Japan.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i]
Well...a Taisho is an army general. So they say 'Taisho' in place of 'General'. And as for Diamyo: that is the name of the leader of any one of the great clans in fuedal-Japan.

-Justin [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Interesting.......I love learning new Japanese words, and phrases![/COLOR]
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