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RPG Dragon Raiders: the beginning (sign up)


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[COLOR=TEAL]This is going to be the best of my RPGs in otakuboards history...... [I]Thinks[/I]...hang on a second that's not going to be a hard thing to do :D. Anyway on with the story. Oh hell sorry this is set in a world like Lord of the Rings with older weapons and magic
[I]The long night has finally fallen on humanity. The undead, the vampires and the demonic legions of Hades have descended upon the lands like a plague or curse. They are led by the Vampire Prince Vladimus, who has used a talisment of unspeakably power to block the suns rays causing eternal night and impose the rule of the Vampire unto these lands. With his iron will and ruthless mind has conquered all the lands in a matter of weeks, no one could stop. No one would try to stop him not one of us was brave enough. There is no joy only sadness, no prosperity only poverty, no hope only despair...
Yet in one corner of these lands there is hope and there is joy as a group of warriors have begun to fight back against Vladimus and his legions of death. They are the Dragon Raiders warriors for the people who are willing to die if necessary to protect the lands from Vladimus. Their powers have come from a dying sage Thimulas who has empowered them to fight back and reseal the gates of hell and to sent Vladimus back to where he came from the vile burning caverns of hell and to restore law and order, peace and justice back to these lands and to these people. But as long as Vladimus draws breath this will never happen, as long as he commands his armies this will never happen so at all costs we must stop him. The Dragon Raiders as they have become known, are led by a young man named Li who has sworn not to rest until his blade finds the throat of Lord Vladimus.[/I]

[B]Deep inside the Castle Fortress of Lord Vladimus, inside the dark, damp, dimly lit throne room two figures are standing talking to one another. One is dressed in black robes much like a sith the other wears a black suit of armor these figures are Lord Vladimus and his chief commander Ganondor [/B]

Vladimus: Ganondor I want you to take care of those annoying Dragon Raiders immediately do this by any means necessary. Kill anyone who gets in your way I don't care what you have to do just do it !!!!!!

Ganondor: Yes my Lord I shall leave immediately with a legion of my best men to dispose of these meddlesome pests to the dark shrouds of Hades and the burning pits

Vladimus: See that you do or it will be your head on a pike !!

[I]Ganondor leaves the room to accomplish his mission and to ready the troops he will need, unfortunately for him fate it seems shall not allow him to return alive [/I]
Post in a bio like this to join

Magics: (2 at start nothing major)

Stats: 60,000 over these 6 areas
Close Range:
Long Range:

[B]This is probably the only RPG in otakuboard history where intelligence in important as it accounts for how well you can aim how you can anticipate a foes move and how well you can think on you feet so its worth having a medium stat also your magic, close range and long range stats will increase if you buy new or upgrade your weapons or buy or find new magic [/b]

Name: Li Tokugawa
Age: 29
Height: 6'7
Weight: 245 lbs.
Weapons: the magic sword Murasame which can absorb elemental magic and cut through most metals and a composite bow he has had since he was young and become very accurate at using
Magics: Ice magic and healing magic
Biography: He was born in the island port of Coralius. He grew up in the town all his life and loved the sea. He joined the local town guard and then became an elite guard for the king of the province where he was given the sword Murasame. When Vladimus arose he had the king executed and he wiped out most of the army. Li managed to get away and hid in the nearby land where he found work as a blacksmith after a few years he came in contact with Thimulas who granted him the powers of a Dragon Raider in order to free the lands from Vladimus's rule
Description: He wears a suit like Link from Zelda minus the hat and replace the tights with black pants and make it black and you have his suit he also carries the shield of an elite guard. He has cold icy blue eyes and hair like Mirai Trunks when it's short only his hair is black.
Personality: Usually calm and cool, his the "father figure" of the group keeping them together in times of doubt. He is also a very fierce fighter when provoked.

Stats: 60,000 over these 6 areas
Close Range: 13,500
Long Range: 11,000
Magic: 8,000
Defense: 8,500
Speed: 9,500
Intelligence: 9,500[/color]
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name Drac
age 20
height 5feet 6inches
weight 110lbs
weapons bow & arrows, several bottles of poisons
magics can heal himself,change body tempature
bio apprenticed to powerful warlord now he is a loner
description brown skin , tan hair and green eyes
personality ice cold, he dosent care about much exept that he HATES Vladimus

close range 2000
long range 20000
magic 2000
defence 8000
speed 8000
intelligence 20000
Red13 please tell the people to post on the jedi/sith starwars thread (again!)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Red XIII [/i]
[B][COLOR=TEAL]This is going to be the best of my RPGs in otakuboards history...... [I]Thinks[/I]...hang on a second that's not going to be a hard thing to do
[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

No, it would be [I]quite[/I] a hard thing to do. I doubt this RPG would even live up to a quater of DBBF.

And also, this sounds abit like Dragon Riders...
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Name: Red ( Sage is his real name)
Age: 16 (Human years) he is a Elf
Height: 6'1
Weight: 167
Weapons: Tailsman of Magic and Staff of the Magi
Magics: Healing Magic and Holy Magic
Biography: Red lived a happy life until Vladimus came to his village and killed everyone while Red was gone he returned with the other Dragon Raiders to find everything he cared about dead or worse ?. His unearthly power over magic wass discover short after he lead the Other warriors to his town where an ambush was set up and early all the others almost died fighting until Vladimu's army pushed Red to the edge and awaken his hidden magical powers and he saved every last Dragon Raider that day by fully healing them and banishing the dark warrior around them away giving them a chance to fight back and with hope's renewed fight they did ?? Red was never acted like his old cheery self every since that day growing more Cold and Violence with every passing day.
Description: Tall, Skinny and very cute looking, Red was the best looking elf in his village.
Personality: <<< used to be very cheery and showed a love for life in all its froms >> grows Cold with every passing day.

Stats: 60,000 over these 6 areas
Close Range: 2000
Long Range: 2200
Magic: 38000
Defense: 3800
Speed: 4000
Intelligence: 12000
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